Pooh's Adventures of The Swan Princess Christmas is an upcoming Christmas sequel to Winnie the Pooh Meets The Swan Princess. It will be made by BowserMovies1989 and Reese Ambler. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


Pooh, Tigger, Ash, and the rest of the Hundred Acre Crew return to Swan Lake to share the spirit of the holiday season with Princess Odette and Prince Derek in addition to their animal friends. But all is not well. The evil Bowser Koopa seeks revenge on Pooh and friends for ruining his schemes, and conspires to destroy them with the help of one of Pooh's older enemies.

Rothbart, the old nemesis of the Swan Princess and her husband, also wants revenge from beyond the grave. And so, it is up to Pooh and the gang to keep the Koopa King and his new associate from ruining this Christmas for everyone and save the kingdom once again from their iron clutches.



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