This is the scene where Peter Ludlow gets killed by a baby T-Rex and the Weekenders Team manage to tranquilize the Male T-Rex in Weekenders and The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

(Peter hears the Baby T-Rex)

Peter Ludlow: Are you there?

(he goes down to see where he sees

Peter Ludlow: There you are.

(Then the male T-Rex come down and sees Ludlow with the sibling)

Peter Ludlow: Wait, wait, wai, wai.

(He tries to run upstair but the male T-Rex bites his legs and put him on the ground)

Peter Ludlow: Wait!

(Peter tries to run but falls, and the Male T-Rex tells his infant to kill and it did, as Peter screams in pain)

(Then we see our Heroes are on top of the cargo ship)

Tino Tonitini: Now, Malcom! Press the button!

(Ian Malcom presses the button and the door closes)

Rod: We need to use the tranquilizer dart to put him to sleep. Or he'll escape again.