Pooh Adventures of Total Drama World Tour (Remake)

Poster for Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour

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Poster for the aftermath of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour

Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour is another upcoming sequel to Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Island planned to be made by RatiganRules. It is unknown when the film will be made.


As with the previous seasons, Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, their friends, their enemies Ratigan, Fidget, Jafar, and Maleficent, and fifteen returning contestants and three new ones (Alejandro, Sierra, and Blaineley) partake in an elimination-based competition for the grand prize of C$1,000,000, led by series host Chris McLean (Christian Potenza).

In this season, contestants are taken around the world throughout international based challenges and are required to break into song whenever Chris rings a special chime, or face instant elimination. There are 30 songs in total, and every episode takes place in a different location.

As the contestants are eliminated, they take the "Drop of Shame" by parachuting out of the plane in which the elimination ceremonies take place. When eliminated, they lose the chance at the million dollars (though such an elimination may not be permanent).

The winner of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour is Alejandro in Canada, while Heather (the runner-up) almost beats him but lost the game by mistake. However, in the American version and iTunes version, Heather wins the contest. Beth, Eva, Geoff, Justin, Katie, Sadie, and Trent do not return to compete; instead, they appear on the aftermath special, sitting in the peanut gallery and on the last episode while cheering for the finalists, Alejandro and Heather.

However, as stated multiple times in following seasons, there was never any clear winner, as the money was thrown into a volcano by Ezekiel, making the money burn into ashes. This is the second season (first being Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama Island) in the series where no contestant wins anything.

List of Episodes

Episode Title
1 "Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1"
The episodes starts when Pooh receives a note from Gwen, explaining that a new enemy is planning to get her eliminated in the upcoming season of Total Drama, which turns out to be none other than Alejandro. As Pooh and his friends begin their musical journey around the world, Owl salutes them twice in case they are doomed to never return. Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, their friends, the villains, and fifteen of the original contestants of the Winnie the Pooh/Total Drama series—Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Ezekiel, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen and Tyler—have returned to compete in the World Tour. They are joined by two new contestants, Alejandro and Sierra. The contestants are informed of the new rules of

the show and taken to the Total Drama jumbo jet that will transport them to several points around the world. Ezekiel is nearly left behind, but he manages to hop onto the plane just before takeoff. The contestants are taken to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, where they participate in their first challenge. Duncan becomes aggravated about doing a music number and quits the show, which saddens Courtney. Three new teams are formed: Team Victory, Team Amazon and Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot. Debut: Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Guido, Genie, Iago, Danny, Sawyer, Ratigan, Fidget, Jafar, and Maleficent

Songs: "Winnie the Pooh" (from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh), "Adventure is a Wonderful Thing" (from Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin), "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers" (from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh), and "Come Fly With Us"

2 "Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2"
The remaining contestants must compete in a camel race to the Nile and bring their rewards to the finish line. Chris tells them that each reward has a "special surprise"—the stick is a divining rod, the camel is a camel, and the goat is small. Izzy and Sierra switch teams because Sierra is interested in Cody, and Izzy is interested in Owen. Chris catches Duncan humming the

song from the previous episode while lounging in the plane, but Duncan denies it. Alejandro tries to win everybody over with compliments and other remarks, but Heather doesn't believe him, though she admits he's a good manipulator. In the second challenge, the contestants must weave a basket, then row across the Nile to the finish line. Ezekiel is eliminated after accidentally feeding the team's reward to a crocodile and, although he was voted off, he holds onto the plane's tail, refusing to give up. Duncan, who had been promised a ride home, is instead pushed out of the plane. After the elimination, Alejandro says he plans to hide his background, and confesses that, compared to him, Heather is a saint. Songs: "Lovin' Time" and "Rowin' Time"

3 "Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan"
Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, their friends, the villains, and the contestants figure out they are in Japan after Chef slashes the door open and they fall in a giant bowl of rice. After Chris introduces the episode's guest star, who is Pooh's old friend and Mulan's sidekick Mushu, the first challenge is a game of giant pinball, with each team having a pinball partner (Teams Victory and Chris has a panda and Team Amazon has Cody and Sierra), Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot wins, thanks to Alejandro's care of the panda. The second challenge is writing and producing a Japanese commercial for the brand new Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails. Team Chris chooses to do a Japanese Monster Mash-style commercial, Team Victory chooses a samurai-style commercial, and Team Amazon produces a commercial with the leftovers. Team Amazon wins because of Chef's love for exploding donuts. Harold

quits because the samurai style was his idea. Instead of being pushed out of the plane, he "kills" himself with a toy lightsaber and falls out. Guest Star Appearance: Mushu

Song: "Before We Die"

4 "Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better"

Team Amazon relaxes in the first-class section of the plane. Cody's relaxation is interrupted when Sierra starts rubbing his foot and ends up paralyzing him. In the "losers' section," Leshawna is playing with the nun-yos Harold gave her. Chris walks in, and the contestants begin to complain about Japan. The plane lands in the Yukon. After Chris explains that the contestants won't be getting coats, they huddle together for warmth. The first challenge involves each team crossing the chasm by jumping from shard to shard. Once they reach the sleds, the first one there must climb up the mountain while carrying the rest of their team on the sled. Team Victory wins the first challenge thanks to DJ. During the challenge, DJ's eyes are frozen after he cries, after which his team gets lost and they hit a baby seal. Alejandro (with Drake's help) continues to manipulate the contestants on Team Victory for his pleasure and towards their elimination, as he starts flirting with Bridgette, causing her to become distracted. When Bridgette begins to kiss Alejandro, she is tricked and becomes stuck to a pole. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot wins thanks to Owen's weight, which helps accelerate the sled. Before the elimination ceremony, Pooh and his friends manage to warn Bridgette about Alejandro, and she believes them. Bridgette is eliminated for kissing a pole and for not crossing the finish line with her team. Before being eliminated, she tries to warn her teammates about Alejandro's evilness, but she is pushed off the plane as she shouts, "Alejandro eviilll!"

Guest Star Appearance: Drake

Songs: "Don't Make Me Laugh" (from The Pebble and the Penguin) and "Stuck to a Pole"

5 "Broadway, Baby"

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot relaxes in the winners' cabin of the plane. Team Amazon's female members (except for Sierra) complain about the "losers' section". Heather tries to manipulate Sierra and Cody into obeying her, which fails to work, because they both know about Heather's villainous personality. Alejandro continues to manipulate Team Victory by smuggling them food and trying to win them over. The contestants figure out they are now in New York City after they fall into a boat and land on water.

In the first challenge, the contestants must climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty, place the baby carriages on top of Lady Liberty's crown, race down to the boats, then drive to Central Park. The contestants figure out the ropes are made of steel wool when they try to climb them. Alejandro manipulates Sierra into revealing humiliating things about Chris' past (such as having his own cooking show that was cancelled after one episode, making terrible movies about talking cats, and being in a boy band). Eventually, Chris has enough of Sierra and tells her to zip it. Team Amazon wins the first part of the competition, but discover that the only way to go down is to slide down a fireman's pole. During the second part of the competition, the contestants race to Central Park, going through a sewer, and end up being chased by a giant alligator, who tries to eat them. Team Victory wins the second segment, giving them the shortest path. In the second challenge, the teams push their carriages along a pre-determined path to Turtle Pond, and bob for giant apples with only their heads and while loading the carriages. Each team must then race to the heart of New York. During the challenge, one member of each team has to remain in the carriage (Cody, Lindsay, and Noah) and sing while they are racing. DJ injures a turtle. Heather switches Team Chris's carriage with a real carriage, and they reach the heart first, but lose because of Heather. Team Amazon wins again. The prizes are candy (which Cody greedily begins to take), apples (for which Sierra wants to thank Chris), and an electric meat grinder (which Heather throws out of the plane).

Guest Star Appearances: Oliver, Dodger, Tito, Francis, Einstein, Rita, and Georgette

Songs: "Streets of Gold" (from Oliver & Company) and "What's Not to Love New York"

6 "TDWT Aftermath I: Bridgette Over Troubled Waters"

The hosts, Geoff and Blaineley introduce the show at the House of Mouse, beginning to talk to the contestants that could not compete in Season Three, only to find that they do not mind not being able to participate. Blaineley is upset, as she had hoped that they would be filled with jealousy and anger. Instead, no one seems to mind not participating in the season and are enjoying their time away from Chris and Chef. Geoff and Blaineley reveal that two eliminated contestants, Duncan and Ezekiel, are missing, having vanished after their eliminations. The hosts tell the audience that Chris is looking for Duncan, whereas Ezekiel is stalking the current cast. Blaineley goes to the other two contestants who were eliminated, and attempts to introduce Bridgette. Geoff, upset with Bridgette over her relations with Alejandro, brings out Harold instead. They sing "Baby," dedicated to Leshawna.

Meanwhile, the girls of the peanut gallery (except Eva) and Blaineley scream over The Drama Brothers. Blaineley is knocked out after screaming over Justin. Geoff signs off for commercial. Blaineley demands that Bridgette come out. She has locked herself in the green room, but allows Beth to coax her out. Bridgette is nervous about being interviewed, especially after cheating on Geoff. Beth convinces her to come out and sing, which she will only if she can sing "her way." Geoff complies. Bridgette sings "I'm Sorry," but Geoff does not fully accept her apology. Blaineley shows Bridgette's "recap," which is composed of clips of her with Alejandro. Geoff becomes more frustrated as Bridgette answers a viewer questions. Geoff and Bridgette begin bickering, then start fighting in a boxing ring, much to Blaineley's pleasure. Suddenly, during the fight, Geoff and Bridgette begin making out. Blaineley becomes frustrated and quits the show, while Beth flirts with the pole. Eva angrily signs off the show because "they told her to."

Guest Star Appearances: Various Disney Characters

Songs: "Baby", "The Three Caballeros" (from The Three Caballeros), and "I'm Sorry"

7 "Slap Slap Revolution"

Teams Victory and Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot is in the losers' cabin when a hole opens up and begins to suck up everything. Team Amazon (except for Cody) is relaxing in the winners' cabin. Cody tries to protect himself from Sierra by hanging a string with bells, but it does not work.

The contestants discover that they are in the German Alps when they see them from the window and Chris begins to speak German. After falling from the plane, Chris tells them that they must sing softly or risk a "song-avalanche." Tyler causes an avalanche after loudly expressing his joy that Lindsy finally remembers him. After Pooh and his friends meet up with Snow White and her friends the Seven Dwarfs, Alejandro (along with the Evil Queen) continues his tactics by distracting and flirting with Leshawna.

When they make it up the hill, they find out their challenge: to grind meat into a giant sausage, then ride the sausage down to the bottom of a deadly hill. Team Amazon yells and gets mad at Heather for tossing out their electric meat grinder reward–they could have used it here and won. Team Victory makes a giant sausage, and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is forced to turn Owen into their sausage after he eats all the meat. Team Amazon is forced to turn their sausage into a snowboard after Sierra uses most of their meat to make a "meat Cody". During the second part of the first challenge, ravenous goats try to attack the contestants. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot wins. The rewards are hats: metal, fur and regular. At the bottom of the hill the teams receive their second challenge: to perform a German dance on a special platform that will shock them every time they make an incorrect move or when Chris needs a laugh. Each team must have two to three dancers per team (Leshawna & DJ, Sierra, Cody & Heather, Al, Owen, and Noah). To the contestants' dismay, the coordinator is Chef. The challenge begins when it becomes a survival of the fittest. Leshawna & Heather soon begin to fight, causing them to be rapidly shocked (and resulting in Heather losing a tooth). Team Amazon wins when Alejandro gives up. Leshawna is eliminated and thrown off by Alejandro.

Guest Star Appearances: Snow White, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey, and the Evil Queen

Songs: "Eine Kleine" and "Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum" (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

8 "The Am-AH-Zon Race"

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is in the economy class section. Owen begins to drool in his sleep and blabber about airplanes, and Alejandro commands him to be quiet, but Owen wakes up in a frenzy and accidentally punches Alejandro in the face, giving him a swollen right eye. Alejandro complains that Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot needs to be in the first-class section after that day's challenge. Team Victory, now down to just DJ and Lindsay, is on the opposite side of the economy class section. DJ suddenly regrets voting off Leshawna, and remembers his curse. Team Amazon, in first-class for the fourth time, enjoys their relaxation. Sierra begins to "surf the net." However, she is staring into a drawing of her and Cody on a pizza box while using a real mouse as a computer mouse.

The three teams exit the plane as Chris welcomes them to Peru, home of the Amazon River. He explains that the challenge is to hike along an ancient Peruvian trail all the way to Machu Picchu. There, the first team to find a yellowen treasure wins. Chris gives each team walkie-talkies and gives Gwen Cody's

EpiPen, in case of an emergency. They begin hiking, and Team Victory chooses the left path. Tyler encourages Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot to also choose the left path in order to stay with Lindsay. Team Amazon (after meeting up with Baloo, Kuzco, and their friends) takes the right path, thanks to Gwen. Team Victory reaches the zip line first, and they get the privilege of using the T-bar. DJ zip lines down, while Lindsay rides on his shoulders. On Team Chris, Alejandro (along with Shere Khan, Kaa, and and Yzma) uses his pants belt and Owen his own hands to slide down.

Team Amazon hikes down a trail, and Cody thanks Gwen for taking his EpiPen. Gwen confesses that she has no idea how to use it. Cody leers at her and explains that she has to jab it into his naked butt cheek, and Gwen tosses the EpiPen back to him in disgust. Suddenly, Cody is grabbed by an enormous mosquito, but Sierra knocks it down with a stone. She catches him as he falls and assures him of her devotion towards his safety. Team Amazon is stopped in their tracks as they notice two Zing-Zings sitting around a fire. The Zing-Zings capture them.

Meanwhile, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is waiting for Tyler, Noah, and Izzy to cross the zip line. Tyler removes his pants and uses them as a makeshift T-bar, which works for a short while, but then catches fire, and he falls into the water. Izzy stuffs Noah into her backpack before she goes down. The Zing-Zings have tied Team Amazon to a tree, and Cody suggests that the batteries in the flashlight in his back right pocket could be used inside the walkie-talkie (after they realize that Chris didn't put in batteries). However, he cannot reach it. As a result, Gwen gets shot by the EpiPen and Courtney gets the flashlight. DJ slaps innocent monkeys who only want the bananas that Team Victory won. Team Chris is attacked by giant caterpillars.

Team Victory reaches Machu Picchu first, and Chris, once again, announces that they are maintaining the first place slot. While Alejandro finds Owen in order to regain his trust, the rest of Team Chris waits for them. Team Amazon, still in the same place as the previous day, is wide awake except for Gwen, who is sound asleep due to Cody's EpiPen. Heather is mistaken for a goddess and her lost tooth is replaced by a yellowen one. After Team Victory find the treasure and Owen accidentally destroys Machu Picchu with a different treasure, Chef frees Team Amazon, informing them that the Zing-Zings are actually normal Peruvian teens. Cody suffers an allergy attack from a red ant bite. Team Amazon faces elimination (Gwen, Courtney and Sierra vote for Heather, Heather votes for Gwen, and Cody votes for Sierra to get her away from him), until Chris reveals that the elimination is fake and Heather will not be taking the Drop Of Shame after voting Heather off, much to the dismay of Pooh and his friends. The episode was a rewards challenge, with a banana as the reward. In the confessional, Heather vows to make her team pay and to beat Alejandro.

Guest Star Appeances: Baloo, Bagheera, King Louie, Kuzco, Pacha, Kronk, Malina, Shere Khan, and Yzma

Songs: "The Bare Necessities" (from The Jungle Book) and "Gypsy Rap"

9 "Can't Help Falling in Louvre"

Team Victory is relaxing in the winners' cabin. DJ is staring at his food while Lindsay is painting her nails. DJ states that he will now be a vegan because of his animal curse. Tyler begins to miss Lindsay, and Owen tries to say what happens when he's away from Izzy for too long, but is interrupted by Noah. The airplane begins to shake, because Izzy is messing around with the controls. In the losers' cabin, Heather makes fun of Alejandro because of how his team is acting, but Alejandro tells her to look at Sierra. Because of the events of the previous episode, Cody is forced into hiding, such as when he hides behind Alejandro while in confessional. At the controls, Izzy tries to do a somersault with the plane, forcing Chef to perform an emergency landing.

Chris briefly introduces the contestants to Paris. Where they meet Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Phoebus, Clopin, Hugo, Victor, Laverne, and Tommy Pickles and his friends. Lindsay can only think about shopping, but Chris tells the contestants to go into the museum for the first challenge. Each team will get its own statue: Team Victory gets The Thinker, Team Chris gets Venus de Milo, and Team Amazon gets David. Chris tells the contestants that the pieces to the statues have been divided and hidden. In addition, Chris has some motivators: the Yeti from Season 1, the seal DJ ran over, and a bear with a chainsaw.

Alejandro manipulates his team with a game of "statue bingo". Sierra cries throughout the challenge, which makes the bear cry, and she begins to hate Cody. Things begin to get intense when Teams Amazon and Chris get their pieces mixed up. DJ tries to make up for the dog he hurt in Egypt by taking another one to the exhibit, but he ends up hurting more animals.Meanwhile, Hugo, Victor, and Laverne advise Cody how to make things right with Sierra. Cody takes Sierra out on a date, but she doesn't care. Frollo and Coco LaBouche get a call from Bowser Koopa and tells them that he will be looking forward to attend Alejandro's victory after he wins the season and will discuss how they will get revenge on Pooh and his friends by then. Team Amazon wins the first challenge, and the second challenge is a Team Victory walk-off with the loser facing instant elimination. Lindsy chooses Tyler and DJ chooses Gwen. Cody finally makes up for what he did. Gwen wins with nothing but DJ's shirt, while Rabbit solds Chris and Heather for their rude judgement of Gwen being a model, believing her to be stupendous. Tommy Picles and his friends decide to accompany Pooh and his friends for the rest of the season while Frollo agress to team up with Alejandro for the rest of the season. Lindsay faces elimination without Tyler saying how he feels. Pooh and his friends attempt to warn Lindsay about Alejandro, but they are too late. She takes off, but gets hit on the head falling out of the plane.

Guest Star Appearances: Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Phoebus, Clopin, Hugo, Victor, Laverne, Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil and Lil DeVille, Dil Pickles, Kimi Finster, Angelica Pickles, Judge Claude Frollo, Coco LaBouce, and Jean-Claude

Cameo Appearance: Bowser Koopa

Songs: "Paris in the Springtime" and "A Guy Like You" (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

10 "Newf Kids on the Rock"

While everyone in Team Amazon is relaxing (except for Cody, who has an annoying Sierra back, and Heather, who wants to make an alliance with DJ), Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot tries to talk to DJ, the only member of Team Victory remaining. Owen explains that he was never the "alliancer," just the "alliancee". Noah gives Owen advice, which backfires because Owen takes the advice too literally and attempts to set DJ up with Noah. Alejandro chides them, explaining that they cannot just barge into an alliance. A livid Tyler chooses this moment to yell at DJ for being the cause of Lindsay's elimination. DJ gets mad, saying it isn't his fault, then says that he's sorry and that he's going to deliberately lose the next challenge in order to leave the game. Heather falls out of a compartment above Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot upon hearing this, which amuses Alejandro and Noah. Alejandro asks if she was spying on them, which Heather vehemently denies. At this point, Ratigan begins to worry that Heather is starting to become less manipulative as she was in the past.

The plane lands in the middle of the ocean where they meet SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends and the contestants are shoved out. DJ immediately begins to panic because of his fear of water, but is rescued by Heather, who is still attempting to form an alliance with him. Alejandro points out a flaw in Heather's plan, irritating her further. Chris shows up in a boat, wearing a raincoat and talking in a Newfoundland accent, explaining that Newfoundland was where he was born and that the first challenge of the day is to reach a set of boats and row them all the way to the shore.

When the challenge begins, Courtney attempts to take over leadership of Team Amazon, only to be chided by Heather. While Courtney and Heather argue, Alejandro makes it to his boat, quickly complimenting his team's swimming skills, then assists Noah, the second to arrive, into the boat. The rest of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot makes it to the boat, and drag a struggling Owen to them using a fishing net. When the race begins, Heather switches to DJ's boat in order to help him stay in the game. The musical chime sounds and the contestants begin singing "Sea Shanty." DJ refuses to sing, but is tricked into singing by Heather.

After a series of unexpected events, DJ and Heather arrive at the island first, followed shortly by Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. Team Amazon is nowhere in sight, leaving Heather to face the team punishment of cleaning the seafood Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot brought in and shucking several giant clams for Chris. Meanwhile, Courtney and Gwen climb a rocky mountain, trying to reach Duncan at the top. Cody and Sierra are left waiting at the boat and Sierra attempts to flirt with him. Cody backs away and falls out of the boat.

With Team Amazon still missing, the next challenge involves Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot competing against DJ. The challenge is a relay. For the first part, Izzy and Owen must chug jugs of apple vinegar, then tag Alejandro and Noah, who have to decipher a sentence given by Chris' cousin Jerd McLean, who speaks in a very thick accent. For the final round, Tyler has to kiss a cod "like he means it". Because DJ is the sole survivor of Team Victory, he is required to do all the challenges himself. Owen easily chugs the vinegar, even asking for chips to go with it. DJ still refuses to do the challenge, but is again tricked into completing it by Heather. He unintentionally deciphers Jerd's sentence, as well, putting him in the finals. Alejandro manages to understand Jerd's next sentence, putting both teams in the finals.

Back at the mountain, Gwen and Courtney finally reach the summit, only to discover that they had mistaken an odd-shaped rock as Duncan. Disappointed and confused, both girls return to the boat, where Sierra explains that missing someone can cause hallucinations. Courtney confesses that she really does miss Duncan badly, but she doesn't understand why Gwen would see him. Gwen nervously agrees.

For the final challenge, both Tyler and DJ must kiss a fish. DJ refuses, not wanting to hurt another animal. Heather and the villains points out that this fish has an Egyptian symbol on it, and that kissing the fish could cancel out DJ's curse, DJ doesn't believe her but, when Alejandro agrees, DJ kisses his fish. In order to get Tyler to kiss the fish, Alejandro suggests that he pretend it's Lindsay, which works and Tyler begins to make-out with it, ending the challenge in a tie. Team Amazon finally arrives, and Gwen takes the blame for their loss, prompting Heather to yell at her and proclaiming that she is going to vote Gwen off. Chris announces that in celebration of being in his homeland, the episode will be a reward challenge. Team Victory and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot are both entitled to a delicious fish and clam chowder dinner. Heather secretly puts Owen's socks in it. Alejandro walks alone to the shore, and shows the audience a bucket of fish, each with an identical symbol drawn upon it. He explains that this was all part of his plan, releases the fish into the water and then walks back to the house in silence as Pooh and his friends secretly eavesdrop on him. Chris appears and calls Alejandro, "every producer's dream, and everyone else's nightmare," then signs out the episode.

Guest Star Appearances: SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Sandy Cheeks, and Eugene Krabs

Song: Sea Shanty Mix

11 "Jamaica Me Sweat"

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and DJ enjoy their night in first class. DJ talks about his new good luck charm, "Irene," the cod he kissed in "Newf Kids on the Rock" that had an Egyptian symbol on it (which had been painted on by Alejandro). Izzy reclines in her chair, accidentally kicking Owen in the groin and causing him to curl up in pain. Team Amazon complains about being in the economy class section of the plane. In first class Owen talks to Noah about his plan to break up with Izzy. When Chris walks through the first-class section of the plane, Alejandro asks if DJ, as the last member of Team Victory, could join Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, but Chris does not allow it. DJ assures Alejandro that he'll be okay. Pooh and his friends try to warn DJ about Alejandro's trickery, but he doesn't believe them.

While flying to Jamaica, Chris and Chef discover that the Total Drama Jumbo Jet is out of gas, and it begins to descend. Izzy grabs a parachute and jumps from the plane, but leaves the door open, causing Owen to be sucked out behind her. Owen and Izzy safely land on a sandy beach, only to have the plane crush them both. Owen and Izzy are taken away in an ambulance, while the contestants question why all the money has been spent already. At the medical tent, Owen stands by Izzy's bed, fearing that she's dead. Izzy wakes up and reveal that she's come up with a "mathematical equation for infinite time travel."

Pooh and the others meet up with Ariel and her friends and family from the sea and land. The remaining contestants are in their bathing suits on the edge of a cliff with Chris, as he explains the next challenge. Teammates must tag each other, then one at a time dive into the lake and look for Chef's yellow karaoke chains, while looking out for electric eels and sharks. Tyler, Cody, and DJ are the first to jump. DJ can't get underwater due to wearing a floatie on his shoulders. Cody is grabbed by a shark and repeatedly punched in the face. Tyler (after having explained in the confessional he can't see well underwater) mistakes an eel for the yellow chains. Cody runs back to the top of the cliff and tags Heather. Before she dives, Alejandro compliments her, distracting her and causing her to fall and belly-flop. Tyler runs to the top of the cliff, but jumps off again, not tagging Alejandro or Noah. Heather returns to the top of the cliff and tags Sierra, who does a cannonball, causing water to splash her teammates and an electric eel to land on Courtney's head. DJ goes to the top of the cliff, but accidentally kicks Irene off the cliff. He jumps off and catches his fish. Gwen jumps next for Team Amazon, and finds the yellow chains, but is shocked by several electric eels as she surfaces. Alejandro steals the chains from Gwen as he carries her to shore, but Heather steals the chains from Alejandro and takes them to Chris, winning part one of the challenge for Team Amazon.

Gwen is brought to the medical tent, where she and Owen chat. Izzy is writing a long mathematical equation on the wall. Owen reveals that, according to the doctor, the plane crushing Izzy destroyed a blockage in her brain. Members of the army come to take Izzy away. Owen wonders out loud why he wanted to break up with her, but Izzy says they are "incompatible" and "the relationship must end," and is then taken away by the army.

Back at the beach, Chris reveals that Team Amazon's advantage for the second challenge is helmets. For the challenge, two members of each team (minus DJ, who will go alone against each team) must ride a longboard down Chef's track and into the empty pool for three rounds, and whichever team has the shortest time wins. Chris takes advantage of Owen being sad by making him and Gwen sing. Cody, Sierra, Tyler, Alejandro, and DJ are the first people to do the longboard challenge. Alejandro tells DJ that with Irene he'll be unstoppable, but Tyler scolds him for being nice to another team. Owen runs to the pool, revealing that he's okay to compete. Cody and Sierra go first and complete the course in 47.36 seconds. Alejandro and Tyler go next, and get 58.49 seconds. DJ is the last one to go for the first round and gets the best time, 45.01 seconds. Courtney and Heather, Noah and Owen, and DJ are the teams for round two. Courtney and Heather get a time of 56.28 seconds, and Noah and Owen get 55.16 seconds. DJ beats his own record, completing the track in 44.37 seconds. While the original teams wait in line for round three, Alejandro loudly tells Tyler that the symbol on Irene was painted on by him. DJ overhears the conversation and is crushed and guilty for not listening to Pooh and his friends. Sierra and Cody complete the course with a time of 53.41 seconds and a total time of 2 minutes, 37 seconds. Alejandro and Tyler get 41.09 seconds and a total time of 2 minutes, 35 seconds. While going down the course, Alejandro cheats and punches one of the boards, breaking it. DJ leaves Irene behind on his last run. While riding the longboard down the track, DJ nearly runs over seagulls and a huge walrus on the track. DJ goes over the board Alejandro broke, and is launched into the air. Chris calls the run incomplete, with the result that Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot wins and DJ loses. DJ takes the Drop of Shame, a short drop because the plane is still on the beach. After he lands, he gets attacked by a colony of red ants and Chris signs off the episode.

Guest Star Appearances: Ariel, Prince Eric, Flouder, Sebastian, Scuttle, King Triton, Melody, Tip and Dash, Ursula, Flotsam and Jetsam, Percival C. McLeach, and Joanna

Songs: "Oh My Izzy" and "Under the Sea" (from The Little Mermaid)

12 "TDWT Aftermath II: Revenge of the Telethon"

With the plane running out of fuel in the last episode, the Total Drama World Tour Aftermath show is turned into a telethon in order to raise money so that the plane can be refueled. "Save This Show" explains that $500,000 is needed to refuel the plane. Despite a moving duet by Bridgette and Geoff, no money is raised. A few incentives are offered, including Yum-Yum Happy Go Time snacks at $25, a T-shirt with Chris' face on it for $50, and one of Lindsay's unused lip gloss tubes for $100. Despite the incentives, only $203 is raised, most of which is from Harold's mom if he will clean out the garage. This inspires the hosts to start offering rewards if certain monetary goals are reached.

Their first attempt is showing Total Drama Fugitives when they reach $10,000. Ezekiel is spotted in the cargo hold of the plane, while there are two possible sightings of Duncan. Only an extra $100 is raised during this segment. They bring out DJ, and show various clips of him hurting animals during the show (in the style of "That's Gonna Leave a Mark"). Then all of the various animals DJ has hurt are brought out onstage in cages, and Geoff announces that DJ will pet an animal if a certain fundraising goal is reached. Blaineley, in an effort to raise even more money, releases the animals. DJ safely gets away, but the animals attack the entire set and everyone on it.

After the commercial break, the studio is in ruins and Bridgette is bandaging an injured Geoff. However, over $300,000 dollars has been raised. Because the studio has been wrecked, the new goal is $1,000,000. Leshawna is brought out to inspire more donations, and she is asked to sing about her betrayal by Alejandro. She asks to dance, but Bridgette, Geoff and Blaineley all insist that she only sing. Leshawna sings "Sisters," but dances a little, with Harold and Bridgette dancing back-up. A caller offers money if Leshawna stops dancing, but Bridgette insists that Leshawna will keep dancing until another $100,000 is raised, a goal which is quickly reached.

Blaineley shows various clips of Alejandro in order to increase the drama between Bridgette and Geoff. Despite Bridgette putting a bag over her head, she still has the urge to look, which inspires many more calls. However, when Bridgette thanks Geoff for being so understanding and they kiss through the bag, they raise a lot of money, bringing the total to about $720,000. To help raise the money, Goofy sings a song while serving food with a total of $775,000 after the song. In a final attempt to encourage more donations, Izzy is brought out, although she will only respond to the name "Brainzilla," due to her new-found intelligence. Izzy refers to herself in the third person, and speaks pedantically. The peanut gallery mysteriously disappears after her entrance, though Geoff says that he has it all under control. Izzy is strapped to a large trivia wheel, and will be asked questions based on the amount of money donated. The more money donated, the harder the questions. If Izzy answers the question wrong, she will fall into a pool of sharks. Despite the increasing difficulty of the questions, Izzy answers them all correctly. After the third spin, the wheel breaks off and spins offstage, where Izzy suffers another blow to the head, returning her to her old wild and crazy self. In order to save the peanut gallery, who are slowly being lowered into the fish tank, she must defuse a bomb blindfolded. Izzy hits the bomb with a hammer, making it explode and scattering the crew and sharks all over the studio with Izzy blown completely through a television. By the end of the night, the grand total raised is $1,000,000.01. The show is saved, and Total Drama will be able to return for another episode.

Guest Star Appearances: Various Disney Characters

Songs: "Save This Show", "Sisters", and "Soup or Salada, Fries, or Biscuts" (parody of "Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious" from Mary Poppins) (from the House of Mouse episode, Goofy For a Day)

13 "I See London..."

Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, their friends, the villains, and the contestants all sit in economy class because Chris and Chef said they needed the winner's section of the plane for planning for the next challenge. The contestants converse with each other. Gwen and Courtney are bonding, despite their former dislike of one another. Sierra is again on her pizza box "updating Tweeter," while Noah mocks her, making Owen laugh. Owen and Noah's antics irritate Alejandro, who goes off by himself to walk around the plane, and overhears the conversation in economy class. Chris and Chef have found someone to "take out" the contestants, much to Alejandro's worry. He is then seen and and talks to Winnie the Pooh's old enemy, Cruella De Vil, who offers to help Alejandro with his plan. Later, the group (minus Alejandro) is forced to parachute to the ground when Chris does not receive permission to land. They are one parachute short, so Noah has to jump with Owen.

On the ground, they board a double-decker bus, where Chris explains the day's challenge. Their job is to catch Cruella, much to the surprise of Pooh and his friends. Clues will be hidden in various locations. Heather notices that Alejandro and the villains are missing, and Chris reveals that he was already caught by Cruella. The contestants begin the challenge at the Tower of London. Chris announces to the contestants that they are to strip two guards in front of the tower to find a clue hidden in their clothes. The contestants are shocked and disgusted, but complete the challenge, while singing "Strip Them Down." Team Amazon is finished first, and heads off to where the clue takes them.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot has trouble, because Owen is playing with the hat, not knowing that the clue is inside it. Heather, Gwen, Courtney, Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others head up to the tower to Anne Boleyn's room, while Sierra demands a kiss from Cody, blocking his progress upstairs. Team Amazon has to put one of the members of the team on a torture device to get the next clue. They choose Heather, and she is very upset with them, but is outvoted two to one. They complete the task, Noah finds the last clue, and they head up to the dining hall.

Cody and Sierra have been kidnapped by Cruella De Vil. The other team goes to the torture device portion on the challenge. They use Tyler, and complete the task. During the task, Noah says he doesn't trust Alejandro. When they leave, they accidentally leave Tyler behind. They return, but he is gone, having been captured by Cruella. Heather is a lookout while Gwen, Courtney, Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others search the banquet hall. They succeed, only to find Heather missing. They are mildly concerned, and head to the part of town where Gwen knows Cruella kidnapped several of her victims. Back at the dining hall, Noah quickly finds the final clue, and he and Owen hastily make their way back to the double-decker bus.

Gwen, Courtney, Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others are in the only building open in the part of town to which they went, which happens to be a punk rock club. Inside, they see someone who they are surprised to see, but do not reveal the person's identity. Meanwhile, on the bus, Cruella grabs Noah and locks him in the glass driver's booth. With the help of the guard dogs from earlier, Owen is able to capture Cruella, and tie him up in a bag. After Pooh and the others found that Owen captured Cruella and congratulate him, Owen finds and captures a mysterious figure outside the bus. Both teams return to the plane to reveal who they have captured.

Noah and Owen reveal the mysterious figure, who turns out to be a malnourished and zombie-like Ezekiel. Chris explains that he promised Ezekiel that he would return to the game if Cruella managed to not get caught, but since she was, Chef throws Ezekiel out of the plane. The other team has caught a "criminal" who turns out to be Duncan, who is then put back in the game on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. They show the other competitors who were captured earlier, who had seen everything on-camera. Alejandro is very upset with Noah due to his unflattering comparison of him to an eel. At the elimination ceremony, Noah is voted off. Owen is upset, but Noah brushes it off, strapping his parachute on and simply giving Owen a subtle warning about Alejandro before taking the Drop of Shame. Ezekiel is crouched on the wheels of the plane, growling ferociously as Noah falls past. In a separate part of the plane, Courtney is mad at Duncan for leaving her, but then says that she's not mad and just misses him and hugs him. After Courtney and Pooh and the others leave, Alejandro manages to trick Duncan into believing Courtney never really liked him and was using him as an advantage throughout the seasons. Feeling crushed, Duncan goes to find Gwen. Gwen is in the confessional, saying that she feels jittery and can't sleep. Duncan walks in because the lock is broken and, after some brief banter, they begin to kiss. Tyler pops his head in and is shocked, but leaves without a word. In the plane's cockpit, Chris happily wonders how Courtney and Pooh and the others will feel about this and if Tyler will tell them, before signing off the episode.

Guest Star Appearance: Cruella De Vil

Songs: "Chim Chim Cher-ee" (from Mary Poppins), "Changing Guard Mix", and "Cruella De Vil" (from 101 Dalmatians)

14 "Greece's Pieces"

Courtney indulges in girltalk with Gwen, telling her how happy she is that Duncan returned to the game. While Courtney gushes over her boyfriend, Gwen is uncomfortable because of their kiss in the confessional. Owen is having nightmares about Noah leaving, worried that he's going to be leaving the game next. Tyler, not very good at keeping secrets, is nervous about seeing the kiss. Alejandro tries to press him for more, but Duncan intimidates him to keep him quiet.

In the common area, Chris explains the next challenge, competing in the Olympics in Rome. Courtney, Alejandro and Gwen all correct him, informing him that the Olympics are Greek. Chris calls two interns to him, forcing one off the plane while the other has to learn more fun facts about Greece before Pooh and the others meet up with Hercules, Megara, Philoctetes, and Pegasus and Alejandro teams up with Hades, Pain, and Panic. On the Acropolis, Chris explains that each competition will be one-on-one because Team Chris is down one competitor and Team Amazon is all girls. The first event is hunting for yellow in a maze of pillars, guarded by an Erymanthian Boar (actually, the bear with boar teeth tied to it). Gwen and Duncan volunteer for the competition, which make them feel awkward and they try to back out of it. However, Chris forces them to keep fighting. Duncan is forced to sing for the rest of this competition, under the penalty of Chef following him and towel-whipping him.

While they compete, the rest of the competitors are taken to a wrestling ring. Courtney calls herself the strongest Amazon, but Cody claims he's stronger than her. Courtney dismisses the claim, prompting Sierra to issue a challenge to take on Courtney. On Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, Tyler mentions being on his grade school wrestling team. Alejandro lets Tyler take his place in the ring, in exchange for a favour, to be called in later. Cody, Sierra and Courtney wrestle against Owen and Tyler. Cody is quickly knocked out of the ring by Owen's large bulk, which knocks him into the bear. Sierra leg-locks Owen for hurting Cody, while Courtney fights Tyler, who is knocked out because he doesn't want to hit a girl. Phil then helps Tyler work out as he did to train Hercules by singing "One Last Hope". Cody announces his return, which Courtney dismisses. Sierra attacks her, and they both fall unconscious. Owen stands victorious over them both, earning two yellow medals.

Gwen and Duncan are in the ruins, looking for the boar-bear. They bump into each other, awkward in each other's company. Chris signals for a song, but only Duncan must sing through the whole song. Duncan and Gwen sing about the obvious problem, since Tyler had seen their kiss. Duncan tries to convince Gwen that he had no regrets about what he did, but Gwen retaliates, saying he will later regret it when you-know-who (Courtney and Pooh and the others) find out. Gwen says what they are doing has to stop, because it is all so insane. Alejandro and Hades listen in, figuring out the secret looming over the game, while Courtney and Pooh and the others are too far away to hear the lyrics. Gwen is able to get the medal from the bear, while Duncan is being beaten up.

The final competition is a hurdles race, and Heather and Alejandro must compete since they have yet to do so on this day. Both try to psych each other out with their flexibility, but Alejandro is super flexible. However, Alejandro shows off too much, making him knock his head on the last hurdle while Heather gets enough distance to win. This forces a tiebreaker. The tiebreaker competition is donning Icarus-like wings and flying up to grab a medal from the air, dressed in "authentic Spartan costumes". Cody volunteers for Team Amazon, while Tyler volunteers for Team Chris.

Alejandro chooses now to call in his favour, forcing Tyler to spill his secret. Pooh and the others are shocked, believing Gwen prefers Duncan over Trent, while Courtney turns violent on Gwen, appalled that Gwen would betray her because she thought they were friends. She begins screaming at Gwen, kicking and punching, restrained by Sierra. Cody is flabbergasted and hurt, hearing that Gwen kissed Duncan over him. Cody reaches his boiling point after Duncan finally returns, insulting his costume, and sucker-punches him in the face for kissing Gwen.

Tyler gains a headstart, but only because Courtney tells Cody to stay put. If Team Amazon were to lose here, Gwen would be voted off. Cody refuses to let Gwen get voted off, believing that Gwen would have to kiss him eventually, and chases after Tyler. The wings start molting, since they are only held together by wax, and Tyler's wings fall apart before he can grab the medal. Cody grabs the medal with his teeth before his wings give out, falling to the ground and landing on Tyler. Team Amazon wins the tiebreaker, while Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot advances to the elimination competition again. In the plane, Sierra praises Cody for punching out Duncan, while Heather tries to console Courtney. Gwen, Pooh, and the others first sit apart from them, then head to the confessional. They realizes there that Duncan will likely be eliminated from his team for two-timing Courtney. They run to watch the elimination competition, with Gwen worried about Duncan's fate, while Pooh and the other hopefully think that Duncan getting eliminated is for Gwen's own good. Chris explains why Alejandro, Tyler and Duncan could be voted off, but decides to veto the vote set for Duncan and boots off the second intern (who at least gets a parachute), much to Hades' anger. Owen is relieved that Tyler and Alejandro won't be the only two left, because he is currently out of an alliance, and could use Duncan's vote in his own alliance. Chris explains that he won't let Duncan leave the show when the drama is just getting started.

Guest Star Appearances: Hercules, Megara, Philoctetes, Pegasus, Hades, Pain, and Panic

Songs: "One Last Hope" (from Hercules) and "Greek Mix"

15 "The Ex-Files"

In the first class compartment, Courtney and Sierra are ready to eliminate Gwen out of jealousy—Courtney for Gwen's kiss with Duncan in the confessional and her resulting breakup from Duncan, and Sierra for Cody's strong attraction to Gwen. Pooh and the others plan to eliminate Courtney before Alejandro in order to prevent Gwen from losing the game again. The only person having fun is Heather, who is glad that the target's off her back. In economy class, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is planning their own elimination, with Tyler and Alejandro hoping to eliminate Duncan. The plane begins mysteriously starts to crash, and Chris calls the "potential crash victims" to visit the culinary for a "last meal" while their autopilot tests some equipment. Alejandro suggests that Courtney flirt with Tyler to make Duncan jealous, and Courtney complies, saying that Tyler is "super-cute" and shocking him, but Tyler refuses to betray Lindsay.

The plane finally lands and Chris announces that they are in Area 52—just next to the famous Area 51 where they meet Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck. The challenge is to break into Area 51 and bring back an in-tact alien artifact. Team Chris and Team Amazon reach their respective sides of Area 51 and form plans, with Gwen accidentally leading Team Amazon to a mine field, which earns her the nickname "New Heather" by Sierra, which makes Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others furious. Team Chris loses Owen to the black ops. Team Chris gets past the lasers first, while Team Amazon is forced to sing. Ignoring the girls' insulting Gwen in their song, Cody throws candy at the mine field, waits for the explosions, then runs over the mines, and both teams enter Area 51's secret warehouse at the same time. Both teams look for intact relics. Heather is angry to discover Courtney purposely throwing the challenge in hopes of eliminating Gwen, while Tyler forces Team Chris to help him look for Owen, who is having his memory erased in a box. Alejandro (with the help of Marvin the Martain) angrily states that an artifact won't fall from the sky, but Tyler causes a small box to fall into Alejandro's arms, releasing a pair of aliens that electrocute the both of them.

Duncan and Gwen run into each other in the warehouse, and Gwen says that although almost everyone now hates her, she enjoyed their kiss. She points out that Courtney's flirting seems to be getting to Duncan and, before she can go on, Duncan kisses her. The two smile and decide to start a relationship and let things happen. But Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others forbid Gwen to have a relationship with Duncan, reminding her of her times with Trent before they broke up, to which Gwen ignores them about it, making Rabbit frustrated. They are interrupted by an alien spaceship, reminding them that they are competing against each other. Duncan runs off to capture the alien, and Gwen trips him. She tells him to try not to get eliminated, and Duncan replies, with a dreamy expression, "Same to you". Cody is searching alone when he finds an alien pod, and an alien Cody is created. Sierra is enthusiastic and hugs both so tight the alien Cody is killed. Duncan finds Team Chris and rescues them, but makes Alejandro promise not to vote him off in return. He fails to free Alejandro, but they both unintentionally free Owen, who claims to have no memory, despite clearly showing he remembers everyone and the competition.

Chris and Chef Hatchet, watching from the plane, thank the Colonel for doing Owen's makeup job and mullet hairdo, while Duncan gets the aliens off Tyler and Alejandro and traps one into a cardboard box. Gwen brings Team Amazon the original box Team Chris had found. Her teammates angrily tell her to "save it for first class" as they rush out. Tyler is gloating and does not notice that Team Chris is on a mine field, and is blown up, landing by Chris with the charred remains of the alien. Team Amazon almost loses their box, but Chris catches it and they win the challenge. In first class, Heather is surprised by Courtney's obsession with eliminating Gwen, noting that Courtney has replaced Izzy in terms of insanity. Gwen, Pooh, and the others disappear to spy on the elimination ceremony, Chris is explaining how Team Chris failed due to their lack of teamwork. Tyler is ecstatic that Duncan is out, but discovers he's been voted off. Courtney protests at first, but then kicks Tyler out of the plane in anger. Courtney vows to get her revenge on Duncan and Gwen and to betray Pooh and his friends in order to prevent them from eliminating her, much to the worry of the heroes.

Guest Star Appearances: Bugs, Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Marvin the Martain

Song: "Boyfriend Kisser"

16 "Picnic At Hanging Dork"

In the first class section, Courtney and Sierra are both mad at Gwen. Heather offers a cookie, which Gwen is about to take, but Courtney grabs it first and crushes it, showing what she would like to do to Gwen, making Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the other glare at Courtney. In economy class, Alejandro is wondering who to manipulate next, and Duncan suggests Courtney. Alejandro thinks this would be perfect, because it would throw both Courtney and Duncan off their game. Courtney takes Heather into the bathroom and tells her to vote off Gwen, but Heather's fingers are crossed so she does not have to do it.

Chris announces that they have reached their next destination: Australia. The contestants must jump out of the plane because they are denied permission to land. Bernard, Miss Bianca, and Jake offer to help Pooh and his friends with their plan, while Percival C. McLeach once again teams up with Alejandro after they with Ursula, Flotsam,, and Jetsam in Jamaica. The first part of the challenge is an emu race up the side of the mountain. Courtney tries to intentionally lose in hopes of eliminating Gwen, riding her emu slowly. Heather notices and claims Courtney is trying to lose on purpose and is planning to vote her off.

At the top of the mountain, Chris announces the next challenge, a bungee jumping sheep shearing contest. Team Chris cannot start yet because Owen is absent. Team Amazon wins sheep shearers while Team Chris wins gardening shears. Courtney goes first and grabs nothing, claiming that this challenge is wrong. Gwen goes next, and grabs a cactus. Cody goes third and grabs a sheep, but when they are about to start shearing it, Chris forces them to sing. They find out the sheep has no logo, and go again. Owen makes it up the mountain, and Team Chris begins. Heather bungees up and down, Courtney is flirting with Alejandro, Sierra is injured, and Cody and Gwen are shearing the sheep. Gwen notices Duncan crying over Courtney, and gets upset because she thought she was Duncan's girlfriend now. Gwen asks Cody to vote off Courtney with her and Heather, and he promises. Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, their friends, Gwen, Heather, and Cody ally to vote off Courtney. Team Chris finds a logo and wins the challenge. During the elimination ceremony, Gwen votes for Courtney, Courtney for Gwen, Sierra for Gwen, Heather for Courtney, and Cody for Sierra (accidentally), despite the promise he made to Gwen. Gwen and Courtney are forced to do a tiebreaker: feeding eucalyptus to baby koalas that haven't eaten in a week. Gwen says she is allergic to eucalyptus. Her face is getting puffy and she is sneezing, though she manages to feed the koala. Courtney finishes first, and Gwen takes the drop of shame, much to the anger of Pooh and his friends. Courtney tells them that Gwen is nothing but a backstabbing villain, causing Littlefoot to brawl with Courtney out of anger, but he eventually gets beaten up by her. Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and thier friends angrily end their friendship with Courtney, vowing to make sue she never wins. As they walk away, Alejandro and the villains secretly celebrated with his success about Gwen getting elimination, and he gets the idea to eliminate Courtney next.

Guest Star Appearances: Bernard, Miss Bianca, Jake, and Percival C. McLeach

Song: "Shear the Sheep"

17 "Sweden Sour"

Sierra is excited that Gwen is gone, hoping now that Cody will pay more attention to her and get over Gwen, to which Timon angrily tells her to shut up. Like Pooh and the others, Cody is sad about Gwen being gone. Alejandro flirts with Courtney, telling her that she is the only pretty competitor in the competition. Owen is curious if Duncan feels awkward about Alejandro and Courtney being together, but Duncan reassures him that he doesn't care. Owen begins talking to Duncan about how Noah had told him that Alejandro was attracted to Heather, which interests Duncan, who asks for more information. Owen tells Duncan about how Noah had described Alejandro previously. Duncan suggests he and Owen should not trust Alejandro and consider him an enemy. In economy class, Alejandro gives Courtney a cookie, but Timon snatches a cookie from Courtney and crushes it as punishment for eliminating Gwen causing Courtney to growl at him furiously. Alejandro says in the confessional that, now that Courtney and Duncan are broken up, Courtney has become easy to manipulate. Heather is jealous and tries unsuccessfully to attract Alejandro's attention.

The Total Drama Jumbo Jet lands on a icy lake in Sweden. While the cast is freezing, Heather ask if the jackets ordered in the Yukon are available yet, but Chris says they aren't. Courtney asks Duncan to apologize for kissing Gwen, but Duncan refuses and Pooh and the others tell Courtney to drop it. Alejandro cuddles Courtney to keep her warm, convincing her that it will make Duncan jealous. Heather notices their cuddling and tries to cuddle with Duncan, but he refuses. Pooh and the others meet up with Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, Princess Anna, Elsa the Snow Queen, and Olaf the Snowman, and asks them to help them. While Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Prince Hans offer to help Alejandro with his plan.

Chris greets them with a Swedish accent. The contestants ask him where their jackets are, but Chris tells them that they will be arriving in six to eight weeks. He announces the challenge: they are supposed to build some kind of contraption out of a pile of parts, then figure out what it is they are supposed to be building. The winner will win an advantage in the next challenge. Heather and Courtney begin arguing, and Owen suggests they build a boat, to which Duncan and Alejandro agree, but they try to keep it a secret. Cody begins to work on Team Amazon's pile of parts, and the others let him work. When he is done, he has built Gwen's head. Heather tries to attack him, but Sierra restrains her. Chris signals them to sing.

Alejandro warns Owen not to tell the Amazon's what they are building, but he does just that. They sing "Gwen's Face". For finishing first, the boys receive a sack of seemingly useless rocks. Duncan and Alejandro flatter Owen to try and gain his trust, and they make him captain of their boat. Owen farts on the ice, causing the ice to break and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot to set sail. They must capture a flag first or sink the other team's boat with cannons. The rocks turn out to be flint, which can be used to fire their ammunition.

Team Amazon cuts off the top of the giant Gwen head and use it as a boat. Instead of going for the flag, Owen orders them to attack the Amazons and to talk like Vikings," but he uses a pirate accent instead. They attack and miss, and the Amazons fire back. Just when it looks like the Amazons are going to win, Owen orders them to shoot him out of the cannon, destroying the Amazons "ship," and winning the challenge for his team. Heather confronts Alejandro about why he is picking off her teammates and ignoring her. He explains that he is trying to get rid of Courtney and, for his plan to work, he has to make her think he likes her. Owen talks to Duncan, feeling conflicted about whether or not he should trust Alejandro, while Duncan carves Gwen's face into the side of his chair. Duncan advises him to "do what Noah would do," Owen appears to agree. At the elimination ceremony, Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, their friends, Sierra, Cody, and Heather all agree to vote off Courtney, but Chris reveals it to be a reward challenge. The reward is a Swedish massage.

Guest Star Appearances: Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, Princess Anna, Elsa the Snow Queen, Olaf the Snowman, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Prince Hans

Songs: "We Built Gwen's Face" and "Shiver My Timbers" (from Muppet Treasure Island)

18 "TDWT Aftermath III: Aftermath Aftermayhem"

Geoff announces that Blaineley is finally doing her job and traveling around the world. He wonders where Bridgette is, but Blaineley enters and they find out that she sent Bridgette instead. Bridgette is in Siberia, where she and some interns are enduring a blizzard and a bear. Geoff promises he will get Bridgette back and swears revenge, then leaves the stage. Blaineley brings out Noah, Tyler and Gwen. Tyler swings in on a rope and is severely injured. Blaineley then shows the "That's Gonna Leave a Mark" segment. Blaineley was supposed to meet one of her biggest fans but, because she had Bridgette go instead, the fan is angry and wants them to sing a song about Blaineley. Geoff sings "Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley" as an insult.

Blaineley announces that one of the losers will get another chance at the million dollars in the Total Drama Second Chance Challenge. Five contestants will be selected to compete. Each of the losers will be given a can of peanuts, five of which contain Chris heads. Lindsay, Beth, Noah, Tyler, and Leshawna advance to the next round, which is a giant board game. Contestants must roll giant dice and complete mini-challenges to move on. Before they start, Geoff shows clips of Blaineley in the green room, revealing that she is very gross. Blaineley tries to cover up, saying that the clip wasn't real, but no one believes her. She tries to rush the game through, and Geoff realizes that if they don't end the show on time, Blaineley will not get paid. He tries to slow down the game, while Blaineley rushes them. Mickey Mouse tries to lighten things up by having O'Malley and the Alley Cats sing a song onstage. After the song, Blaineley tells Mickey they need to continue with show.

Lindsay rolls the dice and lands on the Owen square. Her challenge is to eat two peppers and drink milk while watching funny clips of the show and not squirt it out her nose. The clips are of Tyler getting hurt, and Lindsay doesn't laugh, saying she "never laughs at boyfriends". Tyler's turn is next. Because of his injuries, Trent has to push him around in a wheelchair. When he lands on the Sweden square, it is a booby trap and he falls through the floor. Noah takes his turn, and his challenge is to dodge lasers while standing on his square. If he breaks contact with the square, face-hugging aliens from The X-Files will attack him. Noah loses the challenge, and he is attacked by the aliens. In Leshawna's turn, she must fight a kangaroo. She is knocked out, Harold tries to fight the kangaroo for her, and he is also knocked out.

Beth rolls the dice, and her challenge is to compose a haiku about one of Heather's positive attributes. She succeeds, and moves onto the next round with Lindsay. Lindsay's second challenge is to balance some of Chef's Swedish meatballs on her nose for at least three seconds. She successfully completes her challenge. Beth rolls to the last space, and her challenge is to catch an intern dressed up like Cruella De Vil and bring her to one of the British guards from "I see London..." Bridgette is shown again, treating the paw of the bear that attacked them earlier. She says she can't leave "Bruno" until he is healed. Geoff objects, but he is unable to stop her, and instead swears revenge on Blaineley, which she ignores. Beth catches the intern and is asked the question, "What is the name of Duncan's London-based punk band?" Blaineley rushes to Beth, and tells her the answer. Geoff tells Blaineley that whoever answers the question correctly wins, and Blaineley is now in the game. She objects, but she is captured by three interns. Geoff is thrilled that she is leaving, then tells the audience that the next episode will be at the secret finale location. He signs off the episode as Blaineley is reluctantly dragged off.

Guest Star Appearances: Various Disney Characters

Songs: "Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley" and "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" (from The Aristocats)

19 "Niagara Brawls"

Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, their friends, the villains, and the contestants are dragged to the cargo hold area of the plane while they are sleeping by the interns. Owen has a nightmare about being shot out of the sky by Alejandro with candy canes. When Owen falls in his dream he wakes up and notices that he and everyone else have been dropped out of the plane. Owen wakes up the others and they notice two swan paddle boats are falling with them. They all get into the boats and land in the water, but realize they are heading towards a waterfall. Cody prays that he will live, saying he will let Sierra kiss him, believing they are all going to die, anyway. Sierra hears and ties the boats together and paddles them to shore, where Sierra kisses Cody.

On shore, Bloom, Tiana, and their friends arrive s Pooh and his friends explain to them about their problem, while Dr. Facilier offers to help Alejandro with his plan to eliminate Courtney. Chris tells them they are back in Canada, at Niagara Falls. They head to Niagara Falls casino, but have to go to the concert theatre because they are all under age. Chris tells them that a contestant will return to the show, and both Duncan and Cody want it to be Gwen. During the musical number, they find out that it's Blaineley, who most of the contestant don't really care about. When Blaineley asks which team she is on, Chris announces that the teams are merged. The boys agree to be close, though even though they aren't teammates anymore.

Chris announces that, since they are in the honeymoon capital, they will be partners for an "arranged marriage". The boys will be placed in a giant slot machine, and the girls will pull the handle to see who will be their partner/husband. For fun, Chris adds a bear in the slot machine. Sierra pulls first and gets Alejandro, but Sierra closes the door and begs Chris to let her reject him. Heather takes Alejandro instead, upsetting Courtney. Blainley pulls the handle and gets Owen. She is satisfied with the result, thinking that Owen will help her image since he is an audience favorite. Courtney pulls the handle and, after being mauled by the bear, pulls again and gets Duncan, which neither of them are happy about. Sierra is left with Cody.

Dr. Facilier (with Pooh and Bloom's enemies, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy) lure Courtney and Cody to his voodoo emporium with Pooh and his friends following. As Facilier sings "Friends on the Other Side", he promises to make Courtney rich and Cody to be away from Sierra. They both shake his hands, and Facilier casts and magic spell and fills his voodoo talisman with Courtney's blood as part of Alejandro's plan to get rid of her.

In the first part of the challenge, the boy partner must lead the blindfolded girl to a wedding dress, while avoiding many obstacles. If a duo doesn't get a dress, they are out. Duncan messes with Courtney in the challenge, and Cody doesn't try since he really doesn't like being Sierra's "groom". Heather reaches the dresses first, followed by Blaineley, who runs into and eats a cake. Alejandro leads Courtney to her dress after Duncan keeps messing with her, to Heather and Pooh and the others' annoyance. When Chris announces that the challenge is over, Sierra runs through the obstacles and gets the last dress.

In the second part of the challenge, the couples must walk over Niagara Falls (to which Chris has added sharks) on a tightrope while carrying their partner. Before they start, Alejandro talks to Duncan about Owen's popularity being a threat to them and makes a deal: if Duncan votes off Owen, Alejandro will vote with them next, even if it's Courtney.

The challenge starts and Heather and Alejandro argue who will be eliminated. Since they were first to get the dress, Alejandro (carrying Heather) gains a headstart. To make himself look weaker to the others, Alejandro pretends to trip and he and Heather fall into Niagara Falls. Sierra and Cody are next and Sierra carries Cody. In the confessional, Sierra reveals that she can legally marry her and Cody as long as he says "I do". When they reach Chef to answer the trivia part of the challenge, Sierra keeps trying to get Cody to say the words, but ends up losing the challenge and they have to head back. They run into Owen and Blaineley on the tightrope. Since neither pair wants to turn around, they all fall and lose the challenge. Courtney and Duncan angrily travel across the tightrope and answer all the questions correctly, fighting about how they can't stand each other. Chris announces that they have won invincibility, and cannot be voted out, much to the dismay of Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, Bloom, Tiana, and the others and the anger of Facilier and the other villains, realizing that Courtney couldn't be eliminated. The losing couples swim for their lives to escape the sharks. While waiting outside the confessional, while in the bathroom, Sierra says the vows while Cody and Alejandro wait to use the bathroom. Sierra asks Cody if he needs to go, and Cody replies, "I do". Sierra announces that the two are now married, and she doesn't believe in divorce. Cody objects that it's not real, and Alejandro congratulates them, since he was technically the witness. Sierra agrees to do Alejandro a favor, since he was the witness. All she has to do is vote for Owen, because he couldn't eliminate Courtney. When the votes are counted, the votes go two for Heather, two for Sierra, and four for Owen, meaning he's eliminated. Blaineley pretends to cry and says goodbye in an attempt to gain favor with the audience. Owen gets stuck in the exit and Alejandro kicks him out, but gets farted in the face by Owen.

Guest Star Appearances: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, Louis, the Trix (Icy, Darcy, and Stormy), Dr. Facilier, and Lawrence

Songs: "Blainerific" and "Friends on the Other Side" (from The Princess and the Frog)

20 "Chinese Fake-Out"

Dr. Facilier talks to his "friends on the other side" about helping Alejandro eliminate Duncan and Courtney. They summon Shan-Yu and Tai Lung to help. Duncan greets Courtney in first class and tries to mend the fences between them. He can use the extra ally now that Owen is gone. Courtney shoves Duncan head-first into the wedding cake. Over the plane's PA system, Blaineley tries to form an alliance with someone. Remembering Chef helping DJ the previous season, she suggests a TV deal if he helps her. Cody mopes because Sierra thinks the two of them are married now. Alejandro sides with Sierra, but Heather tries to help Cody by telling him that being forthright with Sierra will get her to back off for good.

After the plane lands, the contestants are lined up in front of the Great Wall of China where they meet Mulan, Po, and their friends. Chris gets as far as saying the contestants must race along the wall before he is interrupted by a call. The contestants race off after they misinterpret a signal, missing out on vital information. Each contestant grabs a different mode of transportation to help them on their journey: Blaineley sits in the rickshaw, Duncan rides the bicycle, Alejandro uses the skateboard, Courtney pedals the tricycle, Cody mounts the donkey with the aid of pogo sticking Sierra, and Heather is stuck with the traditional Chinese wooden sandals.

Duncan and Alejandro race neck-and-neck down the wall, until Duncan hits a boobytrap mine. Cody's donkey stubbornly does not move, while Sierra hops behind and around him. He tries to "break up" with her, but she focuses his having said he liked her. He spurs on the donkey, who kicks Sierra off the Great Wall of China and into a Chinese tea store. There, she is given a bag of "Love-Me" tea: the more she drinks, the more Cody will love her. Courtney gets stuck in a crack of the wall, and Alejandro suggests to Duncan that they stop to help her. Duncan thinks it will be fun to watch her struggle for a while, but Alejandro thinks she might help him in return. When she is free, she offers to return the favor later. The three of them race off for the finish line, but Courtney hits another boobytrap and goes flying. Alejandro and Duncan cross the finish line at almost the same time, only to learn there is no prize for first place. Cody and Heather finish close behind, and Blaineley somehow makes it to the finish line. Chris is about to ring the gong, signaling the end of the race, when Sierra just makes it across the finish line. This means that Courtney does not get to compete in the next half of the challenge.

In a Chinese restaurant, the contestants learn they will be served local dishes—the grossest Chris can find. Alejandro, having a weak stomach, turns to already-eliminated Courtney for help in the challenge. Blaineley, allied with Chef, is served slightly different food than the other contestants. One by one, the other contestants are eliminated until just Blaineley, Alejandro and Sierra remain. Pooh and the others raise a protest that both Blaineley and Alejandro are cheating—Blaineley has been served normal food, while Alejandro gave his food to Courtney. To mollify her, Chris makes Sierra and Blaineley switch bowls of food and makes Courtney wear a large mask so she can't eat Alejandro's food. Both cheaters can't stomach the thought of eating the gross dish and vomit, while Sierra finishes her bowl, winning invincibility and the opportunity to take Cody with her to first class. The voting results are split evenly between Courtney and Blaineley (with Cody voting for Sierra despite her immunity). Courtney is confident she can take Blaineley in a tiebreaker, but since he'd been getting calls from the producers, hounding him about the budget, Chris gets rid of both contestants instead. Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, and the others are happy to hear they finally got Courtney eliminated as revenge of eliminating Gwen. Courtney again promises to sue the show, adding a lawsuit against Duncan for defamation. Blaineley reveals information about all of the remaining contestants: Ezekiel is still hiding on the plane, Cody votes for Sierra every time, Heather and Alejandro have an obvious crush on each other, Pooh and his friends are trying to convince everyone that Alejandro is evil and the villains are working with him as well as his plan, and warned Pooh and his friends that Alejandro tricked Duncan into kissing Gwen (to which Courtney doesn't believe) and she, Blaineley, was first pick over Chris to host the show. Before she can say more, Chris pushes both contestants off the plane. Although their plan to teach Courtney a lesson worked, Pooh and the others feel confused with Blaineley warning them about what Alejandro did. As Pooh and his friends walk away, they overhear and spy on Alejandro and the villains talking about his plan about getting Gwen and Courtney eliminated and how he tricked Duncan into kissing Gwen. Pooh and the others are shocked to realize that tricking Duncan into kissing Gwen and causing Courtney to hate her was all part of Alejandro's plan to eliminate her all along, but they are determined to get back at the villains and set things right. In first class, Sierra splashes the tea over herself, which makes Cody lightheaded. Sierra diagnoses it as an allergic reaction and jabs him with an EpiPen she just happens to have on her. In the cockpit, Chris discusses with Chef the serious ramifications of Blaineley's actions.

Guest Star Appearances: Mulan, Shang, Mushu, Cri-Kee, Yao, Ling, Chein-Po, Po the Panda, Shifu, the Furious Five, Shan-Yu, and Tai Lung

Song: "A Chinese Lesson"

21 "African Lying Safari"

Duncan is elated with Courtney's departure, although Pooh and the others tried to warn him that Alejandro lied to him. He comments on Alejandro's and Heather's mutual crush, revealed by Blaineley in China, and they both try to deny it, but speak in unison. In the first class compartment, Sierra is feeding Cody her "Love-me" tea, causing him to enter a physically weakened state.

The plane lands and Chris welcomes them to Tanzania, home of the Serengeti where they meet Alex the Lion, Tarzan, and their friends. Alejandro decides to team up with Scar, the Hyenas, Clayton, Makunga, and the Foosa to help him with his plan to eliminate Duncan. Sierra arrives late, carrying Cody in her backpack, announcing that she will be playing for herself and her "husband." Chris introduces the first challenge, which he calls "Sock-et To Me." He also points out Chef's punishment for making an illegal alliance with Blaineley: wearing a parka (dubbed the "penalty parka" by Chris) and pants in balmy African heat.

Contestants must run to a pile of plums and return while avoiding soccer balls kicked at them by the competitors. Only Alejandro makes it through unharmed. The plums are used to smash gourds. Heather wins and, as a reward, she receives six tranquilizer balls for the hunt. Alejandro, smashing his gourd after Heather, gets three balls. Duncan only gets two balls, since he has flung his cricket bat at the gourds to smash them, instead of using plums. Sierra and Cody, failing to smash their gourds, only get one ball each and no slingshot with which to hurl them.

Chris announces that the tranquilizer balls will be used to knock out Ezekiel, who was found in the hold after Blaineley ratted him out. Ezekiel is now in a completely feral state, with very little hair, ripped clothes, a chewed up ear, talon-like feet and jagged teeth, so wild that he attacks an intern after his release. The contestant who catches him will win invincibility. Sierra builds her own slingshot from a stray stick and Cody's spare underpants. Duncan suggests to Alejandro and Heather that they team up to hunt, but Heather decides to go alone. Alejandro steals all her ammunition. Defenseless, she encounters a lion. Alejandro and Duncan walk into a quicksand bog and slowly sink into it. They manage to get out with Ezekiel's help, but he runs away before either can get a clear shot at him with their slingshot. Sierra shoots some rocks to lure Ezekiel out, but angers a rhino and flees. She trips, launching Cody into a tree. Heather bumps into Sierra, offering to team up and help Cody down from the tree. However, a baboon grabs him and runs off. The girls and boys start charging at each other, knocking each other out.

Chris chooses this opportunity to make the contestants sing, but they are still a bit stunned. They begin from singing "Wake Up". Chris warns them that they have just one hour to catch Ezekiel, or the plane will leave without them. Duncan tries to make an alliance with Sierra, but she only wants to ally with Cody. Heather and Alejandro plan how to get rid of Duncan and win the competition at the same time. Sierra runs off on her own and finds Cody held by a baboon. Cody has recovered from the drugging, warning Sierra that the primate really likes him. In spite of this, Sierra tries to save Cody, causing the baboon to call for more baboons to stop her. Although she is outnumbered, Sierra beats up the baboons and rescues Cody.

After Scar tells Pooh and the others about Alejandro's plan and warn them not to interfere, Heather and Alejandro put their plan into action. Heather asks Duncan about Gwen, which distracts him enough for Alejandro to trip him. Duncan smashes into Serengeti blood berries, and goes to a watering hole to wash up. Ezekiel leaps out of the water and attacks Duncan. Alejandro, the only one left with ammunition, knocks out both Ezekiel and Duncan, winning the challenge, the invincibility and the reward. Trying to leave Ezekiel behind, Chris rushes the contestants inside the plane, but Ezekiel manages to break his way back onto the plane before it leaves. At the elimination ceremony, Duncan is voted off, which he expected. He is tossed out of the plane by Chris. Alejandro, considering who to bring up to first class with him, chooses Cody, surprising everyone. This angers Heather, who begins to rant about Alejandro in the confessional. Chris barges in on Heather's confession and signs off the episode.

Guest Star Appearances: Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, the Penguins of Madagascar (Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private), King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Tarzan, Jane Porter, Terk, Tantor, Scar, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Clayton, Makunga, and the Foosas

Songs: "Wake Up" and "Be Prepared" (from The Lion King)

22 "Rapa-Phooey!"

Pooh and his friends have a meeting, discussing how they will teach Alejandro a lesson. Rabbit gets an idea to ask Cody and Sierra to convince Heather into voting him off at the next elimination ceremony and will take them to the final two, just before Tigger starts singing "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow", happily thinking about setting things right. Cody wakes up in first class, surprised but relieved that he has spent the entire night without Sierra bothering him. Alejandro explains that she did try to get in seven times, but his sleeping with one eye open help keep her out. Cody thanks Alejandro by kneeling in his lap and hugging him tightly, much to Alejandro's disdain. In the confessional, Alejandro explains that the reason he brought Cody to first class with him was to convince Cody to vote off Heather. Alejandro brings out his reward from the last challenge, a cart of candy. After Alejandro explains that he doesn't eat sweets, he gives them to Cody in exchange for a favor. Sierra ask Heather for advice about how to deal with hers and Cody's relationship. Heather advises her that boys come and go, but girls stay together, in an effort to balance Alejandro's attempted alliance with Cody.

As the plane is about to land, Chris begins fiddling with the controls, resulting in the jet crashing into an Easter Island (Rapa Nui) rock head. Chris explains the challenge: rocks have been shaped to resemble the heads of past contestants who have been voted out of the challenge, with eggs hidden among them. The contestants are given feathered headsets and are required collect three eggs matching the color of their headsets, after which they must enter an underground cave to reach the highest point on the mountain. Sierra is the first to find an egg but it's Alejandro's color, so she drops it. When Sierra find her correspondingly colored egg, she weaves a basket from grass in which to carry her eggs. Sierra finds more, then helps Cody collect his. Cody thanks Sierra and admits in the confessional that, if Sierra wants to help him get the million dollars, he wouldn't stop her. Heather has a problem holding her eggs, so Sierra weaves her a basket, too. Cody uses his basketful of candy to carry his eggs, and Alejandro asks him to share, since there is plenty of room and Alejandro did win it for him in the first place. When Sierra sees this, she becomes angry and claims this isn't healthy for their family of eggs. Alejandro counteroffers with more candy.

In the cave, Cody and Alejandro see a giant boulder rolling towards them (thanks to Chris and Chef). They lose one egg each, and are forced to go back. When they get there, they realize they are carrying condor eggs, and the father is chasing them. While the girls are in the cave, they agree to vote for Alejandro at the next elimination, since the worst-case scenario would be a tie, and the best case would be Alejandro is gone. One of Sierra's eggs hatches and reveals a chick bearing a striking resemblance to Cody. She names it Cody II, and it shows a fondness for Heather, nesting on top of her head. The boys run through the cave, realizing that a giant bird is chasing them. The contestants make it out of the cave in the order of: Alejandro, Cody, Sierra, and Heather. The bird's path is blocked by a giant Chef rock.

The second part of the challenge is to climb up a huge rock pillar, then return the eggs to the nest on top. The female condor, twice the size of the male, is on top in the nest. Since Alejandro made it out of the cave first, he gets a catcher's mask, protecting his eyes from the condor's talons. During the condor song, Alejandro puts two of his three eggs into the nest, but the last one cracks on the ground. Cody is next and is not able to put any of his eggs into the nest but, thanks to his basket, none of his eggs break, allowing him another chance when the girls are finished.

Sierra puts one of her eggs in the nest before being distracted by Cody II. When Heather's turn comes, the female condor flies away with Cody II, allowing Heather to put all of her eggs into the nest, and she wins the challenge. Cody II flies back to Heather and the condor grabs Heather, flinging her hard to the ground, which causes a domino effect on the eliminated contestants' rock heads. During the elimination ceremony, Sierra receives three votes against her, Cody's reason being he saw her weave a nest out of his underwear. As Sierra says good-bye, Chris reveals that it was a reward challenge, meaning that Sierra is safe for the night. When Heather must choose who to bring with her to first class, she invites Alejandro, saying she will let Sierra and Cody be with each other for the night. Heather blushes when Alejandro thanks her.

Guest Star Appearances: Tulio, Miguel, Chel, Cheif Tannabok, and Tzekel-Kan

Songs: "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" (from Walt Disney's Carousel of Progess) and "Condor"

23 "Awwwwww, Drumheller"

During the night while everyone else is sleeping, Alejandro goes to the security cameras to make a realistic photo of Heather and Cody sleeping next to each other in the economy section. In first class, Heather wakes up and Alejandro thanks her for inviting him to first class with her. Heather says if she had invited Sierra or Cody, Sierra would be targeting her next to be eliminated, so she had to pick him. In economy class Cody wakes up to a very excited Sierra, who explains that the day is awesome, and that she plans to make something "very special" for Cody. Alejandro ask to have a word with Sierra on her way to get Cody's surprise ready. Alejandro shows the picture he made of Heather and Cody the previous night, and Sierra becomes furious with Heather.

The contestants are taken to Drumheller in Alberta, Canada, known for the many dinosaur bones that have been found here. The first challenge is to design a dinosaur using any bones they find, and anything else they can find on the plane. During the challenge, Sierra is hostile towards Heather, which scares and confuses Heather. Sierra tries to hit Heather throughout the first part of the challenge. When it's time to show their dinosaurs, each contestant shows a different one. Alejandro has made an actual dinosaur. Heather has made a dinosaur named after Chris (with his picture for the head), which Chris likes best. Cody shows his small dog-sized dinosaur made of light rocks, which Alejandro points out are fossilized dinosaur poop. Sierra shows her dinosaur, which symbolizes a broken heart with glitter glue, a dinosaur skull and a party hat. When Cody asks about the hat, Sierra says that today is Cody's birthday, something even Cody has forgotten. Cody is grateful that Sierra remembered his birthday.

Chris announces that the four finalists will now vote on whose dinosaur is the best in a lie detector electric chair, and they are unable to vote for their own. Heather and Alejandro vote for Sierra's, Sierra votes for Heather's, and Cody also votes for Sierra's (since she remembered his birthday). Sierra wins the first part of the challenge and is awarded a post hole digger for the second part of the challenge. Sierra points the post hole digger at Heather and chases her with an evil grin.

The second part of the challenge is to find several barrels of oil that the interns have accidentally buried. The interns were supposed to have buried barrels full of maple syrup, sugar, spiders, and snakes, but buried the oil barrels by mistake. Since Heather received one vote, she is given a prospector's kit. Since Alejandro's dinosaur is not imaginary, he finishes last and receives nothing, while Cody receives a beach bucket and a shovel for finishing third. Drumheller is huge, so it will take the contestants a long time to find the barrels. For a "fun" twist, random boulders will be flung into the valley to disrupt the contestants. Alejandro is forced to dig with his bare hands and Heather mocks him. Eventually, Alejandro snaps and yells at Heather, demanding that she leave him alone. Taken back by his anger, a terrified Heather quickly leaves. Ratigan and the villains worry about this, thinking about bringing to two together.

Cody and Sierra walk around and try to find a digging spot. With Sierra mad, Cody tries to figure out what's bothering her, but is distracted when a flying boulder lands near them, and he saves Sierra. Cody finds the picture Sierra has and wonders how it was taken. Sierra is about to tear it up, but Cody points out that, since the picture is only of him and Heather, it cannot be real, since the only time Sierra leaves Cody alone is when he has to go to the bathroom and the picture shows the economy section. Cody and Sierra realize what Alejandro tried to do and, while she angrily digs, Sierra finds a barrel. Cody lets Sierra take it for immunity, and both decide that, if one of them sees Heather, they will explain what happened, and team up with Pooh and his friends to convince Heather to vote for Alejandro with them. When Sierra returns to the plane, she goes inside to get Cody's surprise ready, instead of remaining at the barbecue with Chris.

Heather, frustrated with random digging, hurls her pickaxe and hits a barrel. Before she can dig it out, a boulder traps her in the hole in which she has been digging. Alejandro, finding a barrel of his own, hears Heather's cry for help, and goes to check on her. Chris cues them to sing a song. Alejandro plans to leave Heather in the hole so she will lose and surely be eliminated. Heather points out that her losing due to being stuck in a hole would be a hollow victory, and he should at least beat her fair and square, which makes him reconsider. He frees her and holds her for a moment, making her promise to never vote for him again, to which she agrees, since there are few votes remaining, as Ratigan and the villains find this moment to be touching. Alejandro explains in the confessional that he only changed his mind about leaving Heather, and he didn't help her because he likes her. They bring in the two barrels, one noticeably leaking, and tie for second. Heather is in the confessional when Sierra comes in and tells her about Alejandro's scheme.

Chris has a marshmallow ceremony in honor of the first season. Sierra receives the first marshmallow and Heather gets the second, as both did not receive any votes. Chris reads the votes: two are for Alejandro and one is for Cody. Before Chris reads the last vote, Sierra interrupts and asks to go get something before anyone is eliminated. Sierra brings out Cody's surprise, which is a cake with firework-like sparklers as candles. The others realize that Sierra is standing in the middle of the spilled oil, and the sparks are starting to fall into it. They scream at her to watch out, but she doesn't understand them. All of the animals and Ezekiel run from the plane moments before it explodes. Sierra is covered in soot, charred, and saddened that her cake is ruined. Alejandro asks if she is okay, and she angrily asks him if she looks okay, as what's left of her hair disintegrates. Chris, furious about the plane being gone, declares Sierra eliminated, even though she had immunity. Heather is high-fives Alejandro for making it to the final three with Cody, but Heather rushes away. Heather attempts to burn the votes in the fire, but Alejandro, hiding behind one of the fallen tiki statues, approaches the fire after Heather leaves and manages to pull them out before they burn completely. He finds three votes against him, meaning that, if Sierra hadn't blown up the plane, he would have gone home. He also realizes that Heather voted him off, even though they were in an alliance. Heather voted for Alejandro because she didn't believe she could beat him in the final three. Alejandro swears vengeance for her betrayal of him, not realizing Pooh and the others told Cody and Sierra to convince Heather to vote him off. An extremely sad Chris signs off the show and is about to cry.

Guest Star Appearances: Aladar, Neera, Eema, Baylene, Url, Pilo, Yar, Zini, and Suri (from Disney's Dinosaur)

Songs: "When You're Big" (from The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving) and "This Is How We Will End It"

24 "TDWT Aftermath IV: Hawaiian Style"

Geoff, the peanut gallery, Pooh, his friends, and other characters are in Hawaii, warming up for the grand finale of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour. Due to a lack of time, Owen, Courtney and Duncan are introduced quickly, much to Courtney's annoyance. She mentions that she's been working on her own song about her jealousy and anger towards Duncan and Gwen, but Geoff cuts her off to introduce Blaineley, who is bandaged head-to-toe and wheeled in on a dolly. Beth wonders what Geoff did to her, but it turns out she had suffered a fall through the roof of a Chinese hut while wearing her parachute incorrectly. Geoff mentions that Bridgette is back, after a long boat ride using Blaineley's passport, and she surfs up to the set. Bruno surfs up behind her, having become quite attached to her after she nursed his injured paw. When Geoff tries to get close to Bridgette, Bruno lashes out at him, causing Bridgette to scold him. Bridgette gives a rundown of the top three contestants, reviewing their past performances and projecting how they might fare in the finale. Geoff adds commentary and draws on their still images in an attempt at humor.

The gallery has split into teams, based on who they support. Lindsay, Tyler, Courtney, Katie and Sadie all join Team Alejandro; Duncan gives Blaineley a Team Heather pennant, which she cannot refuse; and everyone else joins Team Cody. This leads to a challenge to give a reward to the team's competitors. Bridgette, after learning that Alejandro has five supporters and Heather has only one (who also happens to be severely injured), forces Justin, Eva, Leshawna and Owen to join Team Heather, to their annoyance. Courtney volunteers for Alejandro, Harold steps forward for Cody, and Blaineley is nominated for Heather.

The challenge is for the competitors to run up the hill, grab a lei and surf back down the mountain past an actively erupting volcano. Owen volunteers to help Blaineley up the hill. Each competitor is asked to choose an animal to represent their competitor's spirit animal. Blaineley points to a Doberman, with Owen's confirmation. Harold finally chooses the deer. Courtney, without hesitation, chooses the jaguar, since they are sleek, fast, intelligent, and (as Geoff points out), spotty and shouldn't be left alone with a kitten.

The final part of the challenge is to place the lei around the neck of the appropriate spirit animal. Owen groans, realizing that he will need to help Blaineley more. Harold makes it up to the top first, but Courtney steals Harold's lei. Owen arrives next, dragging Blaineley behind him without much concern for her safety. Geoff reveals that Chris made them sing a song during this challenge. Courtney hits the surf first, quickly followed by Harold. Owen hangs the lei around Blaineley's neck then pushes her to the river cliff, then rides her like a surfboard. At the bottom of the river, Harold flies off first and, distracted by a bit of lava entering his shorts, drops the lei on the raft to be eaten by the deer. Next, Owen shoots Blaineley off, who flies high towards the Doberman, but she overshoots and crashes into the water. Courtney, hiding her eyes, manages to put the lei on the jaguar. At Bridgette's prompting, Geoff half-heartedly calls for a lifeguard to rescue Blaineley from the water. Bruno runs into the water instead, and carries her in his mouth like a chew-toy. Courtney demands to know her prize. Apparently, no one was supposed to win but, since Courtney came out on top, Alejandro wins a wheelbarrow. Harold, coming in second, wins a baby carriage for Cody to use if he makes it to the final two. Heather gets no advantage in the end. Bruno seems to be more interested in chewing on Blaineley's head than protecting Bridgette from Geoff's attention.

Guest Star Apperances: Various Disney Characters

Songs: "Who You Gonna Root For?" and "I'm Winning This"

25 "Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles"

A dejected Chris pouts about the destruction of his beloved Total Drama Jumbo Jet and his luxurious belongings, thanks to the events of the previous episode. Heather and Alejandro try to convince Chris to continue the show, causing him to snap at them. Cody yells at everyone to help him save Sierra in the rubble of the plane, which everyone ignores. Chef Hatchet finds an extremely large crate, which Chris tells everyone is the emergency kit. Inside is a two-seater helicopter, with only enough room for Chris and Chef. Chris tells the final three contestants that the final challenge is in Hawaii, and gives them GPS coordinates before leaving. Sierra asks what's going to happen to her, but he refuses to help her, in part because she blew up the plane, and she glares at him angrily as the helicopter takes off.

Heather decides to help Sierra, in sympathy for her being bald, giving her a wheelchair and her hat from Easter Island. Heather tries to align with Alejandro to get into the final two, but he tells her he knows about the vote she cast. The two yell at each other over walkie-talkies until Heather turns hers off. Ratigan and the villains realize that Pooh and the others caused Heather and Alejandro t hate each other and vowed to finish them off once either of them wins. Alejandro follows a truck full of the show's animals and enters it. Heather trips on some train tracks and goes to the nearby train station. Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, Aladar, their friends, Sierra and Cody look for items in the wreckage of the plane.

A cocky Alejandro tells everyone he is going to win, but he is kissed by Sasquatchanakwa, causing him to fall into a crate and he accidentally locking himself in. Later, after he is able to climb out of the crate, Alejandro states that, once he finds Heather, he will destroy her "as she destroyed my heart." He discovers Ezekiel in a crate with the other animals on the truck, and agrees to let him out if he behaves. Chris, from the helicopter, comments on the fact that Heather is in the lead and Alejandro is closing the gap, but Cody has gone nowhere.

Inspired by Sierra and the items in the debris, Cody builds a hot air balloon, but he cannot find a basket. Sierra offers him her chair and tells him she is willing to stay in Drumheller forever. Cody thanks her and calls her his "best friend". However, he cannot morally leave her behind and takes her with him. After barely avoiding hitting Chris' helicopter, their balloon gets caught in a hailstorm.

Alejandro's truck is unloaded onto the train that Heather had boarded earlier, a non-stop train to Mexico. Just when Heather thinks that she has won, Alejandro appears in her car with Ezekiel (holding him by the hood of his jacket like a leash), and he tells the conductor that Ezekiel is his little brother. After he notices Heather, he releases him on her. She manages to escape from the feral Ezekiel, but she is cornered on the caboose by Alejandro. He uses his belt to disconnect the car, attempting to abandon her on the tracks, but she manages to jump onto his car, kicking him in the process.

Chris uses this opportunity, in the middle of the hailstorm, to make the contestants sing, causing much complaining. During the song, Heather kicks Alejandro off the train and Cody's hot air balloon crashes into a telephone wire, leaving her the only contestant still moving southwards. Alejandro rides a horse that is traveling in a herd passing the train. Heather encounters Ezekiel again and, after a brief fight, Heather is thrown out of one of the train's windows by Ezekiel, and she manages to land on one of the horses. Heather and Alejandro race to Mexico on horseback.

Cody gives up on the competition when his hot air balloon is caught in electrical wires and burns up, but Sierra urges him to keep going. She goes to a nearby fireworks shop and tries unsuccessfully to barter for fireworks. She prepares to sell her expensive locket, with a picture of Cody inside, to earn enough money to buy the fireworks. However, upon learning that the fireworks are for Cody, the clerk, who reveals himself to be a major fan of the Total Drama series, and Cody in particular, gives her a whole box full of fireworks for free. They attach the fireworks to her chair and skyrocket towards the beach. Alejandro and Heather arrive at the same time, crashing into an embrace with each other with the villains close behind. Pooh, Simba, Littlefoot, Aladar, their friends, Sierra and Cody crash and fly into one of the boats, taking off before the others can recover. Heather wastes no time catching up, while Alejandro comes up alongside. Cody throws a cod at Alejandro which causes them to battle with swordfish, allowing Heather to take the lead. She arrives at a mine field and avoids the mines, taking first place where Chris and an angry peanut gallery awaits. Alejandro tells Cody he is going to win but hits a mine, blowing his boat skywards. Cody's boat runs out of gas inches away from the beach and Alejandro's boat crashes on top of his boat, launching them both to the beach at the same time. Chris tells everyone that he could look at the instant replay but doesn't feel like it and delays long enough to sign off the show with a tie for second place, ending the episode.

Songs: "I'm Gonna Make It" and "It's a Small World" (from Walt Disney's It's a Small World ride)

26 "Hawaiian Punch / Aloha! Finale!"

Picking up where the previous episode left off, Chris decides to hold a tiebreaker between Cody and Alejandro to determine who will proceed to the final two alongside Heather for the one million dollars. Cody admits his happiness in the confessional, but reveals he is also frightened of Alejandro. Alejandro admits that he is upset he tied with Cody and is imagining the insults his brother José is coming up with right now. All of the losers and campers who did not make it in Season Three are watching the event to see who will win. Chris asks Heather if she would like to choose who would break the tie or let Cody and Alejandro decide. She decides to choose for herself.

In a challenge booth are balls with different tiebreakers on them. Heather goes inside and is pelted by golf balls, which are supposed to be ping pong balls, but Chris has switched them. Heather knocks one ball through the glass of the booth, which hits Tyler's forehead, knocking him out. Another ball gets trapped in her throat and she coughs it up. Chris forces Geoff to pick up the saliva-covered ball and read it out loud, and a reluctant Geoff obeys.

The challenge is a traditional Hawaiian fire dance of death. Cody and Alejandro have to wear grass skirts and coconut bras, and use paddles to knock each other off their barge into shark-infested water in order to save Heather, who is tied to a pole that is set on fire. Believing that the eliminated contestants will vote to decide the winner of the final two, Heather wants Alejandro to win, because she believes she can win in a popularity contest against him. Alejandro starts dominating Cody, then Sierra and Harold root for him while Courtney roots for Alejandro. Cody tries to fight back, but is distracted by Heather. Alejandro knocks Cody off the barge, and a shark to eats Cody. Alejandro unties Heather and wins the challenge, which successfully eliminates Cody. Sierra, who is in the peanut gallery, saves Cody from the shark. Pooh and the others are dismayed with the fact that their two enemies are in the final two. So they decide to work alone so neither of them would win the million dollars in order to prevent them from getting revenge on them.

Chris announces a challenge where contestants are to sacrifice dummies that resemble their opponent into the volcano instead of casting a vote. Believing that he would lose in a popularity contest, Alejandro is relieved by this challenge. (Chris had originally planned to throw real people into the volcano, but his lawyers had told him not to.) The dummies have to be made of wood and pineapples, and must be made by people they choose to help them. Alejandro picks Courtney and Tyler, but then chooses to go with Lindsay after she punches Tyler by accident. Heather asks if anyone wants to help her, and Cody and Harold volunteer. Cody admits in a confessional that Heather has treated him nicely and that Alejandro deserves payback. Harold helps out because he is a fan of Cody. Pooh and his friends decide to plan a perfect opportunity how to make Alejandro pay.

To make the challenge interesting, Chris forces them to sing a song. By the end of the song, Alejandro finishes his sacrificial dummy first, giving him a 20-second head start. He gets a wheelbarrow, which Courtney won for him in an earlier episode. Heather gets nothing. Chris lets her use the baby carriage Cody won but, when she puts her dummy on it, it breaks. She struggles up the mountain with a heavy dummy while Alejandro speeds ahead and taunts her. He almost falls in a river of lava that prevents him from using his wheelbarrow anymore, and Heather catches up.

Chris explains they must cross the river while their helpers can cut or not cut ropes that hold dangerous obstacles above each stone. Alejandro takes the lead and tells his team to cut the ropes. Heather tells her helpers to block them, which they do. Cody tells the girls that there is a sale on mascara, which causes Lindsay to run away in happiness, angering Courtney. Courtney takes down Harold and cuts a rope that drops a piano on Alejandro, which shows that no one knows which rope leads to which contestant. Heather calls Alejandro "José". Alejandro reacts angrily and tells her to never call him that. Heather asks why, and Alejandro reveals it is the name of his older brother that torments him, mainly by calling him "Al". Cody uses this to his advantage and distracts Alejandro by repeatedly calling him "Al". Heather passes Alejandro when Cody is distracting him. Cody cuts a rope, but it drops a cage on Heather, which allows Alejandro to take the lead again. A sad Heather is on the verge of quitting, but Cody gives her a pep talk, telling her that she is the good guy in this battle for the million. Pooh and the others felt awkward with Cody calling their enemy a "good guy" since she hates them. Heather escapes the cage and continues the race. Alejandro reaches the top where everyone is waiting. He is about to throw his dummy into the volcano when a crying Heather arrives. She tells him she worked so hard for this opportunity and that Alejandro will win and leave her. Alejandro reveals a secret to her, telling her she has stolen his heart. Heather admits that she has feelings for him, too. Alejandro awkwardly kisses Heather. But then, Simba pounces on Alejandro and forces him to reveal his plans for eliminating Gwen and tricking Duncan into kissing her, causing Courtney to snap at Alejandro demanding an explination. Alejandro explains that losers never win money. Having had eneough, Pumbaa charges Alejandro in the groin (or "kiwis") and Littlefoot and his friends throw him off the volcano onto a melting ice cube.

After either Alejandro or Heather wins and Ezekiel sinks into the lava with the case contained with the million dollars, the villains angrily confront Pooh and his friends about their villainous ally (Alejandro or Heather) not winning. Maleficent transform into her dragon. Just as the villains were about to finish the heroes off, Aladdin arrives scaring the Hyenas and the Foosas away. Pooh and Aladdin work together to throw a sword at Maleficent, causing her and the rest of the rest who worked for Alejandro to disappear.

Alejandro's ending: Heather explains that, while having a boyfriend would have been nice, having a million dollars would be even nicer. She then throws her dummy into the lava and jumps around in triumph, only to find out that it was Alejandro's dummy that she thew in, meaning that Alejandro has won. Pooh and the others gets angry at Chris with the case of money, despite finally defeating Alejandro. Some local Hawaiians ask if any pineapples were thrown into the volcano. Chris admits that he made the peanut gallery stand in front of signs that say to not throw pineapples into volcanoes. Everyone is worried about the volcano erupting when suddenly a feral Ezekiel appears and attacks Chris for the case, snatching it from him, only to fall into the volcano with it. After Pooh and the others defeted the villains, everyone runs from the erupting volcano, trampling Alejandro, who asks if he is going to get his money. Heather and Chris just pass by him. After being run over by Blaineley's dolly, Alejandro is completely overed in lava flowing down the mountain. The rest of the cast members are heading for safety by swimming farther out into the ocean, where Chris is about to sign off, when Ezekiel is suddenly shot out of the volcano and crashes right into Chris and Chef's boat, sinking it. All of the contestants laugh, but then swim away when flaming rocks start bombarding them. Pooh and his friends then celebrate their victory as the finale music from Fantasmic! plays.

Heather's ending: When she throws her actual tribute into the volcano. She later wrestles Ezekiel for the million dollars, but fails. After Alejandro is trampled and covered by lava, the eliminated contestants (except for Blaineley, Alejandro and Ezekiel) all leave Heather behind to complain that she didn't win. A massive flaming boulder, significantly larger than all the others, hurtles towards her. She screams and tries to swim away, but the screen turns to static just as the rock is about to hit her. Pooh and the others celebrate their victory as the finale music of Fantasmic! plays.

Post-credits scene: After the credits, Piglet asks Pooh what happened to Alejandro, to which he and the others told him Chris and Chef are taking care of him and they won't have to worry about him anymore. There is a scene showing Chris in a black-robed outfit with a hood and cape, asking Chef if the machine will work, and Chef shrugs noncommittally. Alejandro is on an operating table. His skin is charred, most of his hair is gone, and his limbs are crushed, twisted, and mangled from the cast trampling him. He is placed into the Drama Machine and the mask is slowly lowered onto his disfigured face. He arises and asks if the money is safe. Chris tells him about its fiery demise. and Pooh and his fiends successfully foiled his plans. Alejandro dramatically screams "No!" Chris chuckles and calls him a spaz, ending the episode.

Guest Star Appearances: Lilo, Stitch, Jumba Jookiba, Pleakley, Aladdin, Arthur and Cecil, and the entire guest stars of Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama World-Tour.

Songs: "Versus" and "Fantasmic! Finale" (from Fantasmic!)


  • Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Guido, Genie, Iago, Danny, Sawyer, Ratigan, Fidget, Jafar, and Maleficent will guest star in this season.
  • Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil and Lil DeVille, Dil Pickles,Kimi Finster, Angelica Pickles, and Judge Claude Frollo will guest star for the rest of the season after the episode, "Can't Help Falling in Louvre".
  • The aftermaths will take place at the House of Mouse again.
  • The battle and finale scenes in the final episode will be inspired by Winnie The Pooh In Fantasmic!.
  • The storyline continues in Pooh's Adventures of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.