Phyllis is the Multi-Universe Transprojector technician at the Odyssey for Penn, Boone and Sashi.


Phyllis is short with long, wavy brownish-gray hair and forest green eyes. On her face, she has two different shades of steel blue eye shadow and red lipstick, along with having a mole on her right cheek. She wears brown goggles with blue lenses, a pearl necklace, a mauve shirt, blue jean overalls with golden buttons, and brown boots with shoelaces. Around her waist, she wears a brown utility belt that carries objects like a flashlight, wrench, and keys on a ring, and she wears brown gloves.


Phyllis is serious and cranky. With a temper best not provoked and a lack of kindness towards other, she is not the friendliest of people, but she is occasionally nicer or more thoughtful to the part-time heroes. She can be very sneaky, getting molds of the heroes' faces to make welding masks from them and forcing the heroes to rewatch a mission while disguising herself as Boone and eating his mother's prized meatloaf at his house. She is very grim and solemn, rarely smiling or being in a good mood, and can take things very seriously. For example, she believes a very bruised Penn got Condovian moon warts and prepares to shoot him into the sun before Sashi intervened.

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