Photograph of Memories

(She returns to the Usual Spot to see the pictures)

Conner: What's this?

Randy: Alice was his first customer after he took over the shop. So we took a picture together.

Abby: It's a really nice photo. Oh...!

Toby: Hey! You just said "photo"!

Conner: So, Alice--tell us about the picture thief.

Alice: Not much to say. The pictures were just lying there.

Conner: Then how do we prove we weren't the ones who took 'em?

(Conner spots the next picture and chuckles)

Conner: It's a girl...

Abby: You look happy, Randy.

Randy: Do not.

Toby: So, like, anybody else notice that all the stolen pictures are of Alice?

Abby: Ohh. So that's why everyone thought it was us.

Conner: You mean Seifer didn't go around accusing us after all?

Alice: Are they really all of me?

Toby: Yep.

(Toby holds out the picture in his hand)

Toby: See?

Abby: Look!

Toby: Right? Every single one. Wouldn't it be weird if the thief wanted to steal the real Alice or something?

Conner: C'mon, get serious. Why would anyone wanna steal a bonehead like Alice?

Alice: Oh, thanks!

(The five friends laugh as the train station bells ring and the train passes overhead. They all look up at the tracks. Conner, Randy, Toby, and Abby leave the Usual Spot, Abby waving)

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