Pooh's Adventures of The Turkey Caper is an upcoming Thanksgiving film to be made by CarltonHeroes. It will appear on Thanksgiving.


Winnie the Pooh and friends help George and Abner building these crates where they can store food for the winter. This is probably the first time we learn about Abner's overconfidence. Meanwhile, Buttons and Rusty, who are somehow really high on sugar, decide to go to a cabin they saw in Wild Turkey Valley and explore it. On the way, they meet their two turkey friends, Marty and Priscilla. They decide to go up to the cabin with the cubs.

Up there, Buttons finds this funny-looking hat, while Rusty finds this book. He decides to take it to Ranger Jones and have him explain it to them. On the way down there, this speeding truck drives by, which makes the cubs jump, and Rusty is left with butterflies in his stomach. They just decide to forget about it and continue to the Ranger's place. It just so happens that the book they found talked about the first Thanksgiving. Jonesy reads the story to the cubs, and just after he said "Once upon a time", the cubs immediately fell asleep and dreamed of themselves as part of the story. So after that little moment, the cubs decide to go home and celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. They thought it would be a good idea to invite Marty and Priscilla, but of course, little did they know, Thanksgiving could be a dangerous time for turkeys! On the way there, they see that truck they saw earlier, and it turns out that there were two men who were kidnapping turkeys including Marty and Priscilla.

The cubs help the turkeys escape and decide to hide them all in those crates their dads were building earlier. The cubs quickly rush over to Jonesy to warn him about the two men, and thinking quickly, Jonesy reports this to the police. Back at the cave, Abner scared all the turkeys away, but Buttons and Rusty explained to their families what was going on. Just in the nick of time, Ranger Jones had caught the two men, and as it turned out, they were actually from the Wildlife Conservation Society and were going to move the turkeys to a place where they'd be safe and happy for the winter.


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