Pixie Wing

Optimus Prime vs Pixie Wing

Pixie Wing is the main antagonist of the film, The Cybertron Legend of Everfree and one of Unicron's followers.


Throughout the film, Pixie Wing is shown to be a kind and caring bot. But later on, she reveals her evil side when she confronts Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus in a cave with a deposit of geodes infused with Equestrian Unicorn and Alicorn magic. Ultra Magnus at first accuses her of trying to scare everyone away from Camp Everfree but Pixie Wing tells she would never do that. As Ultra Magnus touches her, he experiences a vision of her memories, emotions and feelings. Pixie Wing reveals that Unicron sent her to use the geodes to save Camp Everfree and take out Optimus Prime for good. As she reaches for the last two geodes, Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack try to stop her but she ties them up in vines. After she transforms into a plant controlling transformer named Everfree Princess Vine-ally, she traps the two Wreckers in the cave and proceeds to continue her task.


  • Pixie Wing has Unicron's head and Thunderwing's body and wings.
  • She is later reformed by Ratchet, Arcee, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Knock Out and Smokescreen.
  • Pixie Wing is referred to by Unicron as his daughter and by Thunderwing as his sister.

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