Sir Hiss: (clears throat) Sire, if I may... May venture an opinion, you're not your usual cheerful, genial self today. [stammering] I know. I know. You haven't counted your money for days, hmm? It always makes you so happy. [clears throat] Sire, taxes are pouring in, the jail is full. And, oh, I have good news, sire. Friar Tuck is in jail. 

Prince John: Friar Tuck? It's Robin Hood I want, you idiot! I'd give all my gold if I could just get my hands on... Did you say Friar Tuck? 

Sir Hiss: Did I? [stuttering] Yes, I did. 

Prince John: Ah! Hiss, I have it! I'll use that fat friar as bait to trap Robin Hood. 

Sir Hiss: Another trap?  

Prince John: Yes, yes, you stupid serpent. Friar Tuck will be led to the gallows in the village square, don't you see? 

Syndrome: Perhaps the sheriff will bring us news about Franklin and friends. 

Prince John: Franklin and friends will be in jail with Robin Hood. 

Stromboli: They will not stay long. We will conquer England. 

Pot: And it looks like those two shrimpy gnomes will be banished from England forever, right sire?

Prince John:  Marvellous idea Pot.

Sir Hiss: (stuttering) But, sire, hang Friar Tuck? A man of the church? 

Prince John: Yes, my reluctant reptile. And when our elusive hero tries to rescue the corpulent cleric... [laughs] men will be ready. Ha-ha! 

Stromboli: Bravo, Prince John! 


(The sheriff ties the rope) 

Sheriff: Well, Trigger, everything's rigged up and all set. 

Trigger: Yep, it's one of the prettiest scaffolds you ever built. 

Nutsy: Sheriff, don't you reckon we oughta give that there trapdoor a test? 

Sheriff: (grunts) Criminently. Now I know why your mama called you Nutsy. 

Robin in disguise: Alms. Alms for the poor. Do me old ears hear the melodious voice of the sheriff? 

Sheriff: (chuckles) That's right, old man. 

Robin in disguise: What be going on here? 

Sheriff: We're gonna hang Friar Tuck. 

Robin in disguise: No! Hang Friar... Um, hang Friar Tuck? 

Nutty: You betcha. At dawn. And maybe it'll even be a double hangin'. [blabbering] 

Trigger: Shh, shh. Dummy up, you dummy. 

Robin in disguise: A double hangin', eh? Who'll be the other one who gets the rope? 

Trigger: Sheriff, he's gettin' too all-fired nosy. 

Robin in disguise: Oh, I didn't mean nothin'. But, um, couldn't there be trouble if Robin Hood showed up? 

Nutsy : Well, wouldn't you know, sheriff, he guessed it. 

Trigger: Nutsy, button your beak. 

Robin in disguise: Ah, no need to worry. The sheriff be too crafty, too clever and too smart for the likes of him, says I. 

Sheriff: (laughs) Ya hear that, Nutsy? For bein' blind, he sure knows a good man when he sees one, says I. 

Trigger: Sheriff, I still got a feelin' that that snoopy old codger knows too much. 

Sheriff: Oh, shut up, Trigger. He's just a harmless old blind beggar. 

Robin in disguise: (walking out) Alms. Alms for the poor. Alms. Alms for the poor. 

Little John: Rob, we can't let 'em hang Friar Tuck. 

Bear: What will we do, Robin? 

Robin: (whispering) A jailbreak tonight is the only chance he's got. 

Little John: A jailbreak? There ain't no way you can get him. 

Robin: We've got to, Johnny, or Friar Tuck dies at dawn. 

Dany: Yeah, and we won't let those trolls beat us either.

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