Ping is one of the main characters in the 2005 movie, Toy Warrior.


Ping was a backpack in the real world. But, he is a cute little pink alive-doll in the Land of Toys. He was Jinoo's best and only friend. He seems to have a good relationship with Jinoo.


Ping is Jinoo's best and only friend. He says that Jinoo saved and first met Ping when he was taking out trash from his Grandpa's store. He found Ping as an old backpack but Jinoo's sewed up Ping and made him look like new. He keeps his friendship with Jinoo in Land of Toys.


  • Jinoo: Jinoo is Ping's best friend. Jinoo found and saved him from being dumbed into the garbage. Jinoo thinked that Ping was alive and treated him as his best friend since all other kids thought of Jinoo as a fool. In Land of Toys, Ping is alive and keeps his friendship with Jinoo.