Code Red faces the Hellfire Club.



Nighlock and Red Smoke's Diplomatic Mission/Bumblebee's Arrival

Nighlock's Speech

Nighlock let's them use the groundbridge/Indominus on the hill/the villains make an alliance/Slash Claw and Steeljaw have found them

The Hellfire Club Discovers the Indominous Rex's Mutant Signature

Emma Frost takes control of the Indominus Rex/Slash Claw Finds Steeljaw

Emma Frost Hired Dark Eagle!/Nighlock and Bumblebee call for backup/The Autobots arrive

Sunset asks Nighlock and Red Smoke a question/Bumblebee talks to Optimus

Everyone Hides from the Indominus Rex/Nighlock, Red Smoke, Bumblebee run into Emma Frost

Nighlock sees the Indominus Rex/The fight begins

Code Red Arrives/Nighlock puts his plan into action/Toad lures the Indominus Rex away

Arcee arrives and stands down/Nighlock retamess the untamable king

The first battle/Death of Donald Pierce/Team Rocket blasts off again and away with the Duke

The Hellfire Club and the Villains escape/the Phoenix is here/Duel of the Cosmic entities

Enter Bucky Barnes and Quicksilver/the vigilante, Sauron

Sunset talks to Bumblebee/Bumblebee wants her and Sideswipe to come with him/Air Strike sneaks up on her

Training/Bee and Sideswipe talk/Nighlock's true potential/Sunset's epiphany

Capturing Firestar/meeting the villains, Pooh and his friends, Discord, Ash Ketchum, and the Hellfire Club

The third battle/faking defeat/capturing Myotismon

Indominus Rex vs the Spinosaurus/Firestatmjoins Code Red

Major Malfunction gets angry/recruiting the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool

Rescuing the X-Men and Brotherhood again/Deadpool deciphered the page/Nighlock gets captured

Final battle/Shaw's death/Jafar and Iago are captured/Ending

Epilogue: Apocalypse's destroyed Armour

Epilogue 2/Sea Song saw it all

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