This is how Philip's assignment goes in James' Snowy Rescue.

[It is a snowy day on the Island of Sodor and nobody wants to go out into the big snowstorm ahead]

Toby: Brr. That snow really does my smokebox in, you know.

James: And nothing makes my passengers more grumpier than a wet outing. But at least, we're all here nice and warn in the steamworks.

Matau T. Monkey: You said it, James. At least my Demonbuster armor is frost-proof.

[Sir Topham Hatt arrives at the shunting yard where he finds Philip the Diesel boxcab Locomotive]

Philip: Hello, sir. I'm up and ready to roll.

Sir Topham Hatt: Philip. I need you to go to the clay pits, pick up some china clay, and bring it to Brendam Docks.

Philip: You can count on me, sir.

[Philip rolls up to the clay pits where he meets Marion the steam shovel]

Marion: Hello. Isn't today wonderful? All the snow and ice. Ooh! Sodor's is just beautiful when it snows. Oh! Oh, my! This is embrassing. I forgot to ask you your name. Shall I go first? My name is Marion.

Philip: I'm Philip.

[Later, Philip arrives at Brendam Docks]

Philip: Hello. I'm Philip.

Salty: Good to meet ya, young Philip.

Philip: Thanks, Salty. It's good to meet you too.

Porter: You shouldn't be out in weather like this, Philip.

Philip: I know. That's why I'm heading back to the yard.

[Philip puffs along the line back to the yard]

Philip: Wow! This snow is really thick.

[Philip struggles to see]

Philip: Ok. I'll try harder to see.

[But he gets lost]

Philip: Oh man! I'm Lost! I'll activate my S.O.S signal.

[Back at the steamworks]

James: Brr! The weather's getting worse.

Thomas: I know. And Philip still hasn't come back yet.

Ryan F-Freeman: I'll use my magic to keep you warm, James.

Thomas: Do you have any idea where Philip is, Victor?

[Ryan uses his magic to keep the engines to keep warm but notice a beeping in his communicator]

Thomas: What's that beeping noise?

[Ryan picks up his communicator]

Ryan F-Freeman: It's an S.O.S signal. And it's from Philip.

Thomas: What does he have to say?

[Ryan presses the play button]

Philip: Rodger me. Wilko me. Hello? This is Philip. I'm in a state of emergency.

Thomas: Philip! Where are you?

Ryan F-Freeman: What's your co-ordinates, Philip?

Philip: I'll send you them.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok.

[Philip sends him the co-ordinates]

Ryan F-Freeman: I got the co-ordinates.

Philip: Okay. Please hurry.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Philip.[to James] James! I got something to show you.

James: What is it?

Thomas: We've recieved an S.O.S signal from Philip.

James: What?!

Thomas: It's true.

James: Oh, no.

Ryan F-Freeman: See for yourself.

[Ryan shows him]

James: Oh my G-O-S-H! I have to help Philip.

Thomas: We'll come with you, James.

James: No. If anyone's going to find Philip, It's me.

Ryan F-Freeman: You're right, James. I'll show a title for you.

[Ryan holds up a sign with the title: James' Snowy Rescue]

James: Wow!

Ryan F-Freeman: You like it? I made it myself.

James: [as he is hitched with a snowplough] Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: I'll give you a scanner to find Philip.

[Ryan places the scanner on James buffer]

James: Thanks, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: You're welcome.

[James heads off]

Thomas: I hope James will be okay.


James: Philip! Where are you? [in mind] Where could he be?

[He reaches the docks]

Salty: Hello, James.

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