Pooh's Adventures of Extreme Dinosaurs is an upcoming TV Series created by BowserMovies1989 It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


List of Episodes


  • Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Togepi, Brock, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Guido, and The Masters of Evil will guest star in this series.
  • Stegz will reveal to be Spike's uncle.
  • Bullzeye will reveal to be Petrie's uncle.
  • Spike will reveal to be Cera's uncle.
  • T-Bone will reveal to be an old friend to Chomper's parents.
  • Both The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island and Extreme Dinosaurs were released in 1997.

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