Pooh's Adventures of The Land Before Time is the first upcoming Pooh's Adventure TV series planned to be made by Daniel Esposito. It will be shown on Dropbox sometime in the near future after Pooh's Adventures of The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends.


Winnie the Pooh, Ash Ketchum, and their friends hang out in The Great Valley with Littlefoot and his friends (inlcuding Chomper and Ruby) while Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket team up with Red Claw and his henchmen Screech and Thud.


# Airdate Title Overview Songs
1 - 101 March 5, 2007 The Cave of Many Voices Chomper's secret cave in the Great Valley becomes leaky and the Gang goes exploring in the deep caves to search for another suitable cave for Chomper to live in. Meanwhile, Ruby teaches Ducky how to act and talk big. Adventuring (reprise)
Talking Big
2 - 102 March 8, 2007 The Mysterious Tooth Crisis When Chomper loses his tooth, he, Littlefoot, Petrie and Ducky travel around the Great Valley to figure out what is wrong. Meanwhile, Cera, Spike and Ruby relax in Tria's secret mud spa. Fix Your Tooth
Feel So Happy
3 - 103 March 7, 2007 The Star Day Celebration Ruby misses her family on her "Star Day" (birthday) and the Gang tries to help cheer her up by being true friends and bringing Ruby her favorite food. Remembering
Feel So Happy
4 - 104 March 6, 2007 The Canyon of Shiny Stones When Cera accidentally loses Tria's special shiny stone, the group decides to find a new stone by traveling to the Canyon of Shiny Stones to return to Tria. Oops-Eeps
Good Times, Good Friends
5 - 105 March 13, 2007 The Great Log-Running Game While trying to get a tree sweet, Ducky makes up a game called the "Log Running Game", and competes against the group in a competition on how long they can run on a log in the water. Do Anything
I Feel Mad
6 - 106 March 9, 2007 The Brave Longneck Scheme Ali's herd returns to The Great Valley, and Littlefoot and Cera find out that Ali has a new friend, Rhett, who boasts about himself and claims Sharpteeth fear him. The gang decides to bring a real Sharptooth (Chomper) to convince Ali that Rhett is making up the stories. However, when Rhett sees Chomper, he runs away to tell his herd, who in turn come to kill Chomper, but let Chomper live since he can actually speak We Need a Plan
Friends for Dinner (reprise)
7 - 107 March 12, 2007 The Meadow of Jumping Waters The gang decides to travel beyond the Sheltering Grass to see the Meadow of Jumping Waters that Ruby and Chomper passed by when traveling to the Great Valley. Adventuring (reprise)
Good Times, Good Friends
8 - 108 March 21, 2007 Days of Rising Waters When a heavy rainstorm wipes out Petrie's nest, he flips out at the prospect of having to move. Meanwhile, Cera insists that Ducky take on the seemingly impossible task of teaching Tricia how to swim. Me Need New Home
Feel So Happy
9 - 109 March 16, 2007 Escape from the Mysterious Beyond When exploring inside the caves, the group accidentally goes into the Mysterious Beyond and get chased by Red Claw, Screech and Thud. An earthshake occurs, and Chomper and Ducky get trapped on a ridge with Thud. Everything Will Be Okay
Adventuring (reprise)
10 - 110 March 19, 2007 The Hidden Canyon When the kids discover a hidden canyon filled with fruit trees, they decide to keep the place a secret. But the secret becomes dangerous when Red Claw and his Fast Biters (Screech & Thud) use the canyon to enter the Great Valley! Good Times, Good Friends
Made a Mistake
11 - 111 March 14, 2007 The Legend of the Story Speaker Grandpa Longneck tells Littlefoot and his friends stories about why Longnecks have long necks and about Starwatcher. And then Grandpa Longneck and Saro, his old friend, meet. Saro tells him that all the Longnecks are forgetting the great Longneck stories and he needs to come with him to tell them again. But Grandpa Longneck refuses as he has a home in the Great Valley. Angry, Saro runs out, and Littlefoot and Chomper follow him into the Mysterious Beyond. Remembering
Must Believe
12 - 112 March 15, 2007 The Bright Circle Celebration Petrie is very excited about the Bright Circle Celebration. But Cera thinks it’s silly to thank the Bright Circle for shining. Cera and her dad steer clear of everyone preparing for the festivities. But when a fire threatens to destroy the celebration, Cera and her dad try to help out. But have they arrived too late? My Reality
Feel So Happy
13 - 113 September 1, 2007 The Lonely Journey It's lonely being the only Sharptooth in the Great Valley. Chomper decides to go to the Mysterious Beyond to teach the Sharpteeth how to be friends. But the Sharpteeth he meets aren't very friendly, among them are Red Claw and his Fast Biters! Sniff Him Out
Feel So Happy
14 - 114 September 2, 2007 The Missing Fast-Water Adventure When an earthshake causes the fast-water to dry up, the dinosaurs decide to try and fix the problem by removing the rocks. On the way, they meet an old friend, Mo. Big Water (reprise)
15 - 115 January 7, 2008 The Spooky Nighttime Adventure One night, Ruby tells the group a scary story about an invisible dinosaur named "Hidden Runner" and gives everyone scary sleep stories. They see Mr. Thicknose to tell him that she made up the story and there is nothing to worry about, but the story of Hidden Runner was true, and they decide to venture into the Mysterious Beyond to search for him. Adventuring (reprise)
Hidden Runner
16 - 116 January 8, 2008 The Lone Dinosaur Returns One day, Doc, The Lone Dinosaur, comes back to the Great Valley in search of his lady friend, Dara. After Chomper hears the stories of him and how he despises Sharpteeth, the dinosaurs try to hide him. The Legend of the Lone Dinosaur (reprise)
Feel So Happy 4
17 - 117 January 9, 2008 Stranger from the Mysterious Above When Spike falls down a hole, he encounters a colony of mammals who think of him as the "Big Wise One" from the Mysterious Above. Meanwhile, his friends try to save him but only find trouble when Mr. Thicknose and Topsy can't agree on what to do. Above the Mysterious Above
My Way
18 - 118 January 17, 2008 The Forbidden Friendship When Tippy's herd comes back, the adults get into a fight and the kids can't play with each other, but they sneak out and find green food. Good Times, Good Friends
What To Do
19 - 119 January 11, 2008 The Amazing Threehorn Girl The episode starts with the gang running from two Belly Draggers (Deinosuchuses). Cera gets separated from the others and ends up trapped, but she accidentally sets off a rock slide that frightens the two Belly Draggers away. When she finds the gang and tells them about it, Petrie flies around telling everyone in the valley, and suddenly everyone thinks Cera is a hero, even when she insists she isn't. However, the Belly Draggers return, and they've brought friends. The Amazing Threehorn Girl
Is It True She Lied
20 - 120 January 14, 2008 The Big Longneck Test While traveling to the Great Valley, Littlefoot gets a visit from his father and older brother, getting the news that he will be the one taking "The Big Longneck Test," a test of three stages to see if a Longneck is capable of leading a herd. So while Littlefoot takes the test, Shorty tries to lead his younger brother's friends on an adventure. Adventuring (reprise)
Big Longneck Test
21 - 121 January 10, 2008 The Hermit of Black Rock On a windy day, when Guido and Petrie practice gliding, they are blown into Black Rock and are trapped because Petrie hurts his wing, Guido hurts his foot, and there seems to be no way out, but a blind old hermit and flyer named Swooper decides to help. Don't Be Scared
It's Good to Be Home
22 - 122 January 18, 2008 Return to Hanging Rock On the day of the Flying Rocks of Many Nights (meteor shower), Ruby remembers a memory of her family meeting at Hanging Rock when she lived in the Mysterious Beyond. Ruby adventures alone to find her family, but Chomper, Ducky and Spike come along to help. They meet Skip along the way, a Multituberculate who knows the Mysterious Beyond very well, and the gang learns an important lesson of being family. Up in the Sky
Feel So Happy
23 - 123 January 16, 2008 March of the Sand Creepers One morning, a herd of "Sand Creepers" (crabs) mysteriously come to the Great Valley. Curious, Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Chomper, and Ruby set off to an adventure to find out why the Sand Creepers have come to the Great Valley. Please Be Careful
Be Quiet Now
24 - 124 January 22, 2008 Search for the Sky Color Stones When the gang sees the sky colors in the sky disappear (a rainbow), the gang splits up to find sky color stones (geodes). Find Those Stones
Hide My Stones
25 - 125 January 23, 2008 Through the Eyes of a Spiketail On the first day of the cold time, Mr. Thicknose tells the gang about Hard Water Sweets (frozen grapes), and the gang set off on an adventure to find them. Adventuring (reprise)
Follow Me
26 - 126 January 15, 2008 The Great Egg Adventure Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie and Chomper (followed by Hyp, Nod and Mutt) find a nest of Fast Biter eggs. They decide to carry the eggs away from the valley so the baby sharpteeth can grow up without eating anyone, and set off on a journey into the Mysterious Beyond. As a mother Fast Biter sees that her eggs are stolen, she becomes very angry and starts chasing them as she runs behind them. We Must Be Brave
Adventuring (reprise)


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