Pooh's Adventures of Dot in Space is the final upcoming Winnie the Pooh/Dot Crossover film to be created by 76859Thomas. It is the sequel to Winnie the Pooh and Dot Goes to Hollywood and it will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


Dot decides to rescue Whyka, the Russian space dog, who is circling the earth trapped in a broken down satellite. After making her way into the space lab's complex, Dot trades with the space monkey Buster, then pilots an American rocket and sets a course to rescue Whyka. After the successful rescue, they both end up stranded on an alien planet, where a dictator named Papa Drop rules over people who are perfectly round in shape (called the Roundies) and ostracises people who do not have this perfection. Dot makes her escape and helps 'The Party' (In fact Papa's defective son Rolly) to turn the Roundies army against Papa and enable everyone no matter their shape, to a peaceful coexistence once more. With this business finished, Dot and Whyka get back in their rocket and return to Earth.