Pooh's Adventures of The Wee Sing Train is an upcoming Winnie the Pooh crossover made by N/A. It will appear on N/A in the near future.


Winnie the Pooh and his friends meet two kids named Casey and Carter and are magically transported into the world of their toy train set and begin a journey through several very different locations. Along the route their elephant friend, Tusky the engineer, learns how to be careful and think things through.


  • "Down By the Station"
  • "Train Is A-Comin'"
  • "Get On Board, Little Children"
  • "Home On the Range"
  • "The Old Chisholm Trail"
  • "Chuggin' Along"
  • "Put Your Little Foot"
  • "Hey, Mr. Knickerbocker"
  • "Engine, Engine"
  • "The Vegetable Song"
  • "Had a Little Rooster"
  • "The Old Gray Mare"
  • "I Love the Mountains"
  • "Two Little Blackbirds Sitting On a Hill"
  • "The Train Went Over the Mountain"
  • "Keemo Kyemo"
  • "Jenny Jenkins"
  • "You Are Special"
  • "I've Been Working On the Railroad"
  • "Get On Board, Little Children (reprise)"


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