Pooh's Adventures of Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure is an upcoming sequel to Pooh's Adventures of Charlotte's Web planned to be made by Daniel Esposito.


The film opens up in springtime, about a year after Charlotte has passed on. Charlotte's three daughters, Nellie, Aranea, and Joy, are now in the stages of adolescence, with Wilbur serving as a companion and mentor.

During this time, Wilbur befriends Cardigan, a newborn lamb that is looked down upon by the other lambs and the younger sheep of his flock because he has black wool. Wilbur takes Cardigan under his wing and shows him the farm, the ways of animal life, and dangers to look out for.

However, after only a few weeks, Zuckerman suddenly sells Cardigan to another farmer, so Wilbur, along with Charlotte's daughters, Templeton the Rat, Winnie the Pooh, Simba, and their friends, set out to visit Cardigan and make sure he's okay.


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