This is the transcript to Pooh's Adventures of Casper.


Pooh and friends scold the ghostly trio for making Kat an orphan

Misty: [Kat cries as her father is a ghost and she's now an orphan] You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves. A bunch of ghostly bullies like you! Picking on a poor innocent teenager like her!
Rabbit: The poor girl's been through enough the last couple of months!
Tigger: Yeah, Brunos!
Brock: Suppose you guys were torn away from your mother when she was just a baby! No one to tuck you in bed at night! No one to read you stories! No one to feed you when you're hungry! No one to take care of you when you're sick! No one to comfort you when you're sad and lonely! No one to give you a nice, cute toy to cuddle with! And no one to give you a warm, comfy blanket to snuggle into!
Ash Ketchum: How would you guys feel if you were left alone in a cold, cruel, heartless world with no one to love you and support you when needed?! And why? We ask you? Why? Just because of her father's ghost-hunting job, the public makes fun of her! They called her a freak! The laughing stock of the entire country! Even her mother, Amelia, tried to stand up for her! Until she passed away from an illness that she couldn't fight! And on top of all that, she didn't even get a chance to say good-bye to her! She hardly even knew her mother since her father's all that's left of her!
Scooby-Doo: Oh, forget it, Ash.
Shaggy: Like, yeah. The ghostly trio are no different than the school kids that humiliated her.
Fred: Shaggy's right, everyone. They're not worth it.

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