Here is how Playtime with Luna and Playing with her new toys goes in Luna and Yuna.

Princess Luna: Peek-a-Boo!

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Princess Luna: Boo!

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Princess Luna: I'll get your toys out for you, Yuna.

Baby Yuna: (happy gurgling)

Princess Luna: (brought out her new toys)

Luna's old toys are a stuffed panda, teething ring, pink rattle, stuffed gorilla, stuffed frog and stuffed Discord.

Baby Yuna: (playing with her new toys)

Princess Luna: You like your new toys, Do you?

Baby Yuna: (pulling her mama's mane)

Princess Luna: Ow!

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Princess Luna: (laughs) That's quite a grip!

Baby Yuna: (giggles)

Princess Luna: Now, To rest my hooves. (resting her hooves and watch Yuna play with her toys)

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