(Fade into the wood on the beginning of an Friday morning)


Pooh: Hrm, it's Friday, and since Christopher Robin's never here anymore, I guess my friends are coming, for we're entering the 44th annual great Blimp Race today..

(Pooh walks into an mysterious door, which has a mouth-shaped loud speaker)

Pooh (Over Pooh-Phone): POOH-COOOO!

(Cut to the team coming to Pooh's tree)

Piglet: Morning already, Pooh?

Rabbit: The Blimp Race, remember?

Tigger: HO-HO-HO! I love Blimp RACES!

Eeyore: We'll FAIL, somehow...

Rabbit: I'll go get the Blimp fuel, while you make your way to the starting line....

Owl: To our hangar!

(Owl flips an hunny pot, which houses a hidden button, that activates an slide, hidden within Pooh's room)

Owl: WE must go, before the sign-up booth closes, today!

(The gang slides down the slide)



(The team has finished sliding down to the hangar, before the jet begins to rise up)

Pooh: Come on, guys!

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