Here is when Pinkie Pie gives the Invitations for the High School Dance in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

G-Merl: Hi girls.

Pinkie Pie: Hi.

Twilight Sparkle: Hello G-Merl, how was your mission?

G-Merl: Oh, it was okay, i guess.

(As the girl's were getting dressed, G-Merl noticed the invitations.)

G-Merl: What are these outfit's suppose to be for?

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: You'll find out.

G-Merl: Huh, who are you?

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: Oh, so sorry if i haven't introduced myself, I am "XJ-4", but my friends call me, Jasmine Wakeman.

G-Merl: Hey Jasmine, i'm G-Merl.

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: G-Merl, I've think Tino and Sunset told me about you.

G-Merl: Really?

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: Oh yes, Sunset told me that you've been jealous since they were together, instead of you and her.

G-Merl: Oh, yeah....

(He remembers when he tried to break Tino and Sunset up, but get's in trouble for doing that)

G-Merl: We can't be together forever... so I'd better make the time I do have something to remember.

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: Huh, what are you talking about?

G-Merl: Gotcha!

(G-Merl was only joking, G-Merl and Jasmine started to laugh as Human Rarity saw them there.)

Human Rarity: Why, hello, love couple.

(G-Merl and Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman blush)

G-Merl: Her? Us?

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: What are you saying?!

G-Merl and Jasmine: Us? In love? No, no, no!

(G-Merl and Jasmine looked as Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie started laughing.)

Human Fluttershy: Why not, it would be a nice thing to do.

G-Merl: Fluttershy, no offence, but she is so not my type to be my girlfriend. (To Jasmine) No offence to you too Jasmine.

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: Oh, none taken, I can absolutely agree.

Human Applejack: Come on, admit it. You bot's are in love with each other.

G-Merl: No we're not, we maybe robot's, but we have nothing in common, i'm a lone wolf and planning to keep it that way.

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: Oh my, you do have a way with word's.

G-Merl: Yeah, indeed i do.

(Later, Pinkie Pie come inside with a hand full of invitations.)

Pinkie Pie: Hey girl's, the invitations are here!

(The invitations are delivered.)

Pinkie Pie: What do you think?

(Jasmine looked at her hand in the invitiations.)

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: Okay?

G-Merl: Sound promising.

Pinkie Pie: I'd used frosting instead of paste.

Human Rarity: My word...

Human Rarity , .

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: Well, ok.

At Human Rarity's boutique, Jasmine was in dressing room getting ready.

Jenny "XJ-9" Wakeman: How do i look?

Human Rarity: Why darling, You look fabulous.

(Rarity placed a metal skirt, lavender colored, onto Jasmine's skirt.)

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: Oh my, this is beautiful.

Jenny "XJ-9" Wakeman: You look wonder Jasmine.

Human Rarity: Something's missing. I know. Slippers!

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: Wait, what?

(Human Rarity dog piles Jasime and then the red slipper are now on her. And she looks hot and beauty, as she goes out the door)

Human Rarity: Fabulous.

(Jasmine has a wheel for the road.)

Jasmine "XJ-4" Wakeman: I've got to hurry.

(She rushes herself there)

(Cut to G-Merl)

G-Merl: Okay. I'm a lone wolf, now. You need to be alone.

Emerl: What was that?

G-Merl: Oh nothing.

Emerl: Oh really.

G-Merl: Honest, I didn't say anything.

Emerl: Okay then.

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