The way Ponyville tour with Discord goes in New Cake in Ponyville.

The next morning.

Mr. Carrot Cake: Breakfast is ready!

Marble Cake: Alright, They have all my favorites.

Pinkie Pie: Your Aunt and Uncle told me that that you like Syrup on your Pancakes.

Mrs. Cup Cake: We're just gald to have you with us.


Discord: Hello, Marble Cake.

Marble Cake: Hello, Discord, What brings you here.

Discord: Oh, not much, Just wanted to make you feel at home, How you like to have a tour around Ponyville.

Marble Cake: I love to.

Discord: Ok then.

Later, at Sweet Apple Acres.

Discord: And this is Sweet Apple Acres.

Applejack: Howdy, Marble, You're just in time to meet the whole Apple Family, Why don't I introduce ya ta them.

Marble Cake: Sure I guess.

Applejack: This here's Apple Fritter. Apple Bumpkin. Red Gala. Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Caramel Apple, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apples, Apple Brioche, Apple Cinnamon Crisp... (deep breath) Braeburn, Aunt and Uncle Orange, Babs Seed, Auntie Applesauce, Apple Rose, Apple Dumpling, Apple Leaves, Half Baked Apple, Hayseed Turnip Truck, Apple Bud, Apple Bottom... (deep breath) Apple Bread, Apple Slice, Apple Pie, Mint Cupcake, Apple Croquette, Crisps Pink, Fiddly Faddle, Apple Cider, Apple Cinnamon, Apple Honey, Apple Split... (deep breath) Apple Top, Bushel Candy, Apples Curly Cobbler, Florina, Jonagold, Violet Fritter, Magdalena, Pink Lady, Sundowner, Wensley... (deep breath) Apple Munchies, Dosie Dough, Gingerbread, Ginger Gold, Apple Crumble, Apple Flora, Apple Mint, Apple Squash, Liberty Belle, Red June, Sweet Tooth... (deep breath) Goldie Delicious, Big McIntosh, Apple Bloom and Granny Smith.

Discord: Quite a family isn't it?

Marble Cake: I'll say it is.

Granny Smith: Wow. The nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Cake.

Big McIntosh: Yep.

Aunt Orange: Hello, Marble Cake, We're so thrilled to meet you.

Uncle Orange: Meet our daughters, Orange Cream and Orange Bloom.

Orange Cream: Hello there.

Orange Bloom: Hi.

Marble Cake: Please to meet you.

Discord: Well, Marble Cake.

Marble Cake: I have to go, Nice meeting you everypony.

Granny Smith: You too, Marble Cake.

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