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Poster for Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action

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Poster for the aftermath of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action

Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action is the upcoming sequel to Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Island planned to be made by RatiganRules. It is unknown when it will be made.


Like Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Island, the previous season, much of Pooh's Adventures of 'Total Drama Action chronicles the events of the eponymous fictional reality shows. The Winnie the Pooh/Total Drama series itself is an "animated reality television series", which stars the cast and crew of the fictional series, parodying many aspects of reality television in general. After last season's winner, Owen (Scott McCord), forgoes his prize money of C$100,000 for a challenge (open to all 22 of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Island's contestants) in which the winner would receive C$1,000,000, the money was left in limbo after a situation resulted in a 14-way tie.

As such, show host Chris McLean (Christian Potenza) had no choice but to commission a second competition with all 14 tied contestants. The contestants are told to arrive at an abandoned movie studio lot in Toronto, Ontario, where the new competition, titled "Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action", would take place. Because of its location, Chris tells the contestants that the challenges would all be in the form of various movie genres. The accommodations of the contestants are handled by Chef Hatchet (Clé Bennett) in a similar manner to how it was handled in the previous season. The outhouse which was used as a confessional in Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Island has been replaced with a makeup trailer for the cast to use, although Chris and Chef do use in various episodes during the TDA season.

After a quick elimination of two contestants, the couple Bridgette (Kristin Fairlie) and Geoff (Dan Petronijevic), a second challenge determined the team captains of the two competing teams: the Screaming Gaffers, headed by Gwen (Megan Fahlenbock), and the Killer Grips, headed by Trent (Scott McCord). From then on, challenges would alternate between "reward challenges" where winners would receive a special prize, and "elimination challenges" where the losing team would vote off one of its own in an elaborate "Gilded Chris Ceremony".

The pattern of reducing the contestants down was briefly interrupted on two occasions: once when Izzy (Katie Crown) was reinstated following a voting irregularity where her alter-ego, "E-Scope", was voted off, and another time when Courtney (Emilie-Claire Barlow), a contestant who did not originally qualify for Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action, successfully sued the show. The players eliminated would make the "walk of shame" and into the "Lame-o-sine", where they leave the movie studio.

Once seven contestants were left, the Screaming Gaffers and the Killer Grips were dissolved, and the challenges became individual-oriented in nature. Chris hired Owen as his ringer to sabotage the other contestants and to create drama. Eventually, two contestants were left standing: Duncan (Drew Nelson) and Beth (Sarah Gordon), with Duncan being the original winner, and Beth the runner-up. Beth does win in the alternate ending.

List of Episodes

Episode Title Written by[a] Original air date U.S. air date Production code
1 "Monster Cash[1]" Alice Prodanou January 11, 2009 June 11, 2009 201
Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy, Dizzy, Jiminy Cricket, Kronk, Iago, and the participating contestants (all excluding Courtney) arrive to a rough start, at the film studio back lot in Hollywood, California to meet Chris McLean, where he tells them about the modifications and changes from Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Island to Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action. He then rushed them offbouncy house. After E-Scope's elimination, the remaining cast-mates began to drift from each other. Unmercifully making out in the Makeup Confessional, Geoff and Bridgette were the next to be eliminated by being distracted by each other. After finding Harold, both he and LeShawna were caught by the monster around the beach area. Justin was next to go after getting surprised by the monster. He also got a warm welcome by Geoff, Bridgette, LeShawna, and Harold when they began to stare at him. Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Trent, Gwen, and DJ were also got captured by the monster. Duncan and Owen hide behind the fake car until they saw the monster who grabbed Duncan, not Owen. Owen runs off to find the trailers, but since he is so tired, he falls down when the monster appeared he tried to grab Owen, but fails. The next morning everyone in the bouncy house is sleeping when the bullhorn awakens them. The tired Owen walks up and pops the bounce house with a pin and everyone gets out. The monster stomps up carrying Izzy in his hand. Chris comes out of the trailer telling the castmates the next challenge will be an award. The craft-services tent had a table full of food, which turns out all the food Owen ate was fake because it was made of foam-core and wax but then Owen found the key he burped out. Outside the film lot, Owen has to pick one of the trailers, but instead he picked that trailer, the one that got stomped. The girls got the other trailer but it also got stomped on by Chef. Later, the trailers are fixed and the castmates figure out where they will be sleeping. The boys decide with relative ease, Duncan sharing a bunk with Justin, Harold calls a bunk and Geoff calls the one under his, while Trent and Owen split one, leaving DJ alone. No one wants to share a bunk bed with Heather, so the girls, Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others draw makeup brushes to see who will bunk where. Lindsay and Beth share a bunk with the Vultures, Jiminy Cricket, Zazu, and Kronk, Gwen and Bridgette share with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, and Iago, and LeShawna and Izzy share a bunk with Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike, leaving Heather with two bunks of her own, and with Gwen saying "Yeah, we really need to work on our math." Duncan, Gwen, Beth, Trent , DJ, Heather, Lindsay, Justin, LeShawna, Harold, Bridgette, Geoff and E-scope lost. Later, early in the morning, Chris yells into a megaphone to wake the castmates up, and asks what will be in store for the castmates in the next episode and who the surprising guest stars will be for the rest of the season. As the closing line, he says, "McLean out!" Off-screen, the monster roars and Chris asks if someone "will please put a wrap on that monster".
2 "Alien Resurr-eggtion[1]" Nicole Demerse January 18, 2009 June 18, 2009 202

This episode basically picks up the exact next day from episode 1, as Owen still has some "internal bodily" problems after eating fake food props from the last challenge. This episode also triggers and sparks the soon conflict between bad boy Duncan and mysterious Trent; as Duncan begins to talk and flirt with Gwen more and more, leaving Trent feeling a little bitter. The 14 cast-mates and Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and their friends eat as Chris tells them of their next genre and challenge: finding and bringing alien eggs back to home base (the film lot), without getting hit by the "mother alien"'s (Chef Hatchet in disguise) paint balls. The teens were then sent to an even more abandoned part of the film lot to find these alien eggs. The cast tried to use their GPS units to locate the eggs when they were stumped by some weird sucking noise. While some thought it was Chris, others thought it was Chef Hatchet. Either way, everyone was scared stiff until Beth, the brave heroine in disguise, marches towards the sucking noise, and looked to see it was Bridgette and Geoff making out even more than usual. After everyone gets rounded up together, they get stumped again about which way to go when an echoing "DANGER" warning is heard throughout the film lot. Everyone had their own way of interpreting which way to go, so temporary teams are made during this challenge:

  • Gwen, Trent, DJ, and Duncan (with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, and Eeyore)
  • Lindsay, LeShawna, Beth, and Justin (with Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, and Iago)
  • E-Scope, Heather, Harold, and Owen (with Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, the Vultures, Jiminy Cricket, Zazu, and Kronk)
  • Bridgette and Geoff

In E-Scope's group, Harold was first to go when he was surprised by Chef Hatchet from behind, and was hit immediately. Owen believed it was finally time to "do his business", and actually pleaded Chef to shoot a paintball at him, so he could go to the bathroom. With only E-Scope and Heather left, E-Scope surprises both Chef and Heather by pulling out her very own paintball gun, declaring war on Chef. As Chef and E-Scope have their paintball fight, Heather manages to get away, and E-Scope somehow loses by not having her guard up when dodging earlier paintballs. Later, Geoff & Bridgette were shot when not looking, but instead, making out. Even though Heather did get away, Chef Hatchet caught up to her, and got revenge on her for last season when she put laxatives in his lunch. When Chef shot the defenseless girl, her wig went flying and landed on a holed floor, where it slid down into one of the holes and was lost forever. Lindsay's entire team was doused with paint-ball concentrate from above (not necessarily by Chef's paintball gun), eliminating them. Later, Gwen's team completed the first part of the challenge by finding alien eggs, though still having to get to home base, DJ was shot from behind, leaving Gwen Duncan and Trent to be the only ones left. They are stopped by Chris who drops grenades with paint on them. Duncan is splattered with paint while Trent and Gwen hide. Finally Trent and Gwen finish and win the challenge. This gave them the power to decide the teams. However, this also meant they would be competing against each other on the two teams. Chris then reveals that two castmates will be eliminated that night. At the Gilded Chris Ceremony, the awards went to Trent, Gwen, Harold, Duncan, E-Scope, Lindsay, Justin, Beth, Owen, DJ, Heather, and LeShawna, and Geoff and Bridgette are the ones voted off (with the new voting devices), due to making out with each other and not paying attention to anything. However, Harold came last place in the challenge.

3 "Riot on Set[1]" Alex Nussbaum January 25, 2009 June 25, 2009 203

The 12 cast-mates and Pooh and the others report to the "acting" scene of the set and are faced with their next challenge: building a set and dressing up as fictional characters to star in their own man-made movie with help of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. The catch to doing this is what the cast mates have to do to win: it is announced that the movie they make has to make Chef Hatchet cry when watching the movie. By this time, the teams have been made and chosen. Harold, Heather, DJ, LeShawna, Duncan, and leader Gwen were now called the Screaming Gaffers, while Izzy, Owen, Beth, Justin, Lindsay, and leader Trent, were now called the Killer Grips. While the cast-mates decide on who will play which part, Chef Hatchet grabbed DJ (claiming to say that he "sees a lot of himself in DJ"), and tried to make a non-refusing illegal alliance with him. Chef Hatchet tries to toughen DJ up in exchange for half of his winnings (if he even wins). The movies that each team made only actually turned out to be a scene of that part of the movie. For the Screaming Gaffers, Duncan was the actor; Izzy was the actress for the Killer Grips. Due to a technicality and inconvenience, Izzy, who was supposed to be a grandmother, got Duncan's script, which was of a gangster, and vice-versa. Duncan, of the Screaming Gaffers, impressed everyone with his hidden acting skills of being a depressed and possibly dying grandparent. At this point, everyone, including Chef and Chris are sniffling and crying over what has happened making Duncan and the Screaming Gaffers win and receive invincibility. At the Gilded Chris Ceremony, awards went to Trent, Owen, Beth, and Lindsay and Justin, and it was Izzy (E-Scope) who was voted off due to her losing the acting challenge so easily, her craziness, and because the other contestants became tired of her insistence on everyone calling her "E-Scope" instead of her actual name.

Guest Star Appearances: Ed, Edd (Double D), and Eddy.

4 "Beach Blanket Bogus[1]" Emily Andras February 1, 2009 July 2, 2009 204

The 11 cast-mates, Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others head off to a set of a surfing movie along with Ariel, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Patrick Star, and is told they will have 2 challenges: Chris has told the cast-mates that they will be going to the beach, and to bring their bathing suits. The first challenge is to stay on a mechanical surf board inside a freezing room as long as possible. Chris, then tells them that they will eventually go to the beach. Not believing him, the cast-mates kept listening to find out that the team with the winner of the first challenge gets a 30 minute head start on the second challenge. Having a hard time to do this challenge in bathing suits and inside a freezing room, most of the cast-mates seen doing their challenge (i.e. Lindsay, Harold, Justin, LeShawna, and Gwen) were off of the surfboard in under a few minutes. Being one of the last cast-mates to get on the mechanical surfboard, Duncan, with confidence, stayed on longer than the other cast-mates. Seeing this and Duncan's over-confidence, Chris starts to throw things at Duncan, including props, tables, and even Lindsay. Being on the mechanical surfboard the longest, Duncan's team, the Screaming Gaffers, won the 30-minute head start for the second challenge: a prop sand-castle building contest. The cast then heads off to the TDI set, Camp Wawanakwa, for the challenge. Around this time, Trent, leader of the Killer Grips, began to become obsessed with Gwen, and then, the number 9. On to the second challenge, the Killer Grips had just gotten started, when on the Screaming Gaffers, thanks to Harold, their sandcastle was nearing completion. As Beth, from the Killer Grips, went on and on about her friendship bracelets, she found an actual use for them concerning the challenge. She had her entire team pitch in on making their castle, and she used her friendship bracelets as props for them. The Killer Grips did win this challenge due to Harold and the Screaming Gaffers' sandcastle tumbling down from seagulls. The challenge then went off into a tie breaker: an "anything-goes", old school dance contest. The teams each chose a person from their team to dance in a freestyle jam to win the challenge. The Screaming Gaffers chose lively LeShawna, and the Killer Grips chose the mysterious Trent. As Trent remembered from what Owen and Gwen told him in the past, he thought of Gwen saying how much she loves to win. While LeShawna was freestyling everywhere, Trent started to fake his part of the dance, and fall right in front of Chris and Gwen's feet. Since Trent basically threw the competition for the Killer Grips, LeShawna and her "skills" won the entire challenge for the Screaming Gaffers. Meanwhile, Justin secretly forms an alliance with Ratigan, Fidget, Jafar, Maleficent, and Captain Hook and they come up with a plan to do away with their enemies.

Guest Star Appearances: Ariel, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Patrick Star.

Note: Ratigan, Fidget, Jafar, Maleficent, and Captain Hook finally make their debut in this episode.

5 "3:10 to Crazytown[1]" Nicole Demerse February 8, 2009 July 9, 2009 205

The very hot and sweaty 11 cast-mates and Pooh and the others head to the "wild west" for their next set of challenges. Gwen is surprised to be getting a head cold during one of the hottest days she has experienced. As Trent still has an obsession over the number nine, he tries to "woo" Gwen over by helping her through this difficulty. With guns loaded with "blanks", Chris comes to tell the campers their first challenge: "mounting their steed" (getting on their horse) by jumping off a platform, trying to land on it. The most successful campers of a team win the challenge. Exposed to the humidity, LeShawna's hair frizzes out to a perfectly puffed afro. Gwen (by sneezing off the platform), Harold (by jumping and landing in a "bad position for a male"), and Duncan (by jumping and landing on Harold) of The Screaming Gaffers; and Lindsay, and Beth (by jumping together) of The Killer Grips all successfully jumped and landed on the horse below, which caused a 3 to 3 tie. The next challenge was supposed to be a western target practice on the cast-mates, but Owen drank the water that was going to be used as ammunition against the cast-mates. So, Chris thought quickly to make another second tie-breaking challenge: an old-fashioned cow roping. The Killer Grips were to be cowboys and cowgirls, and The Screaming Gaffers were to be the cows. If the cowboys and cowgirls rope the cattle, The Killer Grips win, but if the cattle somehow rope the cowboys and cowgirls, The Screaming Gaffers win. In the end, The Screaming Gaffers find extra rope, and Gwen gets Lindsay, Duncan gets Trent, LeShawna ropes Beth, and Harold gets Justin, giving the win and invincibility to The Screaming Gaffers. (as for Owen, he was too out-of-breath to move from previously chasing Harold). Later, Gwen notices what Trent has been trying to do to "help" her win. She tells Trent that she does not want to win by cheating, and breaks up with him, much to the shock of Pooh and his friends. Hearing all of this about what Trent has been doing, a furious Justin (who secretly teamed up with Cat R. Waul, Alameda Slim, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear) confronts Gwen and orders her to tell everything to The Killer Grips that she just told their captain. The Killer Grips then find out that Trent has been "throwing" challenges to help the other team win. As a result, The Killer Grips are convinced that Gwen is involved with this. She insists that she was not involved and that she and Trent are broken up, but Justin thinks that it is an attempt to make it to the final two. Gwen decides to prove her innocence by telling the grips to vote Trent off. Shocked and angry, The Grips tell Gwen that she owes them. At the Gilded Chris Ceremony, the awards went to Lindsay, Beth, Justin, and Owen, and it was Trent who got voted off due to his team finding out that he had been "throwing" challenges to help Gwen and The Screaming Gaffers win. As Trent leaves, Chris says "3:10 to Crazytown."

Guest Star Appearances: Cat R. Waul, Alameda Slim, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear.

6 "TDA Aftermath I: Trents Descent[1]" Alice Prodanou February 15, 2009 July 16, 2009 206
The 8 non-participating and eliminated contestants all appear on a talk show at the House of Mouse, hosted by Geoff and Bridgette. This episode consists of non-participating and eliminated contestants of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action, sneak peek clips of upcoming episodes, never-before-seen clips not shown during regular showtime, fictional fan e-mails and webcasts, bloopers, games like "Truth or Hammer" (similar to "Truth or Lie" only that the "Lie" gets changed to where if the player does lie, a hammer while swing and smash them), and "That's Gonna Leave a Mark and more. Geoff and Bridgette talk about their time on Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Island and Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action. They also reminisce of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action's non-participating contestants -including Cody (still trying to be "cool"), Noah (still very quiet and uncaring), Ezekiel (still picking his nose), Eva (still looking angry as ever), Katie and Sadie (still together), Courtney (still in the process of suing the Winnie the Pooh/Total Drama series), and Tyler (still looking cool and needing to tell Lindsay where he is). The host and hostess then talk about the two cast-mates who have been kicked off Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action, Izzy and Trent. The gang then recaps on Izzy's time on Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action, and later, brings her out to talk. Izzy then comes to talk about her latest obsession with crackers, along with telling the world of her previous boyfriend, "Graham" (somewhat short for Graham Cracker). She then reveals a secret that Chef Hatchet came with his illegal alliance to help Izzy win before consulting DJ. After finishing with Izzy, the hosts move to Trent. Trent finds out, and is devastated, especially being the last one to know, that Gwen stabbed Trent in the back by telling his team to vote him off during a Gilded Chris Ceremony. Geoff and Bridgette began to argue over how and why Trent was kicked off on Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action, and Geoff ends up saying the wrong thing [i.e. Telling the world (including Bridgette) that Heather was the "hottest chick on the show"]. which that offends Bridgette who calls for a break but Geoff gets mad and overreacts thinking they wanna break up, then Geoff and Bridgette along with the non-participating contestants talk about which side, in Gwen or Trent's defense, to take. The two end up taking opposing sides and start to argue on why the other was right about which person. Trent comes out to talk about the experience he had on Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action with Gwen, and reminisces on what he "thought" about Duncan. Courtney finds out about "Gwen and Duncan" and gets slightly angered. He also reveals a secret about his number nine obsession. He says that Duncan only assumed his logic when the real reason was that he had a toy train that he was very close to, given to from his grandfather, whom he was also close to. The train had ten wheels, and before Trent's grandfather died, a wheel fell off the train, making the train only have nine wheels. Chris McClean and Eva, then try to sabotage the show in their own special way (i.e. Chris disguised himself as Sasquatchanakwa and jealously told Geoff and Bridgette off for having their own show. Eva disguised her voice as a fan who wanted to be on "Team Eva", though it did not last long, since the voice disguise wore off). Bloopers were later shown. Later, it was Trent's love song of what happened between him and Gwen, that brought almost everyone to tears, and Bridgette and Geoff back together. For almost the rest of the entire episode, Geoff and Bridgette spent the remaining time making out.
7 "The Chefshank Redemption[1]" Brendon Yorke April 5, 2009 July 23, 2009 207
The remaining 10 cast-mates, Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others are having a peaceful sleep, until they were awakened by an ear-shattering bullhorn noise. In each trailer, neither team could get out of the main door for some unknown reason. Each decided to use their skill in their own special way. Duncan, Harold, and Justin used Owen as a battering ram to get the boys' door open (but failed when the door automatically opened right when they were about to make impact). Claustrophobic Gwen from the girls' trailer started to freak out in an enclosed space, and asked Heather, the skinniest of the girls, to climb up the vent to try unlocking the door from the outside, and was successful. Chef, still trying to toughen up DJ, made him eat some "slop" that was supposed to strengthen him from the inside out. With 9 of the 10 remaining campers, Chris and the cast-mates head to "prison", where he told them of their first challenge: the prison "chow-llenge". Each team was to chose a cast-mate from the opposing team to be locked inside a cage while the remaining members of each team prepare a dish using ANY "ingredient" that they wanted. Whichever cast-mate holds down the food longest wins a golden shovel for the next challenge; the losing team gets spoons for each member. This baffled all of the cast-mates. The Screaming Gaffers chose Lindsay (because of a past experience Lindsay had within solitary seclusion). The Killer Grips chose Gwen (because she still "owed" the Grips for what she had a part of). Pooh and his friends knew nothing about Justin's evil plan. However, only Tigger started to get suspicous of him. DJ of the Screaming Gaffers added his mother's re-occurring famous spice to this mix for Lindsay. The foods were ready to be served. Gwen could barely hold down The Killer Grips' concoction, while, courtesy of the famous spice, Lindsay had no problem eating her dish, making it known that the spice made the dish better. Gwen quickly took another bite, and barfed up Beth's retainer (that somehow fell into the concoction while it was being made). Without even washing the barf off, Beth put it back in her mouth; which caused Lindsay to throw up from the sight, making the Screaming Gaffers the winners of the first challenge. Throughout these challenges, Heather started to notice Gwen's strange behavior towards The Grips. Later, DJ goes to Chef Hatchet to take pride in his challenge win, and Chef Hatchet immediately shunned him, but actually opens up for one of the first times to DJ. Chris directs the remaining cast-mates to the second challenge: escaping from the Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action jail-cells. Unlike the first challenge, Chris told the cast-mates that this would be the challenge to determine who wins invincibility. Each team was to have one cast-mate push a rolling laundry basket through an obstacle course, with the other teammates inside it, towards a wall, where the teams must use their tools (shovel or spoons) to dig a hole upwards toward the boxcars' finish line. Gwen nominated herself to push the cart since she still "owed" The Killer Grips "some kind of advantage". The Grips wanted to make sure the competition seems fair (so The Gaffers would not notice the huge advantage they would have had if they chose Owen) so they chose Lindsay. Gwen rockets from the starting line and Lindsay has trouble pushing Owen and The Killer Grips. Gwen then faked a "cramp" problem to help Lindsay pull ahead. At the wall, The Grips arrived first and started to use their spoons to tunnel through. LeShawna, of The Screaming Gaffers, came right after them and started using the shovel. As LeShawna started to get ahead, Gwen faked a claustrophobia panic attack, stole the shovel from LeShawna, and shattered it on Harold's head (a la Walt Disney Cartoons), causing him to pass out, leaving no way but their hands to tunnel through the dirt. During this time, in the make-up confessional, it was confirmed that Harold had a "crush" on Heather, LeShawna, and Gwen after the incident. As they were about to start, Izzy came out of nowhere and claimed to have been living underground, and also claimed to know a shortcut out of the tunnel. The Gaffers did follow her, only to find that The Grips had already won the challenge, courtesy of Lindsay and Beth. The Killer Grips notice Izzy's return as she exclaimed to both Chris and The Grips that they voted off E-Scope, technically making Izzy (which will be the name she will be referred as) still in the competition. Back at the set, The Killer Grips bask in their victory, seeing Owen and Izzy reunited, while the Gaffers attend their first ceremony. At the Gilded Chris Ceremony, awards went to Duncan, LeShawna, DJ, Harold, and Heather, and Gwen got voted off for being a "stickler" for her "owing" the Killer Grips by purposely losing the challenge.
8 "One Flu Over the Cuckoos[1]" Alex Ganetakos April 12, 2009 July 30, 2009 208

Angered that Gwen got eliminated from the previous episode, Pooh and his friends share a meeting, talking about how to eliminate Heather, beliveing she was responsible for Gwen's elimination. Rabbit decides that they would team up with Lindsay and Beth, and they promised one of them will win the million dollars and split it with them. The 10 cast-mates are returning from their previous challenge, with Izzy saying what parts of the set she remembers. They soon discover that their doors to their trailers are locked, Chris then pulls up and hands them textbooks on medical care. After giving them twenty orders of pizza and summoning Osmosis Jones and Drix, he says memorize everything in them by morning. The cast mates then start studying (though Justin is too distracted by his skin care and Izzy and Owen are too distracted by each other). Meanwhile DJ and Chef are working on making more pizza (with DJ adding his mother's ingredient). Later Duncan and LeShawna give up studying and walk out. Pooh and his friends ask Lindsay and Beth to join their alliance to split the money with them for Gwen if any of them won, and the two girls agree. Realizing Lindsay and Beth are teamming up with Pooh and his friends, LeShawna (who just lost her major ally Gwen) then tells Duncan they should form an alliance with Harold to counter Heather (to which Duncan snickers). Justin notices Pooh and his friends are trying to find a way to split the million dollars with Gwen, despite her elimination. In order to prevent this from happening, he asks Ratigan and the other villains for help, and they summon Thrax, an evil virus. The next morning, the challenge begins, which is to have a castmate retrieve pieces of dead body parts in a pool and bring them back to life with lighting (similar to Frankenstein). Chris asks a medical question and Beth gets it right and goes first, only to discover the pool contained electric eels (which Chris forgot to warn about). Beth is still able to retrieve a leg for her team. Owen answers the next one and goes next and successfully gets an arm. The teams continue to build their bodies (which turn out to be Chris replicas), but the Gaffers face troubles as Duncan continues to bully Harold (which LeShawna breaks up). LeShawna attempts to call an alliance with the two, but Harold refuses. The two teams finish their bodies and are racing to get it up to the lighting, when Izzy notices a red sore on Owen. The challenge is soon halted as Chris dashes out and the cast mates believe Owen has a contagious and fatal disease. The cast mates quickly contain Owen in a plastic bubble when they notice DJ has a sore too. After containing him too, everyone but Duncan and LeShawna (who were the only ones who did not study) show signs of the illness. The two quickly race to get textbooks, only to discover the books are fake. They soon discover that Chef had drugged the pizza they ate with itching powder and the sores were only pepperoni slices. Upon learning the truth, Chris congratulates the cast mates for completing another challenge. He then reveals the winner gets a spa night with away from the set with their best friend. The Gaffers vote for LeShawna, who is crying saying she thought she was going to lose everyone. She then reveals to her friend that it was only an act to get her team to vote her away from the set. Chris wonders if the team would be mad at her or not.

Guest Star Appearances: Osmosis Jones, Drix, and Thrax.

9 "The Sand Witch Project[1]" Shelley Scarrow April 19, 2009 August 6, 2009 209

The remaining 10 cast-mates and Pooh and his friends are faced with their next challenge: a horror movie trilogy with Jack Skellington as a guest star, the castmates are busy playing cards and soccer, when Chris makes them do a challenge where one castmates tries to scare another, where their scream is detected on the Scream-o-meter. The Screaming Gaffers win, due to the DJ and Chef Hatchet alliance. Then the Screaming Gaffers successfully complete the second part of the challenge, to scare the Killer Grips, after two failures, both because of Lindsay trying to be a leader and saying that the Ghostmeters are not "reading anything". The first time, Harold used his "magic tricks" to fake a ghost hiding Duncan's soccer ball under a sheet. The second time, Duncan pouring ketchup on the walls making it look like blood. DJ gets flashbacks mistaking Heather for his mother being disappointed for him cheating. Around this time, DJ begins to feel a bit guilty about his alliance with Chef and starts to wonder if it is even worth it. The scene then flashes to the Gilded Chris Ceremony, either Lindsay or Justin was about to get the last trophy. Realizing that he is almost about to cost a Killer Grip their chance at $1 million from winning a challenge "dirtily", DJ rushes to the Gilded Chris Ceremony, and confesses to Chris, The Killer Grips, and The Screaming Gaffers (treading behind him, trying to figure out what was wrong) everything about the alliance that he and Chef formed. At the Gilded Chris Ceremony, awards went to Izzy, Beth, and Owen. The final award was about to go to either Justin or Lindsay, but then, despite the protest of the other castmates, especially Duncan, Justin and Owen, who tried to convince him to stay, DJ voted himself off, therefore trying to clear his guilt and shame over the illegal and strange alliance by quitting the competition. Chris then tells Owen that he will have to eat Chef's food and because of that, Owen throws up on Chris' shoes.

Guest Star Appearances: Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie.

10 "Masters of Disasters[1]" Alex Nussbaum April 26, 2009 August 13, 2009 210

The 9 remaining cast-mates and Pooh and the others participate in another challenge. The contestants are forced into obstacle courses with natural disasters within them such as earthquakes, "volcano lava", and floods (Also, Chef throws miscellaneous objects such as footballs and blenders at the campers). When the 1st challenge starts, the Gaffers made it to the finish line, however Owen broke his jaw during the first challenge and his injury made the Grips automatically win the first challenge, and Owen was drove off to the hospital in between the challenges. Then in the second challenge, the contestants are forced into a submarine with water leaking into the submarine. However, when the water level got to high, Chris wanted the contestants to evacuate the challenge due to the contestants can die, but Chef accidentally broke the lever. However, Harold helped the Gaffers win the challenge by cracking a code to a locked up exit, using the straws he collected earlier as a scuba. At the end, the Gaffers were given the reward opportunity to have a free vacation on top of an active volcano, but they refused the reward, and instead got pop and chips. Then before the episode ended, Owen returned to the set where he will join the Grips for eating(unless he promises not to sue). Now, Owen looks as if he will not be useful in the challenges anymore. The pressure goes on.

Guest Star Appearance: Bowser Koopa.

11 "Full Metal Drama[1]" James Hurst May 3, 2009 August 20, 2009 211

The 9 remaining cast-mates, as well as Winnie the Pooh and the others compete in a war-themed challenge. The contestants' 1st challenge was simple: they all have to jump out of an airplane, but when they jumped out they find out that the airplane was never really in the air... only 50 ft. Then they have to do harder challenges but the selfishness, thoughtlessness and foolishness of all the castmates (except Beth) sabotaged both teams. On the Grips side, Owen was having difficulty with having his jaw wired shut (as he could not chew solid food), hindering the Grips; Justin (whom Percival McLeach is secretly working for) was more concerned with how he looked, messing up the second challenge (and angering Lindsay and Beth); Lindsay(who came dressed as a captain) "promoted" herself to "Admiral Lindsay, her Hotness" and became way too bossy again costing the team. Duncan (for the Gaffers) proved to be an expert on explosives. Izzy (for the Grips) however started calling herself "Explosivo" (insisting that everyone call her that) and went too far with the explosives (again) costing the Grips the challenge. Owen difficulties got worse as the "blinderized" food he swallowed caused the return of the "internal bodily" problems from Episode 2; Chef, as atonement for his "bad behavior", made him a "bran smoothie" to help but he would not drink it. Justin's hotness powers no longer work on Lindsay or Beth anymore. Justin asked Explosivo if he was hot and she said no, so Justin voted for Explosivo to get voted off out of anger. Meanwhile, The Screaming Gaffers found out that LeShawna lied to them in Episode 8 and would not forgive her. To make matters worse she drank the "bran smoothie" Chef made for Owen and began passing gas throughout the final challenge. Duncan and Harold were trying equally as hard to get a win for their team, but were working against each other; Heather, of course, complained about the others and ran out when LeShawna started passing gas. Although all four team members started arguing with each other, in the end the Gaffers won despite themselves. Duncan and Harold won it for the team (by Luck) but Duncan, surprisingly, gave all the credit to Harold, who then gave the credit to the whole team. Later at the Gilded Chris Ceremony, the awards went to Beth, Lindsay, Owen, and Justin, and it was Izzy (Explosivo) who is eliminated, because she lost the second challenge for the Grips (and because Justin convinced Lindsay and Beth to help vote her off when he "gained" some of his "powers" back).

Guest Star Appearance: Percival McLeach.

12 "TDA Aftermath II: Forgive and For Gwen[1]" Shelley Scarrow May 10, 2009 August 27, 2009 212
Geoff and Bridgette host another TDA Aftermath show; they talk with Gwen and DJ about their time on TDA. As Izzy was eliminated before she is seen with the other "commentators". Everyone seems to hate Gwen now, Trent has gotten a lot of fan mail since his break-up with Gwen, and Courtney is angered at Gwen for being a little to close to Duncan. Gwen and Duncan wrestling and falling on each other was a clip that was shown, and Geoff makes her look worse by saying how close her and Duncan's lips were, and continually telling bad things about her after every sentence. Courtney angrily tells Gwen off, believing that she has her "goth girl hooks" in Duncan, and storms off to talk to her lawyer. DJ tries to explain his "illegal alliance" with Chef, but Geoff once again tries to make him look bad just as he does Gwen. It does not work on DJ as much, as DJ's mother has now made an appearance and throws food at Geoff to stop him from humiliating her son any further. Now everyone is turning on Geoff as well, as he is beginning to act similar to Chris Mclean, Heather, and Justin. It is then found out that Izzy has just been a cut-out standee all along and she swings onto stage to be interviewed but is chased by and outsmarts security (Chef in a security outfit) and runs off stage. During this stunt she refers to herself as "Esquire". It is later revealed that Bridgette thinks that Geoff has let being on T.V., and the ratings, go to his head, and sends a question to Gwen saying that Geoff thinks he is "Captain Hollywood" and wants to know what she should do about it; but Bridgette attempts to deny it was from her, but fails. As the show ends, Bridgette grabs Geoff's ear and decided to have a talk backstage while the piranhas follow. Truth or Hammer got changed to Truth or Anvil. When Bridgette said Izzy's name "Explosivo", the captions say "Explode Diva" instead.
13 "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine[1]" Paul Poque June 24, 2009 September 3, 2009 213
The eight remaining cast-mates, Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others compete in a bank heist challenge. Meanwhile none of the Gaffers will let LeShawna live down the events of the last five episodes and she has had it with the antics of her current and former teammates, and vows to make them all pay. The first challenge is to break a teammate out of a bank vault and use the bank robbing tools the teammate has with them to rob the bank, Owen for the Grips and LeShawna for the Gaffers. Harold and Heather quarrel over breaking the safe, but then they remember that Duncan is a criminal. They judge LeShawna to be of no use to them and leave her in the safe for the rest of the days challenges. Meanwhile, the Grips use the scent of roasted chicken to get Owen to break out of his safe. However, Owen begins to hallucinate, first thinking Lindsay, Justin and Beth were pieces of chicken after smelling it and breaking out of the safe. Then, Owen sees Justin as a hot dog, Lindsay as cola and Beth as Strawberry ice cream in a cone. However at the Gilded Chris Ceremony, he sees Beth as chicken. He also saw Chris as a slice of pizza. Since they ignored the safe, the Gaffers get to the bank teller first, who turns out to be Courtney, much to the surprise of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. So Duncan faints. Chris announces Courtney has come back after successfully suing the show and will be joining the competition. Chris lets Courtney decide which team gets the bank money, and Courtney gives it to the Gaffers, since they reached her first. The Grips gets the consolation prize, which is revealed to be Courtney joining their team. This decision not only brings forth Courtney's anger, she also tries to call her lawyer in an attempt to sue the show once again. In the last challenge, the teams have to make a getaway by making a go kart out of junk parts, and then drive it to the finish line. Courtney immediately takes charge, becoming more bossier than Lindsay and Justin combined. Since Duncan has experience with this sort of thing, the Gaffers lead, but then they run out of gas. Since they cannot drive, the Grips decide to grab onto their kart and run to the finish line. Duncan tries to start their kart, but the Grips pull ahead, and come close to winning, but their kart falls apart, and they crash. This allows the Gaffers to win by pushing their kart across the finish line, making the Gaffers the winners. At the Gilded Chris Ceremony, Chris announces that Courtney gets invincibility due to her lawsuit saying that she cannot be voted off on the first challenge she is back on, forbidding them from voting her off. Despite this, the other four Grips (not wanting her to become their new captain) still try to vote off Courtney, which nullifies their votes. The awards went to Beth, Lindsay, and Justin only and Courtney voted for Owen and he was eliminated, as only her vote counted. Due to the unfairness of the results, Chris allowed Owen to deliver a farewell "Elimination Speech," where he thanked Chris, Justin, Lindsay and Beth. Courtney protested, but Chris told her that her lawyers could not stop it. After the speech, the three campers gave Owen their awards for him to eat (the awards are chocolate covered in gold foil). Everyone has already forgotten about LeShawna, who is still locked within the safe, asking to be let out.
14 "One Million Bucks B.C.[1]" John Slama September 10, 2009 September 10, 2009 214

At the girls' trailer, Heather gets bitter over Lindsay still having hair while she is bald and proceeds to hurt her by pulling on the hairbrush that had gotten caught in a hair knot. When Courtney enters, Lindsay glares at her since now that she is back on the team, no one will listen to her anymore. Upon seeing Courtney's hair, Heather decides to try to steal it to make herself a wig; several times through the episode she tries to do this but fails miserably every time. In the guys' trailer, Justin talks about all the parts of his body his agent tells him to protect while Duncan talks about how he does not care about Courtney anymore (while secretly daydreaming about her). The teams hear a loud horn and exit the trailers to find Chef and Chris outside in loincloths. After Chris tells the castmates about a set of special treatments Courtney got herself as part of her legal settlement with TDA (such as keeping her PDA, her own bathroom and gourmet food), he announces the challenge to be about the paleolithic era, a.k.a The Stone Age. Chris then tells the castmates to dress up in the loincloths he provides and gives Heather a Flintstones-like wig. The first challenge involves both teams trying to make fire with only rocks. While Lindsay further argues with Courtney about no one listening to her since she arrived, Duncan steals glances at Courtney and Harold gets chased multiple times by the Giant Woolly Beavers. When the challenge begins, Duncan and Courtney start a competition between each other to see who can light the fire faster, which Duncan ultimately wins since he uses a lighter to light the fire. After Courtney complains on how those rocks could not light anything, Lindsay lights a fire accidentally with only one strike of the rocks. The second and final challenge involves two members of opposite teams in two rock pedestals above a tar pit, trying to knock each other off with bones. Chris then reveals that since he saw Duncan using the lighter to set up the fire, the Grips won the first challenge and they get larger bones to fight. The first round is between Lindsay and LeShawna. After Lindsay asks when the fight begins, Chris blows on the giant blowhorn from the beginning of the episode, startling Lindsay and making her fall into the tar pit. In the second round, Heather fights against Beth. While Heather throws random strikes, a giant Monster Loon snatches her new wig and makes her fall forward and cling on Beth's bone. Beth lets go and Heather falls into the tar pit. The final round is between Harold and Justin, when the fight begins, the Wooly Beavers return and attack Harold's rock pedestal, making him fall forward and knock Justin off his pedestal, making them both fall into the tar. Chris then proceeds to announce the final tie-breaker bout—Courtney vs. Duncan. He gives this challenge a twist however, since instead of standing on two pedestals, Courtney and Duncan must stand on the same. While on top the pedestal, Courtney clings onto Duncan so as to not fall, after Duncan teases her with her wanting to kiss him, they both fall backwards, but Courtney grabs onto Duncan's arm and pulls them back up and they accidentally kiss. After a confessional where both reveal that they both still love each other but at the same time make each other angry, Courtney and Duncan get back on the pedestals again and Courtney pulls Duncan into another kiss, but while they're kissing, she hits Duncan in the crotch with the battle bone and knocks him off the pedestal, making the Killer Grips the winners. Chris then announces that no one gets voted off, but that the Grips get a special reward...a giant Flintstones-like Mammoth rib; which Chef later accidentally knocks into the tar pit. As a consolation price, the Gaffers get a Giant Loon Egg to make a tartlet. When the Giant Loon comes back for its egg, Heather beats it up and gets her wig back. The episode ends as Courtney in the confessional saying she still likes Duncan but will not admit it, while saying that he "got what he had coming" for the relationship she wrongly believes he had with Gwen, while Duncan says he did not have a relationship with Gwen and says he still likes Courtney while complaining about how she hit his "kiwis" (as he puts it).

Guest Star Appearances: Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Dino, Rex, Dweeb, Woog, Elsa, and Sharptooth.

15 "Million Dollar Babies[1]" Richard Clark September 17, 2009 September 13, 2009 215

The 8 remaining cast-mates and Pooh and his friends do a sport themed challenge with the guest appearances of Arthur Read and his friends, as well as Pooh's enemy, Hades the Lord of the Underworld. After a series of football related drills such as running, pushing a football dummy (actually Chef), and crawling through mud under barbed wire, the teams are paired up for four different sport competitions: Harold and Lindsay for boxing, Beth and Heather for badminton, Courtney and Duncan for wrestling, and Leshawna and Justin for a slam dunk competition. Harold and Lindsay have to fight in slow-motion with large marshmallow boxing gloves. Harold mimics fighting in slow motions excellently but Lindsay starts to eat his marshmallow when he tries to hit her. In the end, Leshawna accidentally distracts Harold and Lindsay knocks him out. Harold wins, however, for his slow motion expertise and because Chris had to take off points from Lindsay for biting (going so far as to call her "Ms. Tyson" in reference to famous boxer Mike Tyson). The badminton game begins with Chris telling the competitors about his starring role in the only badminton movie ever made (where he played a character called "Flipper"). Heather starts off confidently while Beth starts off nervous at competing against Heather. When Leshawna makes a crack at Beth's boyfriend, however, Beth gets upset enough to play more offensive and eventually beat Heather. As she is carried off victorious, Leshawna states that she STILL does not believe Beth has a boyfriend. Upset, Beth stalks back and reveals that she had seen a clip of Leshawna dissing all her castmates while on her spa day on Courtney's PDA. She plays the clip in which Leshawna talks trash about the cast to her cousin for everyone to see. As a result, Leshawna alienates all seven remaining castmates with the exception of Heather who states that Leshawna was just "telling it like it is". Courtney and Duncan are still trying not to let their relationship issues interfere with their competition, though Duncan seems to be having more trouble doing so than Courtney. In a twist, the two have to wrestle each other in a kiddie ball pit Chris got from a "cheap, scheme" carnival. As the wrestling begins, Duncan has to keep reminding himself to keep his head in the game, not wanting what happened to Gwen and Trent to happen to him and Courtney. He is distracted, though, when he pulls a child out of the ball pit and Courtney pins him in the end. Finally, Leshawna and Justin compete in a creative slam dunk contest. Justin makes fun of the opposite team, teasing them with the basketball and eventually dunking the ball with Heather's wig on it. Leshawna, upset and looking to redeem herself, merely throws the ball at Justin who hits the trampoline and lands in the hoop. Chris calls a tie and dramatically builds to the tie-breaker: a cheerleading competition. Each team has to pick someone to cheer for but the Gaffers are too upset at Leshawna to decide on someone in time. Instead, Leshawna takes the pompoms and creates a cheer apologizing to each member of the cast. But the Grips are the winners when they create a kissing-up cheer for Chris. The Gilded Chris went to Harold, Duncan and Leshawna. Leshawna is sure she will be the one sent home but is surprised to find out that Duncan and Harold sincerely appreciated her apology and voted off Heather instead. Heather and Leshawna are seen to have overcome their rivalry in this episode.

Guest Star Appearances: Arthur Read, Buster Baxter, Francine Frensky, Muffy Crosswire, Alan Powers "The Brain", Binky Barnes, D.W. Read, and Hades.

16 "Dial M for Merger[1]" Alan Resnick October 1, 2009 September 24, 2009 216

The 7 remaining cast-mates and Pooh and his friends need to compete in the spy film with Christopher Robin's cousin, Sam and her friends Clover and Alex. and the teams dissolved into everyone for themselves. First, each player is somehow taken and brought into a lair.They then learn the teams have merged. There they must evade a laser-security system to get at a pouch in order to escape from an exploding building and use the tools for the second challenge. The pouch had a grappling hook gun and a pair of pliers inside of it. During the challenge, Justin is injured in the eye and is forced to rely on his brains rather than his good looks, (though he gets by mostly by sheer luck). Leshawna finally gets Harold and Duncan to agree to an alliance. Courtney performs well in this part of the challenge, though she turns on the other castmates, forcing them to agree to split their winnings in order to use the grappling gun to escape. The second part of the challenge had the players try to disarm seven stink-bombs before they exploded. With Courtney having the only set of pliers, the others are forced to cut the wires using other means. Lindsay guesses correctly to cut the blue wire on her bomb, stopping the timer. The other players assume that their bombs are set up the same way and cut the blue wires. However, the bombs are not wired the same way and all seven are caught the resulting blast. Courtney is forced to call off the deal to split the winnings when she is denied by the others to wash off the stink in a bath of Tomato Juice. Technically, Lindsay and Courtney are the winners of the challenges, so they get the prize, which is a trip to the local cheese factory. A 6teen parody with the 7 remaining castmates was shown.

Guest Star Appearances: Sam, Clover, and Alex.

17 "Super Hero-Id[1]" Alex Nussbaum October 8, 2009 October 1, 2009 217

The 7 remaining cast-mates, as wellas Pooh and the others compete in a super hero challenge. Beth was Lumber Woman. Justin was Timberman, copying Beth. Harold is Captain Alberta, whose superpower is extreme flatulence. Courtney is the Human Cricket, whose power is making an awful noise with her legs. LeShawna was Super Aqua Chick. Lindsay is Wonder Woman. Lindsay wins first challenge because Chris loved Wonder Woman as a kid. Courtney complained of Lindsay's "originality" Duncan was the All-Seeing Eye, whose power is seeing into the future with a third eye. The second challenge to jump onto a trampoline, see who would bouce the highest over the building, save a woman crying for help(a potato sack in a dress), and walk on an electric wire dodging meteor (bowling balls). Justin was the only one to get electrocuted. The fastest time was Courtney. Duncan, and Justin form an alliance to vote off LeShawna. Duncan gets Courtney to join. Beth, LeShawna, and Lindsay form and alliance to vote off Duncan. To get Duncan voted off, Beth tries to persuade Harold to vote him off, while Courtney tries to persuade Harold to vote off LeShawna. After Justin had a meeting  with his villainous in which Tigger eavsdropped, the Gilded Chris went to Courtney, Justin, Beth, Harold, Lindsay and Duncan, Because Harold chooses LeShawna. When LeShawna walks to the lame-o-sine on the walk of shame, Harold starts crying, but LeShawna is forgiving.

Guest Star Appearances: Batman, Robin, Darkwing Duck, Launchpad, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, the Penguin, Negaduck, Megavolt, Quackerjack, Brushroot, and Liquidator.

18 "TDA Aftermath III: O-wen or Lose[1]" Alice Prodanou October 22, 2009 October 15, 2009 218
Geoff and Bridgette talk to Owen, Heather and LeShawna about their time on TDA. Geoff is shown to have the same mean-spirited, manipulative attitude as he did in the second aftermath, and Bridgette is shown to still be mad about it. Owen, the first guest, tells many things he did as a child in Truth or Electrocution without being asked to, being unaware that he was actually supposed to answer questions when asked questions. He also does not lie at all when being asked questions. Owen is shown to not be mad at Chef for breaking his jaw and it is revealed that his mom spent money on a large cheese cellar, causing her to be broke. Bridgette breaks up with Geoff since he has become mean and obsessed with the ratings going higher. The next guests, LeShawna and Heather, come in and Heather is shown to have num-yos like Harold and to have a new wig (which looks a bit like LeShawna's hair when puffed, but smaller), and Courtney is shown to have her own camera when showing Heather has num-yos. When Heather is asked questions in Truth or Electrocution, every answer is a lie, so it is revealed that Heather thinks that Courtney is a worthy competitor, she thinks Lindsay is not as dumb as she looks, and that she thinks that Beth is a threat. When LeShawna is in the electric chair for Truth or Electrocution, she does not lie at all. Bridgette then tells Heather, Owen, and LeShawna her plan about putting Geoff in the electric chair for Truth or Electrocution. Like Heather, everything he says is a lie, and it is revealed that he is not fully mean and that he was just doing it for higher ratings and that he is still crazy for Bridgette. He then promises to Bridgette that he will be nicer and to not bully or manipulate the eliminated contestants. Truth or Anvil is changed to Truth or Electrocution.
19 "The Princess Pride[1]" Heather Jackson November 5, 2009 October 22, 2009 219

The 6 cast-mates, as well as Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others compete in a Fairy Tale flick challenge. The episode starts with Duncan holding a challenge and Harold wins it. Pooh begins to have second thoughts if Justin was really responsible for causing Gwen's elimination. Beth tells him that he was, and borrowed Courtney's PDA to prove it. Shocked that Justin was the mastermind all along, Pooh and his friends decide to team up and avenge Gwen. After Odette, and few other princesses appear, Chris makes an entrance and says that someone has to try on a glass boot. Lindsay and Courtney tried on a glass boot, but in the end, Courtney squeezed it on. Pooh and his friends decide to team up with Duncan to help them eliminate Justin. Lindsay gets called "bigfoot" by Duncan. The first part of the challenge is to walk across the bridge blind and dodge the troll's (Chef) distractions. Beth goes first, but falls off the bridge. Next was Harold. He shouts that what he was doing was for LeShawna and quickly runs across the bridge. Lindsay breaks the bridge and both her and Chef fall off. Justin makes it across the bridge. Duncan cheats and makes sure he can see a little. Duncan, Justin and Harold pass the first competition. Courtney, now a beautiful princess, sings for everyone, and Justin gets Duncan's way, since he saw the criminal cheat at crossing the bridge. In doing so, Duncan became jealous before the arrival of Pooh's enemies: Queen Narissa, Ratigan, Fidget, Jafar, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Ursula, Ruber, Rothbart, Lady Tremaine, Gaston, and Shere Khan. Courtney unhappily kisses a frog then throws it away and it hits Justin. Chris then says that people can buy a CD, playing Courtney's song. Harold takes one. In confessional, Harold listens to the song while thinking of LeShawna and singing the wrong words. He gets a letter from LeShawna saying that if he listens to it and thinks of her, she will have to kill him. Chef appears on a horse and takes Courtney away. Duncan, Justin and Harold fight the dragon (the monster from Episode 1: Monster Cash). Harold and Justin team up to make sure that Duncan does not earn invincibility. Harold gets on the top of the dragon, but Justin betrays Harold and pushes him off. Justin defeats the dragon and climbs the "castle". Chris then says that people can buy a princess Courtney doll, that is 100% funner to play and safer to play with than the real Courtney. Courtney and Justin start to kiss, but Chris tells them that they must sword fight for invincibility, making an injured and crushed Duncan happy. Finally, Justin gives the immunity to Courtney and waited for a kiss, but he never got it. All he and the other villains got was a battle with Pooh and his friends. The battle ends with Pumbaa ramming Justin off the "castle", giving Justin a one-way trip to falling off the tower to the very bottom. Courtney's lawyers said that Courtney wanted 80% of the profit from the Courtney Dolls, and because of that, Chris changed it to Princess Beth. Courtney wins the gilded Chris, along with Beth second, Lindsay third and Harold fourth. It was Duncan or Justin going home. Chris said that the Gilded Chris went to Justin and Duncan went home, and Courtney said it was an outrage. Chris said that he was lying and that Justin was going home and he threw Duncan the gilded Chris. Duncan says to Courtney that him going was an outrage. In confessional, Courtney said that she was only annoyed because she spent a long time making Justin like her, but she was probably lying and still likes Duncan. Justin looks at Courtney and says her name, but she just waves goodbye without caring. He then says Lindsay and Beth's names, but they only cared about Princess Beth. Justin then looked at Duncan who just says goodbye, and then Harold who said goodbye. Justin goes near the lame-o-sine, swearing revenge on Pooh and his friends, and says that TDA has lost 80% of its handsomeness. He then hits into the lame-o-sine and then says, "Alright... 79!". He then goes into the lame-o-sine and leaves TDA. Greatful for Pooh and his friends' help, Duncan asks them to team up with him for the rest of the season and prmoises to split the prize money with them so they would share it with Gwen, and they agree. In Chris' room, Chris says that the Princess Beth dolls are not selling to their target audience. The Gilded Chris went to Courtney, Beth, Lindsay, Harold and Duncan. Chef is then seen, shooting 2 doll's heads off with a cannon. Chris says to the target audience that they do not want to miss the next episodes, and then make the 2 Princess Beth's kiss. He says to Chef that its the proper way to play with dolls.

Guest Star Appearances: Princess Odette, Ariel, Princess Jasmine, Belle, Princess Aurora, Cinderella, Queen Narissa, Ursula, Ruber, Rothbart, Lady Tremaine, Gaston, and Shere Khan will guest star in this episode.

20 "Get a Clue[1]" Alex Nussbaum November 12, 2009 October 22, 2009 220

On the night after Justin's elimination, Pooh and his friends were invited by Duncan for dinner, and they talk about how would win the million dollars for Gwen. The 5 remaining cast-mates, as well as Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others compete in a mystery challenge. The castmates find this USB inside Harold's taco and persuade Courtney to see what is on it by putting it in her PDA. Chris then appears delivering a message telling the campers they need to find where he is. Lindsay first thinks he is buried alive after hearing the words cloud nine form his message. However, Courtney was able to decipher the clues Chris gave and found that he was inside the safe from the bank heist challenge. She was able to crack the code using the numbers Chris said and they found him wearing a detective outfit similar to Sherlock Holmes. Chris announces that the first part of the challenge is to get a fingerprint and hair sample from the other contestants and meet him at a train station later where they meet Scooby-Doo and the gang. Everyone was successful in getting at least one other person's DNA except for Lindsay. At the train station, everyone turns in their samples (except for Lindsay). Courtney was whining for a prize because she was able to find Chris' location and turned in the most samples so Chris gave her a bag of cheese chips to shut her up. Once everyone boarded the train, Chris says that the campers get to have a party there. However, a blackout occurs and sounds of Chris getting beaten up were heard. Once the power comes back on, the contestants found out that Chris was dead because of a body that looks exactly like Chris except it looked (except it was grayish) and with its tongue sticking out to resemble that he is dead. Harold gives him CPR except it did no good. Beth tries to call the engineer, but no response was heard. Courtney thinks he is obviously faking and tries to find a way off the train. She asks Duncan to climb the hatch at the top to see if the train was actually moving. Meanwhile, Harold tries to solve the "murder". Duncan comes back down looking hurt because the train went under a tunnel which meant it was moving. Courtney then asks Duncan to go tell the engineer to get them off. Lindsay, however, finds a strand of green hair which looks like it came from Duncan's mohawk and tries to convince everyone Duncan did the crime which everyone believes except Courtney. Duncan comes back and immediately the other three handcuff him. Harold announces in the confessional that the guy with the mowhawk commits the crime 50% of the time. However, Lindsay also finds a napkin with cheesy fingerprints which leads to Courtney because of her cheese chips. Cruella De Vil and Scar appears, but Pooh and his friends confronted them. Chris then comes in holding his fake rubber Chris and announces Lindsay the winner for solving the crime. As a reward, she was able to take one friend to go see a movie with her. So to make Courtney jealous, she picks Duncan instead of Beth. It turns out, Lindsay and Duncan watch a movie of one of Pooh's past adventures, which Beth is fine with it because she was even happier when Courtney was upset.

Guest Star Appearances: Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Daphne Blake, Fred Jones, Velma Dinkley, Cruella De Vil, and Scar will guest star in this episode.

21 "Rock 'n Rule[1]" Shelley Scarrow November 19, 2009 October 29, 2009 221

In the beginning of the show, Lindsay sings loudly and off-key a song that was in the zombie-badminton movie. Then Chris announces the movie challenge that they will have for the day and that Owen would be returning to the show because of a "lawsuit," when he really needed the money to pay off the cheese cellar his mother bought without the money needed. After the arrival of Chanticleer and the Grand Duek of Owls, the first challenge was to play the guitar. But since nobody knew how, they got guitars similar to the ones in Guitar Hero and had to play along. But if they played a wrong note, they would be electrocuted and out of the prize that would help them with the second challenge. Everyone got electrocuted except Duncan, who barely played, and Courtney, who tried really hard. Duncan won the challenge when Chris stated that real movie rockstars barely try. Courtney gets mad at this, and hits Duncan really hard in the nuts with her guitar. As a reward, on the red carpet challenge, he got to start halfway instead of at the lame-o-sine. They had to deal with paparazzi. Courtney dodged all of them, Duncan destroyed them, Owen tripped and rolled away, Beth lost her glasses, and Harold had a nervous breakdown and destroyed everything. Lindsay, however, posed for the photographers, hugged the groupie, signed the paper of the autograph hound, threw the Chris shirt inside the bag of the paparazzi at the groupie, and kissed the bodyguard. She then won, because Chris stated that you did not always have to DODGE the paparazzi. As her prize for the third challenge, she got an extra ten seconds. The final challenge was trashing the hotel room. Beth, Lindsay, Owen, and Harold did not really do much. Duncan started messing stuff up, but Courtney destroyed everything. By the time it was time for Lindsay's extra ten seconds, nothing was left, and Courtney won invincibility. At the Gilded Chris Ceremony, Beth and Harold voted against Duncan. Owen voted against Courtney, even though he wasted his vote. Duncan and Courtney voted against Lindsay. The Gilded Chris went to Courtney, Beth, Harold, Owen and Duncan. Lindsay got distracted and ended up accidentally voting herself off, which Chris then proclaimed as a first, The Duke laughs evily in the result of Lindsay's elimination, but Timon used a flashflight to scare him away. Owen returns in this episode, since Chris wants him to sabotage the other contestants, Lindsay voted herself out.

Guest Star Appearances: Chanticleer and the Grand Duke of Owls.

22 "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen[1]" Alex Ganetakos November 19, 2009 November 5, 2009 222

The episode opens with Beth and Courtney in the girl's trailer. Beth complains about how tired she is, while Courtney offers Beth a movie and snacks. Beth knows that Courtney just wants to form an alliance with her, which she does, so Beth refuses. They then switch to the boy's trailer, where Owen is sleeping and Harold and Duncan are in their bunks. Harold finds a group of snails in his bunk, courtesy of Duncan. Amongst the snails, he find one that looks and sounds "just like" LeShawna. Harold names the snail "LeShawna Junior" and keeps it in a matchbox as he goes to sleep. The next morning, the castmates wake up and find themselves at Camp Wawanakwa, according to Duncan. Then, Chris enters, doing stunts while being help up by wires. He then explains that the reward challenge will put the boys against the girls, and takes Owen out of the running for "skateboarding." Chris then tells the groups of two that they must choose one to be the trainer, and one to be the trainee. Then they will train for the next challenge. The competitors being to train, with Courtney training Beth and Duncan training Harold. They do so for part of the day, while Owen spies on the groups, as Chris told him to pick one group to help and one to sabotoge. Then, Chris brings the groups together for the actual challenge, where Beth and Harold will be in robotic suits while Courtney and Duncan control them. Owen then chooses to give both teams inside information, much to Chris' annoyance. Then, they start the robot fight, in which the four competitors participate. Duncan and Harold end up winning, causing Beth to get slightly hurt in the process. She wakes up to Courtney and Owen trying to get her to come-to. Then, Chris explains that Duncan (along with Pooh and the others) and Harold get to now compete against each other for the reward, while Courtney and Beth are on "kitchen duty" with Chef. Harold and Duncan are told that they will need to carry two glasses of water up a hill, and not spill them, in order to bring them to the person waiting at the top of the hill. Then, they will need to collect the Bonsai Tree in order to win the reward. Duncan and Harold being on their challenge, and climb up the hill. Eventually, they get incredibly tired and start helping one another out, as they believed that they could then split the reward. Owen came along with them, by orders of Chris, who is furious that the boys are getting along. He then threatens Owen with taking away the money he promised him; Chris told Owen to get Duncan and Harold against each other again. Owen attempts to, but it is in vain. Meanwhile, Courtney and Beth are on kitchen duty, and are attempting to manipulate one another. Chef also asks them to cut up live fish, which Beth is "allergic" to. Courtney allows Beth to use her PDA to call Brady. At the same time, Duncan, Harold, and Owen have finished climbing up the cliff. Owen asks Harold about how much he misses LeShawna, and Duncan beings to laugh at LeShawna and insult her. Harold then gets angry and splashes Duncan with Duncan's water, and follows it by punching Duncan in the face. Then, Harold runs over to the person at the top of the hill, splashes water in his face, and steals the Bonzai tree. Later, the cast is shown in the craft services tent. Beth and Courtney are "friends" and they decide to form an alliance together. Owen serves Harold the meal that Courtney and Beth made earlier, and eats some himself, before realizing that it is partly poisonous. Harold then talks to "LeShawna Junior" and decides to let her go back to the wild, although he does not want to. Chris then signs off the episode.

Guest Star Appearance: Mushu.

23 "2008: A Space Owen[1]" Ken Cuperus November 26, 2009 November 12, 2009 223

The 5 remaining cast-mates and Pooh and his friends. compete in a space-themed challenge. The contestants all got packages containing something sent from the outside world. Owen got a trophy for being selfless (which makes him feel guilty because of the new role Chris gave him on the show), Duncan got his pet tarantula, Harold got his nunchucks, Courtney got a picture of her winning a school debate, and Beth got a candy ring from her boyfriend, Brady. The first part of their challenge was to survive the night in zero-gravity in a rocket ship. Once a hole was discovered by Owen accidentally breaking one of the windows, the girls (Courtney and Beth) thought of putting Owen there to prevent the oxygen from escaping. As an advantage to the next challenge, they got to determine the order in which the campers did the challenge. Before even knowing the challenge, Courtney, without even thinking what the next challenge was, picked the order as Harold, Owen, Duncan, Beth, and herself as last. Chris said tat the challenge was supposed to be to survive the Vommit Comet the longest which is a machine that spins you around fast enough so that it is 4 times the strength of gravity. Beth was angry at Courtney for not even considering what Beth's idea was, which was to go first. Harold was up first and only lasted 5.6 seconds and he accidentally squished Duncan's tarantula which crawled inside the pod. Owen lasted only 10.3 seconds, and Duncan lasted 23 seconds, however Chris subtracted 10 seconds for puking. Courtney opted for Beth and herself to not do the challenege, but Beth did the challenge anyways since she wanted to get immunity and lasted for 36 seconds. Courtney decided to forfeit the challenge meaning Beth is the winner. Later, Harold discovered Owen was a traitor, but decided not to question him because he kept farting. At the Guilded Chris Ceremony, Duncan voted for Harold since he crushed his tarantula, Harold voted for Owen because he found out that he is a traitor, Owen voted for Harold because Harold was onto him, Beth voted for Courtney because of her bossyness, and Courtney was the only one to not show who she was voting for. She may have voted for Beth for not following her instructions or for Harold to spite Beth. Either way, with two votes, Harold was eliminated. He was still giving them warnings for Owen, but no one listened.

Guest Star Appearances: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

24 "Top Dog[1]" Ken Cuperus November 26, 2009 November 19, 2009 224
Captain Hook secretly tells Courtney how she can win and forms an alliance with her. The final four cast-mates and Pooh and the others compete in a challenge with training animals of fur and feathers. Beth chooses to train a racoon, Owen chooses to train a bear, Courtney chooses to train a shark, and Duncan chooses to train a chameleon, which reminds him of Scruffy (his pet tarantula that was previously smashed by Harold). Owen had to make it harder for each cast-mate to train their animals. He spray-painted Duncan's hair, (because he was trying to make his chameleon change to his hair color), poked himself and put some of it into Courtney's shark tank (which made it want to eat Courtney), and said that he did not need to do anything to make Beth's harder (he thought that it was going "weird" enough). The cast-mates then had to show Chris the tricks they trained their animals. Chris rates each animals' tricks. He rates Owen's bear a 6, Duncan's chameleon an 8, and Beth's raccoon a 10, while Courtney's shark is not rated. In the next challenge, each cast-mate (excluding Courtney) is put in the woods and has to find the studios. Duncan thinks that he lost his chameleon (who is actually blended into his hair) and wants to find it. Owen puts a sign up to trick Duncan into triggering a trap, (which works) but also ends up triggering a trap with his bear. Along with his bear, he eats berries while he is in the trap, because that way, he and his bear's "combined weight" would help them escape the trap. Meanwhile, Courtney, who is in a river with sharks, almost has her PDA eaten by one of them. Beth wins invincibility because she and her raccoon are the first to find the studios. Courtney is eliminated by Duncan (who voted her off because of "relationship problems") and Beth, and Owen also goes home due to Courtney's lawyers proving his sneakiness, which Chris "fires" him for. Owen was actually "Fired" by Chris because he was a traitor. Chris then signs off with Duncan and Beth.
25 "Mutiny on the Soundstage[1]" Brendon Yorke December 3, 2009 December 3, 2009 225
At first Chris use a gas to sleep Beth and Duncan (similar gas that in episode 16) . Beth and Duncan, and the heroes woke up moored to a mast . Chris explained that their first challenge was to use cotton swabs to clean out bathrooms that a bear and a gorilla had used. Duncan had just finished when the gorilla went again and Beth came out while he had to stay longer. But Beth could not climb the greasy pole to get her flag to the top and get shot out of the cannon, so she went far behind Duncan. Chris and Chef, who was quitting because he thought his job was too hard, switched places to see who had the harder job. Eventually, Beth went out the cannon, landing in the water because she had not pumped the cannon enough. Meanwhile, Chef ran back and forth asking contestants questions about the campers eliminated in that episode. If a contestant gets a question wrong, they had to do one challenge from that episode. Beth knew every answer until the end and got farther behind when she kept talking about other campers instead of answering the questions she got. Duncan never paid attention to anyone else, so he had to run each course. At the end, they had to be asked questions about Courtney. They both got the first question right, but then Beth did not know what Courtney's band name was, and Duncan could not think of the color Courtney was thinking of, so they both had to run the course of Chris' choice (the earthquake hill from the disaster movie challenge). Chris and Chef made up, and Duncan got trapped by a safe. Beth pulled him out, and then that settled their ditching the other, and the "teamsies" was together again. They tied when getting to the TDA Aftermath set, and Chris announced that because of that, the viewers would have to vote for their favorite, and it would be revealed on the next episode. This was the only episode in the Winnie the Pooh/Total Drama series to end with the "To Be Continued..." subtitle.
26 "TDA Aftermath IV: Who Wants to Pick a Millionaire?[1]" Alex Nussbaum December 10, 2009 December 10, 2009 226
Geoff introduces the episode, due to Chris leaving for vacation. It starts out where Duncan and Beth go into the "seat of winners." Harold makes a couple of cardboard standees for the two finalists to jump or stand through as a possible tiebreaker to determine the season winner, which ends up still in a tie. Then, Geoff plays a few embarrassing clips of Chris. Horrified when he finds out this is happening, Chris tries to get back to the House of Mouse with Chef to stop Geoff, only to get stuck in traffic and then end up at Camp Wawanakwa. Eventually, Chris shows up at the House of Mouse. Then Chris makes the losing cast of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action ask Beth and Duncan questions and say the losing contestant will get to vote on whether Duncan or Beth should win.----

Duncan's ending: Duncan wins Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action in Canada, the USA, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Latin America, Brazil and the Philippines. After Duncan wins by one vote, he and Courtney get back together and make out. Duncan then offers the million dollars with Pooh and his friends, promising to do something specail for Gwen. Meanwhile, Brady enters the stage and hugs Beth to console her, leaving her happy and surprising the losers at his existence. At the end, Chris signs off the season, thanking the viewers for watching.---- Beth's ending: Beth wins Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action in the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Australia, Sweden, Israel, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, France, Finland, New Zealand, and on iTunes and Netflix. After Beth wins by one vote, Many of the other contestants cheer and Brady comes in and hugs her, surprising the other contestants. Courtney and Duncan get back together and leave hand-in-hand, and Courtney says that she is planning another lawsuit, thinking there was "election fraud" and that Duncan should have won. Chris throws the million dollar suitcase to Beth, ends the show, and thanks the viewers for watching.

Sp "Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Show[1]" Brendon Yorke June 10, 2010 April 6, 2010 Special
Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action is up for a Gemmie at an award show and are being followed by a magazine company called Celebrity Manhunt. The episode is set several months after the end of Pooh's Adventures of 'Total Drama Action, where most of the contestants have gained hefty media attention, whether alone, as couples, or even in groups. Beth and Lindsay went to Paris but when they were there Beth was caught with her pants down and Lindsay ruined the Mona Lisa, causing both to end up in prison. It turns out that when Noah left he became Chris's assistant. Izzy starred in many movies, but sometimes terrorized her crew. Tyler and Leshawna have starred in various reality shows together. Cody, Justin, Trent, and Harold start a boy band. Harold felt that the band did not respect his beat boxing so he quit and started his own beat boxing career, crushing the popularity of both him and his last band. Later on, they reunite and are re-releasing their album. Katie and Sadie go green. Ezekiel tries to get street cred. Bridgette and Geoff's relationship becomes rocky as the fame starts to get into Geoff's head. Owen stars in a commercial advertising a workout machine. In the commercial he had a picture of abs taped on his stomach. DJ and his mom start a restaurant and they kill someone with their food by accident. They now live on a bus, the same bus Courtney drives off a cliff. Gwen; whom Pooh and his friends are helping to become a movie star, starts a webshow about the environment. Heather makes fun of Gwen by making a webshow just to make fun of Gwen's webshow. Gwen's webshow revealed Heather could not get a date to the prom and made out with her cat all night. It also reveals that Gwen secretly has a crush on Duncan,when he and Courtney break up, to which Pooh and his friends become suspicous of. Towards the end Courtney and Duncan hook up again after insulting each other and then start making out. Since Courtney was driving , that led to the bus falling off a cliff, since instead of driving she was making out with Duncan. In the confessional booth towards the end Courtney reveals that she will be keeping an eye on Gwen so she doesn't steal Duncan. Sierra reveals things about Chris. Owen sits eating pancakes. Ezekiel tries to rap. Gwen, Duncan, and Alejandro are confident about season three. Bridgette sobs and says she'll win the money for Geoff. Towards the end of the reunion show, most of the contestants meet Chris as the rest of the contestants missed the trip and did not qualify to be on the third season of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama. where he tells them that they will be competing in season three of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama, where he hinted that they will be taking "world tours." In the end, Chris says that he wants a third season, and that they should do more dancing on the show. At the end of the episode, Chris and Chef Hatchet begin singing "Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama: The Musical" as if that's going to Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour shows up, proving that the official third season will be entitled Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour. This is the last episode of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Action and is preceded by the next series, Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour.


  • Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, the Vultures, Jiminy Cricket, Kronk, Iago, Ratigan, Fidget, Jafar, and Maleficent will be the main guest stars of the season.
  • Pooh and his friends will team up with Gwen for the first few episodes of this season until her elimination. They will then team up with Lindsay and Beth to convince them to join their alliance until the episode "The Princess Pride" when they will team up with Duncan to defeat Justin after realizing he was responsible for Gwen's elimination. After Justin's elimination, Pooh and his friends will team up with Duncan for the rest of the season.
  • The aftermaths hosted by Geoff and Bridgette will take place at the House of Mouse.
  • The storyline continues in Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour.