Pikatwo (also known as Cloned Pikachu, Mewtwo's Pikachu or Pikachutwo), is an Electric-type Pokémon originally cloned from Ash's Pikachu. IHis name is never actually referred to in the anime (other than "Pikachu"), but it has been determined from the pattern of other clone Pokémon names (i.e. Mewtwo's name is a combination of Mew, the Pokémon it was originally cloned from, and the suffix "two". The same holds true for Bulbasaurtwo, Charmandertwo and Squirtletwo). He is not to be confused with the Pikachutwo from The Birth of Mewtwo radio drama, who was among Mewtwo's friends that died.

His appearance differs from Ash's Pikachu (and other Pikachu for that matter) by the black fur patterns on his ears, which are shaped in downward-facing spikes as opposed to a smooth curve.


  • Thunderbolt
  • Thundershock
  • Tackle
  • Quick Attack


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