Pooh's Adventures of Who Framed Roger Rabbit is an all-new film by DisneyJSman. It reappeared on YouTube sometimes in the near future.



  • The Vultures, Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, Hamton J. Pig, Shirley the Loon, Fifi Le Fume, Patsy Smiles, Nina, Gretchen, Stan, and Heff guest star in this film.
  • Both Tiny Toon Adventures and Who Framed Roger Rabbit were produced by Amblin Entertainment.
  • ToonJoey34 was originally gonna co-direct this film, but he was unable to write the script so DisneyJSman ended up completing the film himself.
  • It is revealed that Pooh and his friends have met Roger Rabbit before the events of this film.
  • Pooh claims that he and his friends have met Dumbo before this film, indicating that it takes place after Winnie the Pooh Meets Dumbo. Because of that, this is considered a future adventure, due to Daniel Esposito's entire Pooh's Adventures team appearing in Winnie the Pooh Meets Dumbo.

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