Here's the Transcript of Pooh's Pooh's Adventures of The Toy Warrior.


The New Girl

At the Soccer field/Jinoo and the heroes touches the Warrior Stone

The Heroes end up in the Land of Toys

(The Jinoo wakes up and he and the heroes end up in a strange land)

  • Jinoo: Where are we?
  • Leni: I don't know.

(Then, they see a pink thing boucing toward them)

  • Jinoo: Am I seeing things? That boucing thing of joy looks like-

(And it jumped on Jinoo)

  • Jinoo: Ping?
  • Ping: Jinoo! It's you!
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Ping: The Land of Toys.
  • Jinoo: The Land of Toys?
  • Littlefoot: What is the Land of Toys?
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Jinoo: Sherry?
  • Sherry: (growls in anger) You!
  • Jinoo: That's it! No wonder you look so familiar in class, your not a girl, you're that stupid doll, Princess you know, Princess whats-her-face.

(Sherry grabs Jinoo's shirt)

  • Sherry: The name's Princess Sherbet!
  • Jinoo: That's the one.
  • Princess Sherbet: Ruler of the Land of Toys.
  • Jinoo: You don't say.
  • Princess Sherbet: Take a good look Jinoo because the last thing you and your friends are gonna see is this stupid doll.

(She swing to hit Jinoo but she misses and misses)

  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Jinoo: What was that? We didn't steal anything!
  • Princess Sherbet: Then how did you and your friends get here?
  • Jinoo: Wait a minute, you mean that glowing rock at the soccer field?
  • Princess Sherbet: Dah! That glowing rock happen to be meant for the choosen one! Someone noble. And handsome, and dreamy. And worthy of being called the Warrior Prince! Not some creepy little thief like you and your friends!
  • Jinoo: Thief, huh?! I've told you before, we didn't steal anything!
  • Rabbit: That's right.
  • Princess Sherbet: Hmph!
  • Jinoo: Okay, so maybe I've touched your stupid stone. So big deal. How are we suppose to know it was meant for the choosen prince guy?
  • Princess Sherbet:

Fighting off the monster

Chow's Report

Sherbet's story of the Well of Imagination

Returning to the Real World/Jinoo gets in trouble

The Heroes return to the Land of Toys

  • Jinoo: Aw man! We never should have left.
  • Princess Sherbet: Yeah, well you and your friends did, and we suffered for your mistake.
  • Jinoo: Yeah, well, we never want to go back in the first place! You're the one who caught up with the idea!
  • Princess Sherbet: Yeah will... Let's just drop it!
  • Jinoo: Fine! Where's Ping?

Jinoo vs the Dark Warrior/Dark Warrior's Identity revealed

Dark Warrior reveal his plan/Pooh's Enemies appearances

(at Dark Warrior's Dungeon)

  • Princess Sherbet: So, I guest you'll turn us into Blobs, now?
  • Dark Warrior: Oh, on the contrary, Princess. I'm Con daming you the soles. The same thing I somaring escape.
  • Abby: What are you talking about?
  • Dark Warrior: You see, Cow. The Blobs to steam of my power. But the Princess and her friend...
  • Princess Sherbet: (Gasp) Not a woth of Imagination?!
  • Dark Warrior: Yes, the wall.
  • Lori: Well, that not gonna to happen, Dark Warrior!
  • Ally Dawson: Yeah, you won't get away with this!
  • Tigger: Yeah, Warrior. You have to let it go, dude!
  • Rabbit: That's right!
  • Timmy Turner: So there's no reason to rule the land and our world, Dark Warrior!
  • Dark Warrior: (Cactus King voice) Enough! Look's like I have doing some with you guys too.
  • Spongebob: Wh-What are you gonna do to us?
  • Dark Warrior: (Cactus King voice) I'm gonna grind you all into wallnuts, yellow sponge! I'm gonna slise, rise and dise you! But before we do that. I have something for you and you're friends.
  • Winnie the Pooh: Me and my friends?
  • Piglet: Oh, dear.
  • Tigger: Uh oh.
  • Harley Diaz: Don't worry, I'm sure there's nothing that bad.
  • Familiar voice: Oh, hasn't it.
  • Otis: What, who said that?

(The Evil Sunset Shimmer appear)

  • Evil Sunset Shimmer: That was me!
  • Pumbaa: Uh oh!
  • Trish De La Rosa: You know her?
  • Jiminy Cricket: (to Trish) Yes but you shouldn't mess with her, she's bad influence.
  • Sora: Oh.
  • Tommy Oliver: Yeah, and we haven't seen her since Twilight destroy her at the US Army base Area 52.
  • Pluto: (he got scared)
  • Evil Sunset Shimmer: Should'a known the greatest heroes help the princess to protect her kingdom form the Dark Warrior, and you're backups, too.
  • SpongeBob: Oh how dave you...
  • Timmy Turner: You won't get away with this!
  • Otis: You want some of this, huh?
  • Freddy: We're gonna kick your butt.
  • Human Rainbow Dash: Yeah, like he said!
  • Evil Sunset Shimmer: Whatever. This is just a minor setback for me. You guys don't know why I'm here for, and I'm just about to get it.
  • Rabbit: If that's so, why are you here in Land of Toys? You have alot of nerve damaging the Toys in this world. You think of was born yesterday?
  • Winnie the Pooh: Did we miss Rabbit's birthday?
  • Evil Sunset Shimmer: Pop quiz: How the Princess to get out of here and stop him before is to late?

(No answer from the heroes)

  • Evil Sunset Shimmer: You don't know? Seriously? And she suppose to be the princess of the Land of Toys? Then again, what were the chances when me and my partner Bowser finish with you. by the time when we done?
  • Wanda: Why I oughta!
  • Evil Sunset Shimmer: Oh, and I keep an eye on your pests, Don't want them to be taken away from you.
  • Comso: (Spike's voice) Is that a threat!?
  • Familiar voice: Oh, it's a not a threat!

(Then it was Bowser and his family)

  • All: (Gasp)
  • Lincoln: Oh, you've got to the be kidding me! Not you again, Bowser!
  • Harley Daiz: Bowser!
  • Bowser: Well, well, well, it isn't Harley Daiz and her silbings, It's bing a long time, huh?
  • Harley Daiz: How did we forget, that day!
  • Mickey: Wait you know Bowser?
  • Eeyore: It's a long story, Mickey.
  • Georgie Diaz: But who are those guys right behind you?
  • Bowser: Oh, that just my family, of course.
  • Mistress Nine: I know as Mistress Nine, Sovereign of Silence. And King Bowser's wife.
  • Bowser Jr.: The name Bowser Jr., And I'm Bowser's son.
  • Azula: And I'm Azula, and Bowser's Jr.'s wife.
  • Winnie the Pooh: So what are five doing here, Bowser?
  • Bowser: To have a score to settle and get revenge.
  • Familiar voice: He's not the only one.

(Then it was The Grand Duke of Owls)

  • Tigger: Goodness greatness, It's The Grand Duke of Owls!
  • Piglet: Oh, de-dear!
  • Leni: Oh my!
  • Pig: It's him!
  • Otis: Milk me.
  • The Grand Duke of Owls: Well I wonder- uh-uh, epes droping uh iu.. like this.. but uh.. ha, ha.
  • Wanda: What are you doing here?
  • The Grand Duke of Owls: Well, I'm here to settle the score too. (Chuckles)
  • Human Rainbow Dash: What do you mean, feather-brain!?
  • The Grand Duke of Owls: Oh, dear. Now you have spoil the surprise, oh well. Well you see, I'm not the only one who join forces with Bowser and his family.
  • Rabbit: Oh really, who?
  • SpongeBob: (sees Plankton walking away with an uncooked Krabby Patty) Holy shrimp! Plankton!
  • Rachel Diaz: Who's Plankton?
  • SpongeBob: Mr. Krab's arch-enemy and he tries to steal the Krabby Patty formula ever since.
  • Rabbit: That's right. My friends and I learned about that back at the Krusty Krab.
  • Eeyore: Yeah, and we beat him too all the time.
  • Lynn: That too, but he's the worst.
  • Timmy Turner: Why do we have to face a shrimp like Plankton?
  • Sora: What do you want from us!?
  • Eugene Krabs: Let me guest, try to steal the Krabby Patty formula, huh?
  • Plankton: Even, better. I'm here with the other villains to rule... THE WORLD!
  • Patrick Star: What other villains?
  • Familiar voice: (Laughs)
  • Chester: Oh no. It can't be!
  • Timon: That's gotta be...
  • Pumbaa: Look!

(Then it was the The Crime Empire)

  • Joker: Surprise!
  • Negaduck: Greatness, kids!
  • All: The Crime Empire?!
  • Penguin: That's us!
  • Quackerjack: And we're here to settle the score also.
  • Two-Face: We've heard about the Dark Warrior plan to rule the Land of Toys and the Earth.
  • Megavolt: So we're helping him succeed.
  • Joker: Then, we'll dispose of you guys of the insects you are!
  • Luan: Well, Clown sir, that's not gonna happen!
  • Joker: Not clown, Joker.
  • Winnie the Pooh: Oh bother.
  • Tigger: Okay, first Evil Sunset Shimmer, than the Bowser family, than The Grand Duke of Owls, than Plankton, and now The Crime Empire. Who's next?

(Then Scar comes in)

  • Scar: Pooh, Otis, Sora, Simba. (Chuckles) I'm surprise to see you.
  • Winnie the Pooh: It's Scar!
  • Piglet: Oh dear.
  • Tigger: Uh-oh.
  • Timon: Oh, why I bother! Let me have him, let me have him! Here, hold this?
  • Pumbaa: Okay! (He holds Timon's tail)
  • Timon: Let me have him, let me have him!
  • Pumbaa: Okay! (He let go Timon's tail)
  • Timon: I'm thinking you missing the point.
  • Pumbaa: Oh.
  • Simba: What do you want from us, Scar?
  • Scar: Revenge.
  • Dr. Facilier: Di listen, hold lot better than a The Dark Warrior's places.
  • Timmy Turner: It's Shadow Men!!
  • Dr. Facilier: (Laughs) That's right is me, Shadow men!
  • Familiar voice: Oh, isn't that so.
  • Human Rainbow Dash: (The real Rainbow Dash voice) Oh no! That sound likes...

(Then it's was H.P and Sanderson)

  • Cosmo: Oh no! It's the Pixies! The ones who tried to take over Fairy World!
  • Austin Moon: You know those two?
  • Tigger: These pixies are boring old men who think magic is business and makes everything boring, Austin-Boy!
  • Otis: Yeah, they tried to trick Timmy into taking over his wishes for a golf course. And also once blackmail him for wishing fairlies ruled by Pixies.
  • Abby: And then they tried to trick a clown into taking over Earth and Fairy World thus ruining our summer.
  • Pig: And once they cut off a guy's and expelled from the Jedi Counsel.
  • Human Rainbow Dash: Pig, that was Star Wars movie.
  • Pig: I like movies.

(They cut to a see, when Pig went the last time in a movie theater)

  • Pig: Don't go in there! The monster's in there! Don't do it, girlfriend! Can you believe this? It's like she's not even listening. [cell phone rings] Hey, I'm at the movies. Allison just went into the room where the Dracula's waiting. Well, of course I warned her.

(Back to reaily)

  • Pig: (sighs) The good times.
  • Pluto: (Sniffs and gralls)
  • Mickey: What is, what is boy?
  • Familiar voice: (laughing)

(Than it was Pete)

  • Crocker: You got that right.
  • Timmy Turner: It's Mr. Crocker!
  • Mr. Crocker: That's right, Turner, and I'm here to capture your- FAIRY GODPARENTS!!  And Winnie the Pooh and have my revenge and prove that fairies exist.

(Then Vicky appears)

  • Chester: And more enemies!
  • Dark Laser: Prepare to feel the wrath of Dark Laser, and the Dark Warrior!
  • Korra: Mama.
  • Squidward: I regret saying this but... SOMEBODY HELP US!!!!!!

At the Real World

Back at the Dungeon

(Back at the dungeon, Ping is about fade away)

  • RJ: I'm not sure that Ping can live any longer.
  • SpongeBob: There's gotta be a way out of this dungeon.
  • Tigger: Well we better, before we end up being stuck with Princess Jerk.
  • Korra: Don't be hard in Sherbet, she feels bad enough already.

Ping saves Jinoo/Jinoo saves the Toys

Final Battle 


(Then Princess Sherbet kisses Jinoo on the cheek)

  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

(Then, Jinoo responded the kiss in disgust, which made Sherbet mad)

  • Winnie the Pooh: Jinoo made Sherbet mad.
  • Piglet: Oh dear.
  • Tigger: Uh-oh.
  • Timmy Turner: Okay, that's when we decided to... RUN!!!

(Then Princess Sherbet chases Jinoo)

  • Princess Sherbert: Get back here you jerk!

(Jinoo keeps running until he sees the reformed Toy Warrior)

  • The Toy Warrior: Hello, sir.
  • Jinoo: (laugh in joy) Hi.
  • The Toy Warrior: You know, you did a nice repair job on the neck. Come on check it out.
  • Jinoo: Okay.

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