Pooh's Adventures of The Princess and the Gobiln is an upcoming new movie by DisneyJSman. It will appear on YouTube sometime in the near future.


Princess Irene gets lost in the woods one night and encounters some goblin pets. A young boy, Curdie, finds her and manages to get her back to the castle. The King leaves for a short time, hoping that nothing will happen to his daughter while he is away. Irene goes off exploring in the castle and finds a tower where her great great grandmother Irene comes to her to help her. Meanwhile, Curdie is helping his father in the mines, when he finds himself overhearing the goblin's plot to overtake the "sun people" and regain their ability to live above ground. Part of Prince Froglip's plot is to marry Princess Irene, so that the sun people will have to accept the goblins as their rulers. Before Curdie can run and tell the others, the goblins find him and put in away in a dungeon, but Irene manages to find him with the help of magic string her great great grandmother Irene gave to her. The goblins finally manage to flood the mines and attack the castle, but with the help of Curdie and Irene, they fight them off and save the kingdom.


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