Piella Bakewell is a former Bake-O-Lite Girl, and the main antagonist of Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death.

Piella (1)

She was voiced by Sally Lindsay.


In her youth, Piella was very slim and beautiful, and made her name by starring in the commercials for Bake-O-Lite slimming bread, becoming known as 'The Bake-O-Lite Girl'. However, she ate too many bakery products, gaining a lot of weight; thus, she was dropped from the commercials as she was too heavy to ride the hot air balloon featured in the commercials. Famous for being the star of commercials for Bake-O-Lite slimming bread. Piella Bakewell now lives in a luxurious mansion with her pet poodle Fluffles, which houses many mementos of her former glory. No longer as slim as she was, she intended to eliminate the bakers to get her revenge and to complete a baker's dozen, 13. She pretends to fall in love with bakers and murders them. She had attempted to kill Wallace when he and Gromit opened a bakery service. However, Gromit and Fluffles foiled her evil attempt. She then tried to escape in the Bake-O-Lite Balloon, BUT, owing to her weight, the balloon crashes into the crocodile pit at the zoo where she is eaten alive by the crocodiles (off-screen). As the remains of the balloon drift away, her spirit [her former thin self] waves goodbye to Wallace as she ascends to heaven.