Baloo: What are we going to do?

Piglet: There's no point in you all staying here because of me. You all should go get into a lifeboat while you can.

Cera: That's very brave of you to say, Piglet, but we started this trip together, and we're going to finish it together.

Sherman: We wouldn't be in this situation if not for me.

Pooh: Don't like that, Benny. I'm the one who brought us here.

Sherman: But I was the one who suggested a cruise on a ship in 1912. Now we're all gonna die, and it's all my fault.

Ducky: It's not your fault, Sherman.

Man: Everyone up on deck! Lifebelts on!

Rabbit: We'll be right out in any minute.

Man: Ok. But hurry.

Rabbit: Right now, we need to focus on what's really important.

Pooh: Right, and that's getting the fruit and nuts off of this ship.

Rabbit: This is no time to think about your stomach, Pooh. Didn't you remember hearing that there aren't enough lifeboats for everyone on board?

Hunter: Rabbit has a point. Getting off the ship will be easier said than done. Can't we just teleport back home using Pooh's omnitrix.

Exile: I'm afraid not without teleporting other people. The time omnitrix will teleport any and all within a 100 foot radius. And according to Mr. Andrew's blueprints, the Titanic is 90 feet wide and 100 feet from the keel to the boat deck.

Cera: So we just wait till the ship is empty before we teleport.

Sherman: But the ship won't be empty. Even when all of the lifeboats are gone, there will still be at least half as many people still on board. Let's face it…we're doomed.

Hunter: Some leader I turned out to be.

Colleen: Hunter, you're a great leader. And if we work together, we can get out of anything.

Blitz: Yeah, Hunter. Remember that we worked together after Imhotep was cursed?

Hunter: Yeah, but—

Cindy: And remember what we survived the tornado?

Hunter: Yes, but—

Mr. Peabody: No buts, Hunter. You're always there to make us feel better when the chips are down. And now it's our turn to be here for you.

Pooh: We'll think of someway off of this ship and we'll survive by sticking together through it all. Sherman, remember. You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

Rabbit: Why, Pooh bear. I believe you remember what Christopher Robin said.

Sherman: Thanks, you guys. I do feel a little better. I just wish we had a plan.

Ash: Yeah, I don't wanna just sit here and wait to drown.

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