This is the story of "Pooh's Adventures of Jetsons: The Movie". You can read along with me in your book. You will know when it is time to turn the page when you hear the communicator beep like this. (Beeping Sound) Let's begin now.

One beautiful day in the 100 Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh was going to Piglet's house to give him a friendship gift. His gift was a spring from his Jack-In-The-Box. At Piglet's House, Tigger and Rabbit were helping Piglet hang his family photo on his wall. After Pooh gave his gift to Piglet and left, He and Tigger and Rabbit began to talk. "A friendship gift. Well, Well, that's very thoughtful of Pooh." "What'd you give him?" "Why nothing." "(gasp) Nothing?" Gasped Tigger and Rabbit. The three friends decided to find Honey for Pooh. They tried get some from the Honey Tree, but it wasn't easy getting past the Bees. They then decided to borrow some from everyone.

(Beep sound, turn page)

They've gathered all the Honey pots from Rabbit, from Kanga and Roo and from Owl. As Tigger checked all the pots, Rabbit throwed one more pot to Piglet who had been carrying the pots. He began to lose his balance and fell to the ground breaking all the Honey pots. "Oh, dear. I've ruined Pooh's Friendship gift. What am I going to do now?" "The only thing to do, Piglet. Get Pooh, Eeyore, Tennessee and Chumley and go." "Go where?" "To the Space Age and visit our old friends, The Jetsons." And so Piglet, Tigger, and Rabbit decided to leave at dawn and they all went back to their homes to get some sleep. At the Jetsons' home in the space age in early morning, Rosie the Robot was turning on everything in the house with her remote control. She then uses it to move the house up away from the smog and went to George's room to open his window. "Well, now that we got rid of the smog, let's get rid of the snoring."

(Beep sound, turn page)

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