Pooh's Adventures of VR Troopers is the first Winnie the Pooh crossover with a Live Action TV show by BrerJake90.


Winnie the Pooh, Ash Ketchum, Simba, and their friends team up with Ryan, Kaitlin, and J.B. who are given the task to become V.R. Troopers and save the world from the evil forces of Grimlord and Bowser.

List of episodes

Season 1

Title Original Airdate # Synopsis
"The Battle Begins, Part One" September 3, 1994 1 Teenagers Ryan Steele, Kaitlin Starr (aka Hall) and J.B. Reese are called to meet the mysterious Professor Horatio Hart at his lab in the mountains, on the outskirts of Cross World City. On the way, they are attacked from the sky by Air Striker and Fighterbot; and on the ground by skugs. They make it to the lab, receive their VR powers and are sent to fight Grimlord (aka Karl Ziktor)'s forces. Ryan remains to battle Gunbots and Tankbots. Kaitlin and J.B. successfully fight the skugs and one of Grimlord's robots, the mighty Kongbot. During a battle against Grimlord's Decimator, Ryan is injured and thrown from a cliff into a deserted quarry.
"The Battle Begins, Part Two" September 10, 1994 2

Kaitlin and J.B. locate Ryan and rescue him. After another fight with Grimlord's skugs, Ryan is brought back to Professor Hart's lab and repaired. Through the use of virtual reality, Hart shows the Troopers what will be in store for them if they continue their quest. Meanwhile, Grimlord is planning a full-scale assault on the world as we know it. The three teens ask Hart how they can prepare for Grimlord's next attack. He instructs them to hone their martial arts prowess. While out taking photos, Kaitlin discovers Grimlord's troops on the move. She alerts Ryan and J.B.; all three transform and fight to save Cross World City. They vow to do everything in their collective power to keep our planet safe and free from Grimlord's evil mutant armies.

"Error in the System" September 14, 1994 3
"Lost Memories" September 15, 1994 4
"Battle For the Books" September 16, 1994 5
"Oh Brother" September 19, 1994 6
"Grimlord's Challenge" September 20, 1994 7
"Computer Captive" September 21, 1994 8
"Kaitlin's Little Helper" September 22, 1994 9
"The Virtual Spy" September 23, 1994 10
"The Virtual V-6" September 26, 1994 11
"No One's Friend" September 27, 1994 12
"Dogmatic Change" September 28, 1994 13
"Searching For Tyler Steele" September 30, 1994 14
"Save the Trees" October 3, 1994 15
"A Dirty Trick" October 4, 1994 16
"Kaitlin's Front Page" October 5, 1994 17
"The Dognapping" October 7, 1994 18
"My Dog's Girlfriend" October 10, 1994 19
"Digging For Fire" October 11, 1994 20
"The Great Brain Robbery" October 12, 1994 21
"The Dojo Plot" October 14, 1994 22
"Grimlord's Greatest Hits" October 19, 1994 23
"The Disappearance" October 25, 1994 24
"Nightmares" October 31, 1994 25
"Secret Admirer" November 3, 1994 26
"Grimlord's House of Fear" November 4, 1994 27
"Three Strikes" November 7, 1994 28
"Danger in the Deep" November 8, 1994 29
"Small But Mighty" November 9, 1994 30
"Defending Darkheart, Parts One thru Four" November 14-17, 1994 31-34 The Troopers and Professor Hart discover that one of Grimlord's mutants actually possesses human DNA. They learn that there is a hole in the Reality Barrier, that said hole is guarded byDarkheart...our "human" mutant. Ryan volunteers to face Darkheart and repair the hole. As the two fight, Percy - who has been all but forgotten - sees them and takes their pictures. Before Percy can leave the scene, he is captured by skugs and thrown into Grimlord's Virtual Dungeon. Ryan defeats Darkheart, who demands to be finished off. Ryan refuses to do so, because he suspects that Darkheart is really his father Tyler Steele: Hart's long-time colleague, who entered virtual reality years ago and never returned. Darkheart returns to Grimlord, who sentences him to Virtual Termination for failing to destroy Ryan. Meanwhile, J.B. and Kaitlin search for Percy and are sucked into the Virtual Dungeon. The chamber is lined with giant spikes and the walls are slowly coming together - threatening to crush the threesome, who barely escape with their lives. Grimlord's Mutants prepare to execute Darkheart...who is injured but escapes by using Toxoid as a shield. Ryan fights off skugs to reach Darkheart, whom he takes to Hart's lab for repairs. All three Troopers learn that Darkheart is indeed Ryan's father, albeit thoroughly reprogrammed to the point of amnesia. The Professor transfers Ryan's childhood memories to Darkheart/Tyler in order to undo the brainwashing. Tyler, who remains more machine/mutant than human, re-enters virtual reality to seek a cure. He is recaptured by Grimlord, who uses him as bait for Ryan and his fellow Troopers. Professor Hart and J.B. discover that Darkheart is connected to Grimlord both chemically and electronically. The only way to break said link is by destroying Grimlord! Then Grimlord appears on the lab's screens and gives Ryan specific coordinates on the Reality Grid; there he will find his father, who will be destroyed if Ryan does not show up and show up alone, without the aid of his two fellow Troopers. Ryan keeps the appointment; he and his father battle several mutants bent on destroying them both. Father and son escape on Ryan's VR Turbo Cycle; however, Grimlord launches a full-scale aerial assault on Professor Hart's lab. But Ryan takes his father to a second, long-forgotten lab deep in the mountains. Tyler and his son are cornered by Grimlord's aerial troops when J.B. and Kaitlin rush to their aid. Ryan and his dad challenge Grimlord face-to-face on the latter's own turf. Grimlord initiates a self-destruct sequence for his Dungeon, nearly wiping out both our heroes. Tyler helps the Troopers fight off Decimator and more of Grimlord's mutants before being recaptured by Grimlord and zapped back to the Virtual World.
"Ghost Biker" November 18, 1994 35
"Endangered Species" November 21, 1994 36
"Field Goal" November 22, 1994 37
"The Littlest Trooper" November 23, 1994 38
"The Reality Virus" November 29, 1994 39
"Friends in Need" November 30, 1994 40
"Good Trooper, Bad Trooper" February 6, 1995 41
"The Transmutant" February 7, 1995 42
"Who's King of the Mountain?" February 8, 1995 43
"The Couch Potato Kid" February 9, 1995 44
"The Old Switcharoo" February 10, 1995 45
"Race to the Rescue" February 13, 1995 46
"Fiddler on the Loose" February 14, 1995 47
"Virtually Powerless" February 15, 1995 48
"New Kids on the Planet" February 20, 1995 49
"Message From Space" February 22, 1995 50
"The Rise of the Red Python, Parts One and Two" February 27 & 28, 1995 51, 52 J.B. and Ryan rescue a stray kitten, which they take to an animal shelter. There they meet Amy - a nice girl with a penchant for martial arts. Ryan offers to show her some moves. Meanwhile, Grimlord is pleased with Colonel Icebot's latest creation: Red Python, the ultimate Virtual Warrior. With his own V.R. Trooper, Grimlord will be unstoppable; yet he needs a human subject to activate the Red Python powers. He chooses Amy, whom Icebot captures and brainwashes to obey Grimlord's every command. Amy's friends don't understand her weird behavior as she struggles to fight the transformation. The V.R. Troopers are deployed to battle the Red Python, not knowing it is Amy. Kaitlin is severely injured in the confrontation and her retroformer is damaged; she cannot change back to normal. With one Trooper out of the way, Grimlord's evil plans come to fruition. Ryan and J.B. desperately search for a way of returning Kaitlin to her human form. J.B. is sent to fight the Red Python, who malfunctions in the heat of their battle. Ryan takes Kaitlin to their old friend, Dr. Ulysses Poindexter, whose help they seek. Sure enough, Poindexter has a spare retroformer, which he uses on Kaitlin; she is back to normal at last. Meanwhile, Amy goes to the Tao Dojo seeking the V.R. Troopers. She transforms into the Red Python but passes out before she can destroy her targets. The V.R. Troopers discover that Amy is the Red Python...and that she might self-destruct upon engaging in another battle. J.B. tries to reason with the Red Python; once again, she gains the upper hand but collapses just as she's about to finish him. She changes back into Amy and is taken to Professor Hart's lab where her brainwashing is finally reversed. She also forgets that the V.R. Troopers and her new friends are one and the same.

Season 2

Title Original Airdate # Synopsis
"Mutant Mutiny" September 11, 1995 53 As the Troopers entertain offers of commercial endorsements from a competing dojo for money to help Tao's mother, the evil mutant Amphibidor prepares for a revolution to replace Grimlord as dictator of Virtual Reality. Grimlord devises a strategy to solve both problems at once: he'll send Amphibidor after the V.R. Troopers; if they don't destroy each other, they will be weakened and vulnerable to a finishing-off by Grimlord's loyal thugs. As Amphibidor battles Ryan, Kaitlin and J.B. face Grimlord's army in an all-out air battle. Against all odds, the V.R. Troopers reunite and save the real world...which also ends Amphibidor's coup. Back at the Tao Dojo, Tao works out a deal with his competitor for the money his mother needs.
"Trooper Out of Time" September 12, 1995 54 Strickland, an evil inventor, devises a means of destroying Ryan's past - providing Ziktor with a portable time machine. Ziktor sends Strickland through the time barrier. From the data stream, Professor Hart pulls Ziktor's plans for the time machine. While J.B. and Ryan build the device, Kaitlin finds a rare crystal needed to power it...battling skugs sent to stop her. Complete his time machine, Hart sends Ryan after Strickland - while Kaitlin and J.B. battle Sharkfin, one of Grimlord's mutants. To save his younger self, Ryan fights off more of Grimlord's goons. Young Ryan is injured, wiping out all memory of the encounter. Ryan is forced to return to the future before his father sees him, lest he be stuck with explaining himself forever.
"Secret Power" September 13, 1995 55 A neighborhood talent show is planned at Tao Dojo. Amidst the festivities is Timmy, a sad young boy who feels that he just doesn't have any sort of talent. The V.R. Troopers are determined to show him differently, but he won't believe them. Meanwhile Icebot places an electro-magnet at the North Pole, and another magnet near Cross World City's power plant; together, these create a Power Pulse which warps the Reality Barrier...allowing Ivar's robot armies to march through and destroy the real world. Lest the Troopers discover said plot, Grimlord sends several warrior-robots - including the Magician - to destroy our heroes, who fight off the Magician's warriors and destroy the electromagnets just in time to save reality. Back at the talent show, Ryan and Company try to show Timmy that everybody has secret powers inside, with lots of hidden talents...but Percy doesn't exactly prove their point when he tries his hand at singing!
"Quest For Power, Parts One thru Five" September 18-22, 1995 56-60 Ryan and his fellow Troopers receive a message from Tyler Steele, whose knowledge regarding virtual reality is being tapped by Grimlord's Prism of Empowerment. Grimlord plans to rebuild his empire using this jewel. Ryan and J.B. take on Wolfbot and Rabid Spore to stop Grimlord from tapping Tyler's brain. The Troopers realize that they must infiltrate Grimlord's Virtual Dungeon to locate Tyler, and Jeb and Ryan decide to do so, but are detected and trapped. Grimlord sets off a self-destruct mechanism, which completely wipes out the Virtual Dungeon, but very nearly kills both Ryan and Jeb. In the mountains above Cross World City, the Troopers find that Grimlord is holding Tyler in a second dungeon, the Virtual Cavern. Ryan enters Grimlord's new domain, where he battles a gauntlet of Grimlord's old mutants (restored using the rest of Tyler's technology), while J.B. and Kaitlin are trapped in Grimlord's Chamber of Doom. The Cavern is self-destructed; Ryan finds his father in critical condition and rescues him along with the other two Troopers, but loses his V.R. powers in the process. The Troopers bring Tyler to Tao Chung, who physically rehabilitates him. Tyler then builds new V.R. technology - particularly improved virtual armor for Ryan - to battle Grimlord's army. All the Troopers need is to capture Grimlord's Crystal of Empowerment from his Dark Fortress in Earth's orbit. They find the Fortress guarded byDespera, the ultra-skugs, Doom Master and the Vixens...who pin the Troopers to a final showdown in the Virtual Quarry.
"Fashion Victims" September 25, 1995 61 Kaitlin and her fellow Troopers lend a hand, V.R. style, to young fashion designer Andrea. Grimlord brainwashes Andrea, who lures the Troopers to her studio - ostensibly to model her designs - except for Ryan, who stays behind to help Tao. J.B. and Katlin are trapped in cocoons by Silkoid. Ryan shows up and wonders where Kaitlin and J.B. are; while looking for them, he is intercepted by Doom Masters and the Vixens. He transforms and, after a fierce battle, flees back to the studio. Ryan discovers silk residue which he uses to track Silkoid via the Blue Hawk's V.R. sensors. Ryan fights and defeats Silkoid, which saves Andrea while simultaneously freeing J.B. and Kaitlin. Andrea scraps her previous line and looks for more appropriate models to sport her new designs...which are based on the "V.R. Trooper look."
"Game Over" September 26, 1995 62 To polish their combat skills for defense against Grimlord's forces, J.B. creates a virtual reality computer program that possesses all the fighting capabilities to which he and his fellow Troopers are most vulnerable. Grimlord becomes aware of this "video game" adversary, Gameoid, and devises a way of launching it into the real world. Now the Troopers must face their ultimate opponent, which they themselves created, for real! Ultimately, they confront their worst nightmare and erase the Gameoid program.
"Watered Down" September 27, 1995 63 Grimlord develops a substance in his underwater lab which will make it impossible for the Troopers to use their V.R. powers anywhere the substance is applied. When the V.R. Troopers spot the substance on the beach, Ryan checks it out...and meets Octobot, who spreads the substance into the surrounding water. Ryan, unable to transform, is trapped underwater with his air running out. It's up to J.B. and Kaitlin to reach Ryan and destroy the underwater lab where the substance is being manufactured. J.B. drills through bedrock to enter the lab without passing through tainted water. Then he and Kaitlin defeat Octobot and neutralize the substance, enabling Ryan to transform at the last possible moment.
"The Negative Factor" October 2, 1995 64 Grimlord uses a new device to trap Kaitlin and J.B. in Negative Space, turning them into "ghosts" on earth who are invisible to everyone...but not to dogs like Jeb. The mutant warlord plans to send the entire planet into the Negative Zone - where the V.R. Troopers are powerless, and where Grimlord's own power is all but unlimited. J.B. and Kaitlin discover the new weapon's location, and find a way of typing the coordinates of the buried device onto Ryan's computer. Professor Hart introduces Ryan to V.R. Gargantus (aka Troopertron), an awesome robot created from the V.R. Skybase; this robot will back up Ryan's solo mission. Hart, meanwhile, enters the Negative Zone to guide J.B. and Kaitlin back to reality. Ryan must battle Scissor Fist to dismantle the Negative Device.
"Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass, Parts One and Two" October 3 & 4, 1995 65, 66 Grimlord's new weapon, the Master Virtual Replicator, steals Kaitlin's image from a transmitter planted in the mirror of a makeup compact. He uses the image to create a "Kaitlin Two" who will help him destroy the V.R. Troopers. The Anti-Kaitlin fights and defeats Ryan to infiltrate Professor Hart's lab. Before she can demolish the lab, the Anti-Kaitlin sees the real Kaitlin - on the lab's screen - fight a losing battle against Grimlord's forces. An impassioned plea from Ryan sends Anti-Kaitlin to fight by Kaitlin's side, saving the latter's life. The Troopers wonder how they will reunite Kaitlin with her mirror double before both disappear from Reality. Grimlord expands his Virtual Mirror Program with mass reproduction of the compact transmitters. His plan is thwarted when Kaitlin Two - pretending to betray the V.R. Troopers - returns to the Dark Fortress and steals the Master Replicator, then flees back to Earth. Professor Hart uses the device to put both Kaitlins back together, but a malfunction gives Kaitlin the ability to split herself into two V.R. Kaitlins...when a situation becomes dire enough to call for such.
"Kaitlin Goes Hollywood" October 9, 1995 67
"Grimlord Takes Root" October 10, 1995 68
"The Disk" October 11, 1995 69
"Virtual Venom" October 16, 1995 70
"New World Order" October 17, 1995 71
"Grimlord's Children" October 18, 1995 72
"The Millennium Sabre" October 24, 1995 73
"Grimlord's Dark Secret, Parts One and Two" November 2 & 3, 1995 74, 75 Despite rumors of a curse, archaeologist Nebraska Smith has unearthed an elaborate box, stenciled with hieroglyphics. The Troopers are at Nebraska's side when he opens the box, causing a portal to appear. Nebraska steps through and Ryan goes after him...and finds himself on a deserted island, where Nebraska has been turned to stone. Ryan transforms just as Doommaster attacks him, and they battle it out. Back in Cross World City, JB and Kaitlin have gone to tell Professor Hart about the box. He relays the story of how the box figures prominently in Tyler's early research of virtual reality. The box was stolen during the "accident" which left Hart in Virtual Limbo and imprisoned Tyler in Grimlord's dimension. JB and Kaitlin try to contact Ryan, but all communications are dead; they go into the portal after him, and find themselves on the island...where Doommaster turns them both to stone. Ryan accesses a pyramid on the island, seeking Grimlord's secret identity. Instead he finds Despera and aHydra-Bot, who attack him murderously. He escapes, then restores JB and Kaitlin to normal. Back in his lab, Professor Hart discovers Oraclon preparing to move the pyramid and seal off the portal, which will permanently strand the Troopers on the island. Ryan defeats the Hydra-Bot and returns to the pyramid just as it disappears; Kaitlin and JB find him, semiconscious, in a cave. Grimlord's secret identity has eluded them, but they locate Nebraska and reach the portal just before it closes forever. Despite failing to learn the secrets of the pyramid, Ryan is grateful about not losing his friends to boot. That, after all, comes first.
"On the Wrong Track" November 6, 1995 76
"Forward Into the Past" November 7, 1995 77
"Into Oraclon's Web" November 8, 1995 78
"Santa's Secret Trooper" November 13, 1995 79
"The Charmeeka Invasion" November 14, 1995 80
"Dream Battle" November 15, 1995 81
"A Hard Day's Mutant" November 20, 1995 82
"Magnetic Attraction" November 21, 1995 83
"Get Me to the Lab on Time" November 27, 1995 84
"Grimlord's Big Breakout" November 28, 1995 85
"Field and Scream" February 5, 1996 86
"The Duplitron Dilemma" February 6, 1996 87
"Despera Strikes Back" February 7, 1996 88
"The Ghost of Cross World Forest" February 12, 1996 89
"Grimlord's Dummy" February 13, 1996 90
"Time Out" February 20, 1996 91
"Galileo's New Memory" February 21, 1996 92


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