Poohs Adventures of Harriet Tubman is a crossover released on Memorial Day of 2009. It was kasaibouF29s first Poohs Adventures crossover ever.


Winnie the Pooh and friends travel back to the mid 19th century, to a plantation in Mayland. There the group meets Harriet Tubman, a strong willed woman who always wanted to be free. After an incident with a slave driver named Paul, she admits to her father, Ben, that she wants to run away. Eventually Pooh and friends join in on running away to the free state of Pennsylvania. So the group run off in the night, being chased by Paul and his dog. Harriet and Pooh make it to a quaker womans house for rest, then they continue with their escape. They make it to Pennsylvania, there they meet two men in Philadelphia who run the Underground Railroad. A member of Underground Railroad tells the men that Harriets brother-in-law, John Bowley, and his family were going to be sold. She decides to go back and Pooh joins her on the mission. After getting John Bowley and his family to Philadelphia, Harriet now wants to bring her people to the north too (under the title of "Moses"). Later on, Harriet and Pooh come to help her brothers escape. Her father, blind folded to keep himself from lying, askes for one last hug. Then the owner of the plantation figures out that "Moses" is in fact Harriet. That very day, Harriet had a bad dream about her father being whipped, and decides to free him. Pooh and the gang go along with her and get Harriets mother and father out of there. The story ends with Owl and Gother singing about her "Legend" closing and what she did afterwards.


  • When one of the men in Philadelphia said "Harriet, thou are the modern Moses," Tigger replies "Speaking of Moses, we met that guy a long time ago." This was a foreshadowing of Poohs Adventures of the Prince of Egypt.
  • kasaibouF29 plans to do a remake of this, since it's gone. He'll release the remake on Memorial Day of 2010.

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