Poison Sci-Ryan

Poison Sci-Ryan is a member of the Regime but defects to the Insurgency.


When Sci-Ryan (insergency) joined the Insurgency to stop the One Earth Regime, he wants to have to protect the plants and chose Poison Ivy to give him her powers. When Sci-Ryan gets strapped to a med table and just about Apocalypse, Magneto and Storm (without Psylocke since she died in the explosion that destroyed Metropolis) do a power transfer, he looks at Poison Ivy and said "If this doesn't work, I just want you to know that I love you.". When the power transfer is done, Sci-Ryan (Insergency) is turned from a human to a being empowered with nature itself. Sci-Ryan then see nature and it's beauty. When Poison Ivy asks Sci-Ryan if he is ok, which he replied that he's fine. After being unstrapped from the med bed, Sci-Ryan tells Storm that he is "Mother Nature's hero.". When Ivy ask who he is, Sci-Ryan said "I am not Ryan my former girlfriend loves anymore. From this day forth, I am Poison Sci-Ryan.".


Poison Sci-Ryan looks like Sci-Ryan with an outfit that looks like a combo of Everfree Prince Gale and Poison Ivy's (except Gale's eyes, geodes and eye mask).


Poison Sci-Ryan's powers are the same as Poison Ivy's like the ability to control plants, produce pheromones that will make someone do what he says and can kill someone by transmitting venom to them with a kiss on the lips.

Relationship with Poison Ivy

When Sci-Ryan (Insergency) join the Insergency, he meets Poison Ivy (Insergency). He takes an instant liking to Poison Ivy and both he and Poison Ivy became boyfriend and girlfriend.


His personality is like a combo of his and Poison Ivy's with some kindness in his heart.


  • He is the boyfriend of Poison Ivy.
  • He is called the Junior Gaurdian of the Green.