Phineas: I cannot believe it. Traveling through Time and Dimension and Reunited our Dimensional Selfs is so awesome. I wish Sonic were here to see this.

Noby: Who's Sonic?

Phineas: He's my Friend, A blue Hedgehog from Mobius.

Noby: A blue Hedgehog from Mobius?

Phineas: Yeah, we met him when me, my Brother, My Sister and Perry were having a great time traveling through Sonic's Past. And we met a Girl named Saria, we save the World from Edos that he was trying to take over the World. So we save the World from him.

Noby: So what happen after that?

Phineas: Well... Sonic and his Friends are going back to Mobius. And I am so sad that he left.

Noby: Still sad about him?

Phineas: A little. But he said to me. "Keep moving Forward and way past Cool!

Noby: That some Adventures that you have from him.

Phineas: Yeah.

Alt-2 Candace: What are you two talking about.

Both: Nothing.

Alt-2 Candace (Showing the map) Alright Everybody we should go to the ventilation system shalt, the detainment center is on Level 4.

Alt-2 Buford: And the snack bar is on Level 5 cause I'm starving!

Buford: Me Too!

Big G: I am! (Candace glare at Him) If there's Time!

Alt-2 Candace (Sigh) Boys.

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