Trini trains with Master Li in a new fighting technique, known as the Praying Mantis style. She's unable to grasp the proper motivation for achieving the stances. Rita & Nyanma sends down a Praying Mantis monster & The Time Shifter Expert In Martial Arts Know As Knuckle to belittle her failure at the technique in battle.


Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: How Cute She Wants To Learn Kung Fu

Nyanma: Finster, Rouran Make Us A Monster & Send A Time Shifter

Rita: We Show Her Who Is Done

Goldar: It Shall Make The Mantis Monster And The Time Shifter Knuckle And Destroy Her

Nyanma: And Also For The The Rest Of The Power Brats Including Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers

Rita: Hurry Up Guys And Make It Good

Jyuken: That Dumb Bear And His Friends And The Power Rangers Is Buggin Us

Gen'En: It's Good Be Tasty

Rouran: Finally With This Mantis Monster & Knuckle

Rita & Nyanma: Will Get Them

The Scene In The Park

Alpha: Zordon, Princess Something It's Happen In The Park

Aura: Trini & Tart Are There By We Send Them To Investigate

The Scene Why The Mantis & Knuckle Are Stronger

Zordon: Alpha What Information Do We Have About Rita & Nyanma's Mantis Monster & The Time Shifter Knuckle

Alpha: Il Punching Out In The Viewing Globe

They Noticed Them On The Viewing Globe

Alpha: It's An Expert In Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Alpha: And In The Research Files Of Dr Goodman Knuckle It's A Time Shifter Expert In The Martial Art Of The Knuckle Fist They Are Extremley Dangerous

Billy: Perhaps They Tell Trini But They Are A Kung Fu Experts

Kimberly: The Mantis And Knuckle-Con Telling Us And Tearing Us Apart

Trini: I'l Need Some Expert Training And When The Mantis And Knuckle Show Up I'l Be Ready

Bakumaru: And We Nailed Them

The Battle Scene

Rita: We Got Them Now Nyanma

Nyanma: Magic Wands Make Our Monsters GROW!

Rita & Nyanma Launches The Magic Wand To The Mantis

Mantis: Element Size To You

Jason: All Right We Need Dinozord Power Right NOW!


The ETO Rangers Uses His Badge Beams To Call The Zords And Kirinda

Jason: Rangers Log On

Zack: Zack Here Ready To Jam

Billy: Billy Here Systems Eyenominal

Trini: Trini Here Ready To Rock

Kimberly: Let's Munch That Mantis And That Metal Dragon

Jason: Rangers Power Up Your Crystal

They Put The Crystals

Jason: Switching To Battle Mode NOW

Bakumaru: Bakuretsu ETO Rangers FORWARD!

Voice: Megazord Sequence Has Been Initiaded

Voice: Megazord Activated

Knuckle-Con Megazord Eh? Looks Like You Are Going To Mangle

They Begin To Fight

Bakumaru: Tart What They Are Doing

Tart: The Mantis & Knuckle-Con They're Focus They Energy For A Single Blow

Dave Felis: Let's Do It

Trini: Watch His Footwork

Bakumaru: We're Ready For Them

The Battle Begins

Jason: Power Sword

Bakumaru: Spirit Summon: Mosbee, Musey

The Mosbee & Musey Eggs Appears And Become Mosbee & Musey

Pakaracchi: I Know It's Not A Bad Idea But Now You Gotta Shapeshift

Mosbee: You Got It Pakaracchi Ready Musey

Musey: Ready

Mosbee: Mosbee Shapeshift To MOSBEE-MASTER

Musey: Musey Shapeshift To MUSEY-MASTER!

Musey Uses His Sheet Music To Wrap Knuckle

Mosbee: Uses His Freeze Blast To Freeze Knuckle

Jason: Let's Take This Bug Down

All: Right

The Power Sword Begins To Slash The Mantis

Bakumaru: Second Strike


The Revealing Mirror Shoots His Laser On Knuckle-Con's Head And Nyanma's Head Stamp Is Banished And Knuckle Is Back To Normal

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: Why You Always Mess Up


Rita: You Promiese Us

Meanwhile In The Command Center

Zordon: Good Work Power Rangers

Aura: And Trini You Did The Honorable Thing Do The Fair

Trini: Thanks Princess

Jason: Hey We're Teammates

Monk: Beside We Teach Rita & Nyanma Don't Mess With A Bug

Everyone Laughs

Later In The Youth Center

News Conductor: And In The Frontal Local News The Greatest Heroes The Power Rangers Along With Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers Have Once Again Defeated Another Attack Of Rita Repulsa,Nyanma & And Her Endless Horde Of Monsters Thugs And Rescued One Of The Time Shifters Inspired By The Investigations Of One Of The Scientists Of The Time Police Bureau Dr. Bernard Goodman

Trini And Master Lee Begins To Train

Master Li: Excelent Work Trini

Trini: Thanks Master Li Practice Makes Better

Everyone Cheers

Zack: Hey Check Out

Bulk: Cockroach Kung Fu $ 5.0 Dollars An Hour

Bulk: Learn From The Master

Skull: Check Out Our Buddies Only 20 Bucks

Bulk: The Only Thing We Need A Little Publicity

Bakumaru: Shhhh!

Bakumaru: Tiny Hammer

Dave Felis: Tiny Hammer

Dave Gives Bakumaru A Tiny Hammer And Knocks The Cockroach Jar And Leaves A Cracks

Bakumaru & Dave Exits Silencious

Bulk: Gather Up Everyone And See How Cockroach Kung Fu Is Powerful

Bulk & Skull Begins To Demostrate

Bulk: And Now For Our Newest Cockroach Kung Fu Movement


They Knocked Their Heads

Bulk Begins And Accidently Crashes The Bilboard And The Jar Thanks To Dave's Tiny Hammer

And The Cockroaches Escape And Bulk & Skull Screams

Everyone Laughs

Dave Felis: Cowards!

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