This is the story of "Pooh's Adventures of Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss." You can read along with me in your book. You will know when it's time to turn the page when you hear this sound. (harp strings) Let's begin now:

Once upon a time, in a world not very different from our own, there lived two families, a like in dignity, differing only by colors and differences, the Capulets and the Montagues, an ancient grudge these two families fought sand and sea, the fight so old, all have for gotten how or why or when it started, from these two foes, came two star crossed lovers.

(harp strings)

On the beach, a shadow came right around the corner, it was a big shadow, but a the short soft seal casting over it (I think), but somewhere over top, some Capulets watched the short soft seal as it walked by, the short soft seal was just humming, until he bumped into an Animal Capulet, "A Capulet!" "A Montague!" then the seal ran for his life, he maybe small but he sure was fast at running, as the Capulet chased him, he kept on shouting "Mercutio! Mercutio! Mercutio!" Nearby, an tall seal was just sitting down on a rock relaxing, then he heard his little friend shouting his name "Mercutio! Mercutio! Mercutio!", the short seal felt trapped when his friend said "Oh Benvolio, I knew him well" Then Mercutio shouted "Boo" Then the Capulet ran away.

(harp strings)

As the familes continued to fight, Pooh and his friends arrived in the middle of it all. Pooh said, "I believe you're expecting us? We're in the play, you know." Mercutio said to Pooh, "Well, the world's a stage!" Benvolio said, "So, what are we waiting for? Let's act!" Tigger yelled, "Charge!" as they joined the battle. Just then, a red thing appeared.

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