Here is how playing against Human Rainbow Dash and the new plan goes in Code Red's Adventures of My Little Pony Equestria Girls.

(We see Human Rainbow Dash kicking soccer balls into a net)

Nighlock: So that's Rainbow Dash?(opens a portal and grabs some popcorn)

(we see HAJ talking to HRD)

Human Rarity: Well at least they're talking, that's a good sign.

(The two hugged)

Red Smoke: No more grudge fights from them then.(teleports away and back with a soda and a chocolate shake)

Human Applejack: Someone, and I think we all know who, told Rainbow Dash that my bake sale had been to different day.

Nighlock: Told you it was Flash Fire.

Human Applejack: No need to get like that.

(we see a figure in a cloak watching everything)

Selene: I hope they know what they are getting into.

(Back with the gang)

Human Applejack: Anyways, Rainbow Dash, this here is Twilight Sparkle. You already know about Code Red I presume?

Human Rainbow Dash: They're easily recognized by those symbols of theirs. Who wouldn't know them? The ninja's the most awesome one.

Red Smoke: Specify.

Human Rainbow Dash: Why?

Code Red and Sunset Shimmer:(points to Air Strike who waves at her)

Human Rainbow Dash: Oh.

Mirage the Illusionist: He has some sort of secret travel and he refuses to share with me.

Air Strike:(smirks)

Human Rainbow Dash: Anyhow, so you're the one running against Flash Fire? Well if you want my help, you'll have to beat me, 5 goals.(kicks the ball into the net) That's one for me.

Nighlock:(smirks) This'll be good.

(HRD continuously makes goals until Twilight loses)

Human Rainbow Dash: So what's the plan? How are we gonna beat him?

Bucky Barnes:(helps her up) You got spunk kid. I like that.

Twilight Sparkle: We'll need a place to meet.

Air Strike: I'll see at the cafè(leaves and hides)

Nighlock: Let's roll.

(they leave while Air Strike enters a hole and we see a bunch of Ender creatures traveling underground)

(we see Sugar Cube Cafè)

Twilight Sparkle: Now what should we do?

Red Smoke: We could pound him.

Bumblebee: He's my friend, Red Smoke, I just want warning shots.

Red Smoke: I meant the Duke.

Human Rarity: We could use these.(takes something out of a box)

(Code Red and the girls looked in surprise and confusion)

Nighlock: What the heck are those?

(she inaudibly explains)

Taser: It's worth a shot.

Human Rarity: She agrees.

Nighlock: All in favor, say aye.

Everyone: Aye!


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