Pooh's Adventures of Gargoyles: Wings of Darkness was another motion picture by BrerTtark07 (also known as TtarkosaurusRex2). It appeared on YouTube Apr 3, 2010.


In 1592 Romania, villagers tormented by an evil demon ultimately succeed in sealing the creature away in a tomb, until a series of earthquakes in 2004 finally unleashes the evil thought to have vanished from the earth forever. Now, Winnie the Pooh and his friends, and two CIA agents, Kate Orsini and Michael Pare (who have been sent to Bucharest to investigate a kidnapping) must solve the string of brutal murders that are multiplying rapidly. Unfortunately, they have no idea of the enormity of the evil they face. As their investigation leads them astray, the monster has reproduced, and gargoyle eggs are hatching a reign of terror worldwide. CGI animation and elaborate effects are incorporated into this struggle between good and evil of mythological proportions.

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