Pooh's Adventures Of Grojband is the latest crossover TV show by TotalDramaFan3452. It is not confirmed who should make this adventure, but it will arrive to Youtube in the near future.


Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Conker, Kirby, Shnookums and Meat, and Eeyore visit a town called Peaceville where they meet Corey Riffin, Laney Penn, and Kin and Kon Kujira, together they form a band in their own garage peforming gigs making awesome music out of Corey's evil sister Trina's Diary who she hated her brothers band who does everything to destroy Corey's rockstar dream and wants to use the garage as her own giant bedroom. With the help of Pooh and the others, can Grojband become a famous band and will Corey's dreams of becoming a rockstar finally come true?


Ep 1a "Cloudy With a Chance of Malt Balls"

Pooh and pals visit a town called Peaceville where they meet Corey, Laney, Kin and Kon as they help them impress movie star Cherry Grapestain to get Grojband music into her new movie trailer. They have to impress her at her new premiere and rock the drive-in.

Ep 1b "Dance of the Dead"

Grojband was busy preparing for the Halloween Party. Meanwhile Pooh and the others meet Corey's sister Trina who as you can guess wasn't so nice to them, Pooh tried to offer Trina a hug but they were thrown out of the building along with Corey and others. Matters worsen when Zombies rise from the dead from Corey's haunted amp and now they must stop them from eating every brain in Peaceville!

Ep 2a "Pox N' Roll"

When Corey, Pooh and the others get the Chicken Pox, Trina alerts the Mayor who seals the place in an outbreak dome - with Trina inside! Corey wants to throw an amazing party after contracting chicken pox.

Ep 2b "No Strings Attached"

Corey's favorite animatronic band, The Bubble Bunch (a parody of Yo Gabba Gabba!) is retiring. Trina decides to melt the puppet band (along with Corey's inspiration) and now Corey uses Grojband as a replacement of The Bubble Bunch.

Ep 3a "In-D Road Rager"

Corey takes the coolness of Indie music a little too far, unwittingly enters his band in an indie race, the local Indie Indie 400.

Ep 3b "Math of Kon"

Corey has booked the band to play the Try-Math-Alon - nerds are an untapped fanbase! Corey must help Kon and Pooh Bear win the "Try-Math-Alon" to allow the band to play there.

Ep 4a "Space Jammin"

Grojband gets shut out of Peaceville's version of Woodscock, Slugfest and encounter aliens that want to battle with their band for making a crop circle that summon them.

Ep 4b "Wish Upon a Jug"

Trina and Corey battle each other with wishes by using genies that they found them inside jugs. Corey is able to find a cow genie in a milk bottle and try to wish his musical mojo back - but the genie rules prohibit it.

Note: Genie makes a guest star apperance in this episode.

Ep 5a "All You Need is Cake"

Corey and Laney must "fall in love" in order for the band to sing at a wedding and get free cake, however they also run the risk of ruining their friendship with Kin and Kon and having Grojband disbanded.

Ep 5b "Helmet"

After Corey's voice starts cracking, Kin makes a helmet that "auto-tone" his voice, but (thanks to Trina) the helmet becomes evil and uses its laser to turn anything imperfect, perfect.

Ep 6a "Monster Of Rock"

Corey thinks underground music is the band's thing but accidentally awakens a sewer monster when Grojband practices for an underground gig, literally underground.

Ep 6b "One Plant Band"

Corey attempts to make the band Vegan to play the opening of a new vegan restaurant. Grojband's music makes Trina's science project plant become self-aware.

Ep 7a "Creep Away Camp"

Grojband competes against the Newmans in a scary campfire song contest, as Corey and the band seek help from scare-master Blade Stabbington.

Ep 7b "Zoohouse Rock"

Thinking costumes may be the Grojband's new gimmick, Corey dresses the band in bear costumes, but Trina gets them locked up in Major Mellow's zoo.

Ep 8a "Smash Up Derby"

Corey and the band are booked to play the demolition derby. They'll have to enter Trina in the derby to get their lyrics.

Ep 8b "Queen Bee"

Trina enters the Peaceville Queen Bee pageant, and it's up to Grojband to make sure she wins in order to get new happy lyrics from her to play there. Meanwhile Pooh tries to find some honey during the pageant.

Ep 9a "Dreamreaver (Part 1)"

Grojband's first music video goes awry, as Trina watches it and her brain breaks. Corey, Laney, Kin, Kon, Pooh and pals must go inside her insane mind to stop it (and to retrieve some twisted lyrics!)

Ep 9b "Dreamreaver (Part 2)"

Continuation of Part 1. Inside Trina's twisted brain, Grojband fights the evil "band" who broke her brain, a demented version of themselves from their music video.

Ep 10a "Super Zeroes"

Corey decides on a new gimmick to play at kids parties dressed as Super Heroes. But Trina tries to out them as frauds by becoming an evil supervillian. This looks like a job for The Masked Bear!

Ep 10b "Knight To Remember"

A comet passes by Peaceville and the town becomes an old medieval Time of knights and adventure and now Mina starts to act like Trina. Also the people of Peaceville thinks Piglet is their king. Corey gets the band a job as royal minstrels to a fake princess at a LARP game.

Ep 11a "Line of Credit"

Nothing is cooler than cred! If Grojband is going to get cred, they have to go straight, but they'll have to go thug first. Corey decides to become tough to improve the band's image.

Ep 11b "Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow"

Hair metal and a dog show collide when Corey thinks it's time for Hair Metal to make a comeback at the Peaceville Doggie Doozie Dog Show. Kon thinks he's a dog!

Ep 12a "On The Air and Out to Sea"

When Corey's pirate radio station stops actual pirates from listening, it leads to a run-in with real pirates and the band is forced to walk the plank.

Ep 12b "Ahead Of Our Tone"

Trying to be "ahead of their time," the band and Pooh and the others travel into the future to bring back the music trend from one year ahead and discovers it is ruled by an evil cyborg Trina.

Ep 13a "Love In A Nethervator"

Elevator music sinks to new lows. Elevator music at the center of the earth!

Ep 13b "Six Strings Of Evil"

After Trina destroys Corey's guitar with a woodchipper, Corey decides to buy a new one, which just happens to be evil. Now it's up to the band along with Pooh and the others to save Peaceville from getting destroyed by the music of Corey's new guitar.

Ep 14a "Rockersize"

When Grojband offers an impromptu concert to three old ladies who take gym class, they turn them into hulking monsters that turn Peaceville into a maximum security prison!

Ep 14b "Grin Reaper"

When all of Peaceville is bored out of their minds, they become under a happy spell by the happiest man in the world, only to sucked out of their energy! Now its up to Pooh and pals that were not caught under the happy spell thanks to the Good Fairy's magic to save their friends and the entire town.

Ep 15a "Rock the House"

Pooh and Pals help Grojband face off against the Newmans in a Battle of the Bands Extreme Curling competition.

Ep 15b "War and Peaceville"

Peaceville's centennial erupts in a Riffin/Mallory feud when Corey sings the original inflammatory town anthem

Ep 16a "Myme Disease"

When the favorite town statue (who was actually a statue performer) is taken down, Grojband decides to take the prime performance spot left behind. A turf war erupts between Corey and a group of mimes when they take the last busking spot in the park. Meanwhile Trina is having her portrait painted by Nick Mallory.

Ep 16b "Kon-Fusion"

Grojband and the Newmans must form a music mashup at DJ Fusion's restaurant Fuse This. Until they got fused up by Trina's evil plan is to fuse her hand with Nick Mallory's hand so they can be together forever and Grojband and the Newmans get fused into 4 individual hideous freaks!!!

Ep 17a "Inn Err Face"

It's science fair time, and Corey wants to prove the healing powers of rock! But Trina shrinks and ingests Kin and Kon!

Ep 17b "Who Are You?"

Corey hears that hipsters only like bands they've never heard of; he thinks Grojband is a perfect fit.

Ep 18a "Pop Goes the Bubble"

Grojband is going pop at Peaceville's Annual Soda-Fest, the Carbo-Nation Festival! Thanks to some meddling from Trina, Mayor Mellow bans bubbles, including soda bubbles, because Major Mellow has a bottle cap inside his brain. Corey takes it upon the band to save the bubbles, but how will make the flat town bubbly again?

Note: Spongebob and Patrick will guest star in this episode.

Ep 18b "Girl Fest"

Tough girl-rocker Candy Jams mistakes Laney for the bandleader, making Grojband her opener!

Ep 19a "The Bandidate"

Corey thinks Grojband needs to get political! And what better way than to speak out against new school president, Trina?

Ep 19b "The Pirate Lounge for Me"

Wanting to combine Rocking with Relaxing leads Corey to transform the garage into a swingin' lounge, baby! Even Mayor Mellow gets into the swing, and orders the town to chill out, but their lowered guard leaves the town open to a pirate invasion.

Ep 20a "Hologroj"

Nothing bumps up a band's popularity like a mysterious disappearance! So Corey tells the news that Grojband has vanished, and plans to capitalize with a performance by hologram versions of the band.

Ep 20b "The Snuffles With Snarffles'

Corey decides to use music to bring awareness to the sniffles suffered by Snuffles, a cute local puppy, earning the hatred of local war hero, Wheelie the Cat.

Ep 21a "Bee Bop a Loofa"

When Trina makes the makes the town's water reservoir run dry, nobody can take showers anymore. Corey and the band decide to end the stink wave by rocking out through the sewer pipes. The Peaceville Stationary Marathon is coming, providing the perfect audience for Grojband's newest thing - shower music!

Ep 21b "A Capella Lips Now"

Peaceville is flooded and the power is out! Corey sees the perfect opportunity to go unplugged.

Ep 22a "Soulin Down the Road"

When Kin's soul-amplifier malfunctions, Trina's soul is trapped in her car. Corey has to find a way to free it, and get lyrics for the show, problem is, however, is that Trina enjoys being a car.

Ep 22b "That's My Jam"

Corey is determined to win the Peaceville jam competition with this summer's hot new jam!

Ep 23a "For Hat and Country"

Corey wants the coolest cowboy hat he's ever seen, but it can only be sold to someone who is "truly country." Corey sees only one way to prove he's worthy - by separating from Peaceville and forming the People's Rockpublic of Grojland!

Ep23b "It's in the Card"

If Grojband is going to be a Valentines Band, they need to get their love song into a huge pile of electronic greeting cards, but when everyone in town breaks up, they're to blame. Now it's up to Pooh and Pals to bring back both Grojband and all the love in Peaceville.

Ep24a "Saxsquatch"

Corey's desire to play atop Howling Heights mountain leads the band to find the Saxquatch.

Ep24b "Group Hug"

Grojband's first groupies decide that they should have their own dedicated song so other fans know who comes first!

Ep25a "Curse of the Metrognome"

With Grojband set to play New Year's Eve, Trina unleashes the mystical Metrognome - a little guy with a big appetite for timing. Meanwhie, Pooh tries to figure out what will be new years resolution

Ep25b "Dueling Buttons"

Solo Shredder - the guitar-based video game - has rolled into Peaceville, and Corey is sure he can prove he's the best, but when Trina bests him, he's not sure what he's good at anymore.

Ep26(FINALE) "Hear Us, Rock!"

The ancient Samban prophecy foretold the Earth would be destroyed by rock on this day. Can Grojband figure out how to save the planet? And what will it cost?


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