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Logos: Walt Disney Pictures, Toonguy500 Productions, and DisneyDaniel93 Productions

Somewhere in the Jungle...

Pumbaa: So you see, that's why they call it a Dung Beetle.

Simba: Ew. You don't say and yet so tasty.

Pumbaa: Oh, yeah and they're my favorite.

Timon: At last. A movie about a family.

Pumbaa: Yep. After a long day of moviemaking, it's good to kick back.

Simba: "Pooh's Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson" is gonna be sweet.

All: (sighs)

Pumbaa: Think I'll turn in for the night.

(Timon and Simba realized that the bubbles came from Pumbaa.)

Timon: I'm out.

Simba: Right behind you.

(Winnie the Pooh theme plays)

Walt Disney Pictures Presents.

A Film by DisneyDaniel93 and Toonguy500

"Pooh's Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson"

Coming Soon to YouTube.

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