Pooh's Adventures of Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars is another upcoming new Pooh's Adventures TV series by BrerJake90.

Episode List

Original title Directed by Written by Story by Original airdate Prod. code
1 "War of the Warts (1)" September 8, 1991 101
Bucky O'Hare and the Righteous Indignation crew learn that the Toad Empire has taken over his homeworld Warren, and must travel there to investigate. Meanwhile, an Earth boy named Willy DeWitt enters Bucky's universe using an experimental device.
2 "A Fistful of Simoleans (2)" September 15, 1991 102
Willy join Bucky's crew to Planet Warren where they find information relating to the world's recent climate change. The cause is revealed to be a new weapon called the Climate Converter. Meanwhile, a spy is hired by the Toad Empire to gain access through the Aniverse capital, Planet Genus.
3 "The Good, the Bad and the Warty (3)" September 22, 1991 103
It's a race against time as the Righteous Indignation crew infiltrate a Toad Mothership to retrieve Planet Genus's access codes. The only things standing in their way are gun-for-hire Al Negator and the deadly Toadborg.
4 "Home, Swampy, Home" September 29, 1991 104
Bucky plans to infiltrate a slave colony that is currently building a new Climate Converter.
5 "On the Blink" October 6, 1991 105
The Toad Empire has taken control of a koala homeworld and has installed a defense system that prevents any mammalian access. It's up to the android Blinky to sneak onto the planet and shut it down.
6 "Kreation Konspiracy" October 13, 1991 106
Rumor has it that a powerful device is located in a barren planet and Bucky's crew must intercept it before the Toads do. Meanwhile, Blinky is kidnapped by three elder toads, who may have a connection with the Empire's leader, KOMPLEX.
7 "The Komplex Caper" October 20, 1991 107
KOMPLEX uses the power of Toad TV to control the mammalian population. Bucky must travel to the Toad Homeworld to shut down the transmission and, with any luck, KOMPLEX himself...
8 "The Search for Bruce" October 27, 1991 108
Brusier's brother, the former R.I. engineer Bruce, has returned in a spectral form but definitely alive. Meanwhile, the Toad Empire creates a new invention to teleport squads to anywhere in the Aniverse.
9 "Corsair Canards" November 3, 1991 109
A treaty between the UAC Security Council and Dead-Eye's former pirate mates is about to be finalized. But a small group of pirates' recent plunders is on the verge endangering the treaty's process.
10 "The Artificers of Aldebaran" November 10, 1991 110
Jenny's pupil, Princess Felicia, is abducted by Toadborg and it's up to her and Willy to save her. The source of power that the cybernetic villain is after may spell doom for Jenny's homeworld, Planet Aldebaran, and possibly the entire Aniverse.
11 "The Warriors" November 17, 1991 111
The Toad Air Marshal is kicked out of his army after his most recent failure at the hands of Bucky O'Hare. To regain his status, he joins a samurai lizard, who is plotting to take over a nearby planet. The place: Kanopis III, Dead-Eye's homeworld.
12 "Bye Bye Berserker Baboon" November 24, 1991 112
The Toads invade the homeworld of Bruiser and his fellow Beetlegeusian Baboons, using special goggles to prevent their fear of their most terrifying foes. Bucky and crew fight back and soon encounter the empire's secret weapon: the unstoppable Terror Toad.
13 "The Taking of Pilot Jenny" December 1, 1991 113
Jenny has been captured by the toads. Toadborg is ordering a trade for a recently relinquished Climate Converter, unaware of Bucky's true objective.

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