Pinkie Pie's Panicky Problem is the eighth episode of the first season of Power Rangers Harmony Force.


During the field trip to the museum, Pinkie Pie somehow get's freaked-out & panic's from something, But the girl's didn't know what.

At the museum/Pinkie's panic problem starts

One day, At the museum, Anton Mercer was undercover as the Curator showing the class around the prehistoric exhibit. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie sees something scary & unusual, she get's freaked-out, panic's & hides, Twilight and the girls looked puzzled after what's gotten into her.

Nightmare Moon and Mesogog worked on an evil plan

Meanwhile, Sombra worked his spell and resurrected Mesogog and revived him. Soon, Nightmare Moon & Mesogog joined forces & summoned monsters to crush the rangers.

Ransik, Anton and Elsa gathered the Harmony Force and Dino Rangers

Back with the others, Ransik was summoning Twilight and her friends as Anton and Elsa gathered Dr. Tommy Oliver, Katherine Hillard and the rest of the Dino Rangers. Soon, They've made a discussion about Mesogog returning. Pinkie runs around panicky like crazy.

Fighting off the Changelings, Tyrannodrones and Triptoids

The Mane 6 & the Dino Rangers morphed & fought against the Changelings, Tyrannodrones and Triptoids, Pinkie was about to panic again as Trent gets her to snap out of it and focus. And it works as Twilight and Tommy begin to face Mesogog. Soon enough, Twilight and Tommy began combined their power and defeated Mesogog. Suddenly, Nightmare Moon worked her magic and made Mesogog bigger.

Bringing out the Big Zords

Then, The Harmony Force and Dino Rangers got they're butt's kicked by Mesogog, But then, Pinkie came with Trent & fought Mesogog, Pinkie combined her Laughter Earth Pony Zord with the Blizzard Force Megazord into it's laughter mode. And two on one, Mesogog was defeated. Pinkie stopped panicky after being cooled off inside the Blizzard Megazord. Anton and Elsa were proud.

Party's at Reefside High

With Mesogog defeated, The Mane 6 went to Reefside High & throw a party to celebrate they're victory with the Dino Rangers. Anton and Elsa were very proud of Trent for helping out Pinkie Pie with her panicky problem.


  • Rexy is mentioned in this film.
  • The Harmony Force Rangers will team up with the Dino Rangers.


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