This is how playing Big Rig and Diggs gets stuck goes in Big Rig's League of SuperTrucks.

Diggs: Hi, Thomas!

Thomas: Hiya, Diggs!

Diggs: Do you want to play Big Rig with us?

Thomas: Certainly.

Diggs: Then let's do it.

Carrie: I'll be the Abonimble Snow Plough, like I always am.

Scooch: And I'll be Chips the Wood-Chipper.

Diggs: I'll be Big Rig!

Thomas: and I'll be Turbo Tank Engine.

Diggs: Let's play!

[Gordon and Henry see them]

Henry: What are they doing?

Gordon: Playing Big Rig, that's what.

[over with the machines and Thomas]

Diggs: Come on, Chips and Turbo! We've got to battle our way through these fall trees.

Scooch: Do not worry about the falling trees, Big Rig. I will chip them up. [makes wood-chipper noises] I'm pretending to be a wood-chipper see. [continues making wood-chipper noises]

Diggs: [drives to the top of a dirt mount] There's something strange about this place, guys.

Thomas: Big Rig!

Diggs: What?

Thomas: The ground beneath you. It's a swamp. It can't hold machines your size.

[Carrie comes into view, laughing evilly]

Carrie: Well, Big Rig, Chips and Turbo Tank Engine, you've fallen right into my trap.

Thomas, Diggs and Scooch: It's the Abonimble Snow Plough.

Carrie: You'll never get out of that swamp. And the biggest construction site in the world will be mine! [evil laughter]

Diggs: Chips, Turbo! I'm done for. My treads keep going round and round.

Scooch: You'll never make it, Big Rig.

Thomas: He will. He has to. There are jobs out there that need to be finished, roads to lay, bridges to build. And so, for the sake of all machine kind, he has to find that bit of Extra Va-room! [takes off]

Scooch: What is he doing, Big Rig?

Diggs: I don't know.

[Thomas pulls Diggs foward]

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