Pooh's Adventures of Pluto's Christmas Tree is the 2nd Disney short film to be in A Disney Christmas Special by TheBeckster1000. It appeared on YouTube in 12-11-2011. Of course, it is the sequel to Pooh's Adventures of Toy Tinkers.


In another snowy night, Mickey Mouse and Pluto are heading off to get a Christmas tree, until Pooh and the gang arrived where Piglet suggested. Afterwords, they helped him, looking for a tree.

When Chip 'n' Dale head to the Christmas tree, it was being chopped down by Mickey Mouse.

At his house, Pooh and the others decorated the Christmas tree with Pluto while Chip 'n' Dale's amusement for the ornaments, including candy canes.

After the tree is all finished, Pluto, including Pooh and the gang realized something unusual going on (As Dale was turning off and on from one of the Christmas lights). In shock of Pluto with Pooh and his pals, they tried to catch a chipmunk, but Dale distracted them by throwing ornaments away, caught by Mickey's dog, Pluto.

In a few failed attempts to stop the chipmunks from their mischeif, Mickey's Christmas Tree gets destroyed from Pluto, leaving a big disappointment from Pooh and his pals.

When Mickey Mouse looks up, he said happily, "Everyone! We've got chipmunks in our tree!" Pooh and his pals looked at him dumbfounded, and Pluto facepalmed.

Lastly, the carolers (Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy) sang "Deck The Halls" outside of Mickey's house, bringing smiles to a holiday cheer for him, including Pluto, Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit, and Eeyore.

As the chipmunks sings, Pluto joins in and made them, including Tigger and Rabbit irritated.

Dale grabbed the sticker, "Do Not Open Til Xmas." and placed it on Pluto's mouth, leaving Pooh and his pals, stunned.

In the short end credits, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Chip 'n' Dale appears again, which the moral to the shorts for ways to celebrate Christmas.

The song in the end is "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" by Mannheim Streamroller. The music came from Mannheim Streamroller Christmas - 25th Anniversary Collection Disc 1.

The ending music of the short was cut, due to end abruptly.

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