Pooh's Adventures of Earthworm Jim is the first Pooh's Adventures TV series produced by GrishamAnimationStudios102. It is unknown if it will appear on YouTube in the near future.


Most episodes involve the series' numerous villains attempting to reclaim the super suit, rule/destroy/freeze/knock over the universe, or otherwise causing mayhem throughout the galaxy. Other problems facing Jim include returning his neighbor's eggbeater and finding a new power source after his suit is depowered. Also, the show breaks the fourth wall with characters often talking to the audience and the narrator.

Episodes begin with a cold opening of Earthworm Jim and Peter Puppy in some peril that has nothing to do with the main plot or the previous episodes, with little explanation of how they got into the mess. In between parts (generally before or after the commercial break), there is a short side-story, generally featuring one of the villains doing a more natural part of life, usually without any involvement from Jim. These can range anywhere from Psy-Crow going through a career change, Evil the Cat disguising himself as a movie star in order to make his evil plans known to the world, or Professor Monkey-For-A-Head attending group therapy and always ending with the line: "and now, back to Earthworm Jim." The end of every episode involves Jim or any other character being crushed by a cow, a play on the first game of the series (in the first stage, the player launches a cow into the sky, only to have it crush the princess upon the game's ending).


Series overview

Two seasons of the series were produced, for a total of 23 episodes.

Season Episodes Originally Aired
First Aired Last Aired
1 13 September 9, 1995 February 24, 1996
2 10 September 7, 1996 December 13, 1996

Season 1 (1995–1996)

No. In Series No. In Season Title Written By Original Air Date
1 1 "Sidekicked" Doug Langdale September 9, 1995
After Peter botches one of their adventures by turning into a monster and attacking him, Jim begins looking for a new sidekick.
2 2 "The Book of Doom" Doug Langdale September 16, 1995
Due to a printing error, Jim's pop-up book contains the secret to universal destruction, which Evil the Cat seeks to possess.
3 3 "Assault And Battery" Thomas Hart September 23, 1995
Jim must find a new power source after his super suit is drained.
4 4 "Day of The Fish" Doug Langdale September 30, 1995
Bob the Killer Goldfish attempts to steal Jim's super suit.
5 5 "Conqueror Worm" Doug Langdale October 7, 1995
Due to a photocopy machine accident, Jim creates an evil duplicate of himself, Evil Jim.
6 6 "Upholstered Peril" John Loy October 14, 1995
Professor Monkey-For-A-Head tries to conquer the world with cybernetic furniture.
7 7 "Sword of Righteousness" Steve Roberts October 21, 1995
Jim finds an enchanted sword in a vending machine sandwich who begins training him in sort of what considers the ways of a true hero.
8 8 "The Egg Beater" Jim Peterson, John Behnke & Rob Humphrey October 28, 1995
Jim loses his neighbor's eggbeater and takes her on a journey to recover it.
9 9 "Trout!" Henry Gilroy November 4, 1995
After receiving a postcard, Jim sets out to see the legendary Fur-Bearin' Trout.
10 10 "The Great Secret of The Universe" Doug Langdale November 11, 1995
Evil the Cat steals Jim's snow globe, which contains the Nameless Beast (whose name is Rosebud) who knows the Great Secret of the Universe.
11 11 "Bring Me The Head of Earthworm Jim" Doug Langdale November 18, 1995
Psy-Crow and Professor Monkey-For-A-Head reminisce about the time they captured Earthworm Jim by replacing his supersuit with a weak duplicate.
12 12 "Queen What's Her Name" Doug Langdale November 25, 1995
Princess What's-Her-Name finally overthrows her tyrant sister Queen Slug-For-A-Butt.
13 13 "The Anti-Fish" Doug Langdale February 24, 1996
Jim and Bob must join forces to save the Great Worm Spirit from being consumed by its arch-enemy: the Anti-Fish.

Season 2 (1996)

No. In Series No. In Season Title Written By Original Air Date
14 1 "The Origins of Peter Puppy" Doug Langdale September 7, 1996
Jim and Peter travel through Peter's subconscious to try to discover the reasons for Peter's transformations.
15 2 "Opposites Attack!" Doug Langdale September 14, 1996
Evil Jim attempts to create evil versions of Jim's friends, with less than stellar results.
16 3 "Darwin's Nightmare" Doug Langdale September 28, 1996
Bob discovers a way to hyper-evolve himself to higher lifeforms.
17 4 "The Exile of Lucy" Doug Langdale October 5, 1996
Psy-Crow and Professor Monkey-For-A-Head overthrow Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, but they quickly prove to be even worse rulers than her.
18 5 "Evil In Love" Doug Langdale October 26, 1996
Evil the Cat falls in love and teams up with Malice the Dog. Malice uses her powers to trap Jim, Peter, and Princess What's-Her-Name in a nightmare realm where they end up contending with the Lord of Nightmares.
19 6 "Hyper Psy-Crow" Doug Langdale November 2, 1996
Psy-Crow overdoses on coffee and becomes hyper-powered.
20 7 "Peanut of The Apes" Doug Langdale November 9, 1996
Professor Monkey-For-A-Head tries to turn everyone on earth into apes while Jim tries to introduce "viewer interactivity" on the show.
21 8 "Lounge Day's Journey Into Night" Thomas Hart November 16, 1996
Jim and Peter switch roles as hero and sidekick while Evil the Cat tries to destroy the universe by making a pair of dime-store lounge singers sing a cursed song.
22 9 "Wizard of Ooze" Doug Langdale November 22, 1996
Jim and Peter are transported to an alternate dimension akin to The Wizard of Oz.
23 10 "For Whom The Jingle Bell Tolls" John Loy December 13, 1996[4]
Queen Slug-For-A-Butt tries to brainwash Santa Claus.


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