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Pooh's Adventures of Pup Star
Pooh's Adventures of Pup Star

Created/Directed by


Co- Created/Directed


Written By


Video Edited by


Film used

Pup Star


Jim Cummings
Travis Oates
Tom Kenny
Bud Luckey
Tara Strong
Susanne Blakeslee
Daran Norris
Chris Hardwick
Jeff Garcia
Leigh-Allyn Baker
Tino Insana
Cam Clarke
Rob Paulsen
Grant Palmer
Catherine Taber
Liliana Mumy
Nika Futterman-Frost
Cristina Pucelli
Jesica DiCicco
Grey DeLisle
Lara Jill Miller
Ashleigh Ball
Andrea Libman
Tabitha St. Germain
Kaitlyn Maher
Jed Rees
Tom Everett Scott
David DeLuise
Carla Jimenez
George Newbern
John Ratzenberger
Makenzie Moss
Obba Babatundé
Diedrich Bader
Nikki Blonsky
Lombardo Boyar
Chris Coppola
Jesse Filkow
Jared Gertner
Nicholas Harrison
Sylvain Harty
Jordan Houston
Brian Hull
Denise Jones
Jocelyne Loewen
Stevie Mack
Jonathan Mangum
Ziggy Marley
Alain Mickelson
Maulik Pancholy
Hugh Scott
Christina Sicoli
Bonnie Somerville
Jason Spisak
Andrew Tait
Steve Valentine
Matt Weber
Danny Woodburn
Christian J. Stewart

Guest Starring

Production Company

Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Air Bud Entertainment
LegoKyle14 Productions
Shadow101815 Productions

Distributed by

Walt Disney Studio Motion Picture

Pooh's Adventures of Pup Star is the first all-new upcoming Winnie the Pooh Crossover made by LegoKyle14 and Shadow101815. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


Welcome to a world where dogs can not only talk -- they can SING! Tiny, a cute little Yorkie pup with a big voice, gets a chance to audition for the singing competition for dogs, "Pup Star." After she earns a place in the finale, she's suddenly dog-napped! But with the help of her new friend, Charlie, a retired rock-and-roller, she escapes. Together they leave on an incredible journey through some of music's most iconic cities. They meet Big Ears - a soulful Bassett Hound who teaches Tiny to belt out the blues, Murray - a spiritual shaggy dog who helps her find her inner rhythm, and Emily Rose - a country-singing shepherd who helps her learn to sing from her heart. Most important of all, they all encourage Tiny to believe in herself and never give up on her dreams! Filled with all-new songs and the biggest cast of talking and singing canines ever assembled, Pup Star is an incredible family film filled with fun, music and heart.


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