Ash,Misty,Brock, Pikachu,Togepi, Tennessee Tuxedo,Chumley,Garfield,Odie,The Power Rangers,Zordon and Alpha,The Sinclairs,Courage,Yakko,Wakko,Dot, Mickey,Donald,Goofy,Timmy Turner,Cosmo,Wanda,Chester,A.J,Trixie Tang ,Alex,Clover, Sam, The Vultures,Spongebob and Patrick,Jack Skeleton,The Ancient Minister,Bowser Family,Team Rocket, The Trix(Icy,Darcy,and Stromy), The Joker,Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy,Two Face,The Penguin,Hades,,Pschyo Rangers,Mr.Crocker,,Plankton,Grand Duke,Scar,Invader Zim,Gir,League of Super Evil, King Dede will be guest guest Staring in this film.

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