Pooh's Adventures of Mickey's Delayed Date is an upcoming short film to be made by Shadow101815. It will appear in a near future.


Minnie Mouse is calling Mickey to remind him about their date, which he has totally forgotten about while sleeping on the couch. With the help of Pluto, Winnie the Pooh and friends, Mickey gets dressed for the date, but loses the tickets to the show on his way out the door. Yogi and Cindy have the tickets. Pluto takes the tickets to Mickey, after his suit has been ruined by water from a passing car, and then Minnie arrives and tells him he has a cute costume for the "hard times" costume party. Yogi and Hunter, whose suits have been ruined by the trash, and Cindy and Colleen, whose dresses have been ruined by the trash as well, know at once it is true. Minnie tells them they have the cute costumes too.



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