Here's the transcript of Pooh's Adventures of The Fairly OddParents - Fairly Odd Baby.


(The movie starts at Winnie the Pooh and The Justice Acre Wood Brood [exculding Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda] are waiting for Lincoln and his sisters)

  • Rabbit: What's taking Lincoln and his sister so long? He said they'll be here.
  • Winnie the Pooh: Oh don't worry Rabbit. Tommy and his friends are getting them right now.
  • Otis: Well it's a good thing that Power Rangers are coming on this adventure today. Besides, I couldn’t get those kids up myself.
  • Abby: Sure you could, Otis.
  • Otis: Oh can't I?
  • All: No!
  • Otis: Well okay then.
  • Human Pinkie Pie: So where are they now?
  • Piglet: Hey, I see them coming right now.

(Then Tommy, Lincoln and the others arrived)

  • Tommy Oliver: Hey everyone, we're here.
  • Rabbit: It’s about time what took you all so long?
  • Lincoln: Well you see uh--
  • Piglet: Oh Lincoln you overslept again, didn't you?
  • Lynn: How'd you know that?
  • Tigger: It's the thought that counts, Lynn-Girl.
  • Lola: We tried to get him up.
  • Lana: Yeah, but he never listen to any of us until Tommy showed up.
  • Tommy Oliver: It's a good thing that me and other rangers know how to wake him up.
  • Eeyore: If you ask me, that nobody is. Where are Lori, Leni and Lucy?

(Then Lori and Leni have arrived)

  • Lori: Hey guys.
  • Sunset Shimmer: Hey, Lori, what took you so long?
  • Lori: Leni couldn't decide what to wear today.
  • Leni: Lori, does this outfit clash with my toenail color?
  • Lori: It's fine.

Desperation for a Baby

(The scene begins in Dimmsdale where Wanda as a airplane flies over the park)

  • Wanda: Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is your airplane speaking. If our look our your right side of my armpit, you'll see we're right over Dimmsdale Park.
  • Timmy Turner: Cool! Geronimo! (jumps off the plane)
  • Cosmo: Timmy, pull my finger. I mean, ripcord.