{dissolve to the kittens, running from outside towards the door}

Berlioz: Wait for me, wait for me!

Marie: Me first! Me first!

[All three get stuck in the small door for the cats cut in below of the front door of the house]

Toulouse: Why should you be first?

Marie: Because I am a lady, that's why.

[she jumps on the floor]

Toulouse: Huh. You are not a lady.

[Berlioz catches Marie by the tail]

Berlioz: You're nothing but a sister!

Marie: Oh! I'll show you if I'm a lady or not.

Celeste: [Berlioz runs after Marie, Toulouse hides under a chair] Look at the kittens. They are playing.

[Berlioz gets Marie and starts tickling her]

Marie: Stop tickling!

Toulouse: Get her, Berlioz! Get her!

[Now Marie chases Berlioz, Toulouse climbs on the table]

[Marie pulls Berlioz by the ribbon he has around the neck]

Berlioz: Fight fair, Marie!

Toulouse: Females never fight fair.

[Toulouse occasionally makes a candle fall off the table, it hits Marie's head]

Marie: Ow! Now that hurt! Mama! Mama!

[Duchess enters]

Duchess: Marie, darling. Marie, you must stop that. This is really not ladylike. [Marie lets Berlioz go] And Berlioz, well, such behavior is most unbecoming to a lovely gentleman.

Berlioz: Well, she started it.

Marie: Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.

[Berlioz sticks tongue at Marie]

Duchess: Berlioz, now, don't be rude.

Berlioz: We were just practicing biting and clawing.

Duchess (fixing Marie's bowtie): Aristocrats do not practice biting and clawing and things like that -- it's just horrible!

Toulouse (from the table): But someday, we might meet a tough alley cat.

[he jumps on the floor, snarling and hissing, and then licks his lips]

(Duchess laughs)

(Franklin and friends laugh)

(Pom, Flora, Alexander and Isabelle laugh)

Duchess: Now that will do. It's time we concerned ourselves with self-improvement. Now, you want to grow up to be lovely, charming ladies and gentlemen. Now Toulouse, you go and start on with your painting.

Toulouse (standing up): Yes, Mama.

[He then walks to his painting place, hissing along the way]

Marie: Mama, may we watch Toulouse paint before we start our music lesson? Please?

Duchess: Well, yes my love, but you must be very quiet.

[Toulouse is mixing the oils, dripping some on the floor so that Berlioz has to jump aside]

Toulouse: Oops! Uh-oh.. [Then Toulouse clears throat, mutters something and starts painting] Aha... Yeah!

Marie giggles: It's Edgar!

Berlioz: Yeah. Old picklepuss Edgar!

Duchess laughs: "Old Picklepuss"? Now, now, Berlioz, that is not kind. You know Edgar is so fond of all of us and takes very good care of us.

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