Pooh's Adventures of Walt Before Mickey is an upcoming biographical film to be made by CarltonHeroes. It will appear in a near future.


Walt Before Mickey is about Walt Disney (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and his early beginnings in Marceline, Missouri. The story follows his poor beginnings and eventual move, after wartime service, to Kansas City, where he created his first animation studio Laugh-O-Gram Studio. There he hired Rudy Ising (David Henrie) and Ub Iwerks (Armando Gutierrez) to help start his business. Walt had various minor successes. Frank Newman (Arthur L. Bernstein) promoted Walt's animations as Newman Laugh-O-Grams, which were an instant success. However, due to Disney's carelessness in selling the animations at cost (with no profit), he was forced to have Laugh-O-Gram file for bankruptcy, leaving him homeless. Iwerks then gave Walt his camera which he later sold to purchase a train ticket to Los Angeles.

Walt Disney moved to Los Angeles and began working as an extra on various movies. Later he convinced his brother Roy Disney (Jon Heder) to help fund his new company, Disney Brothers. Disney Brothers quickly sold an animation called Alice Comedies to a distributor named Margaret Winkler (Flora Bonfanti). The animation provided the Disney brothers with minor success. Walt then rehired his original team of animators which included Ub Iwerks, Fred Harmon, Rudy Ising, Hugh Harman (Hunter Gomez), and Friz Freleng (Taylor Gray). The Disney brothers then began work on both the Alice Comedies and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for their distributor Margaret Winkler. The company shortly thereafter began having disagreements with its distributor and lost the rights to both the Alice Comedies and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Various employees left Disney Brothers except for Ub Iwerks.

Walt Disney visited New York in an attempt to secure a deal for his company, but failed. On a train ride back with his wife Lillian Disney he created the concept of a mouse named Mortimer, which would become Mickey Mouse. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Walt Disney gave the draft to Ub Iwerks who then completed the design for Mickey Mouse.

The film concludes with the premiere of Plane Crazy and with Walt Disney, Roy Disney, and Ub Iwerks leaving the movie premiere of their creation.


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